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CitEc and RAS use two databases that are synchronised daily. There may be small periods of time when the number of citations are different. If the difference persists more than two days, get in contact with barrueco @ uv dot es. Search with a RePEc handle or author short-ID. Note that handles are of the type RePEc:aaa:ssssss:xxxx, where aaa is the archive code (three letters), ssssss is the series code (six letters or numbers) and xxxx is the item code (unrestricted). You can also search for series (of type RePEc:aaa:ssssss ). If you want a direct link to a page. 2020-05-05T21:30:30Z http://oai.repec.org/oai.php oai:RePEc:jae:japmet:v:25:y:2010:i:6:p:1067-1068 2018-03-01 RePEc:jae:japmet RePEc:jae:japmet:v:25:y:2010:i:6:p:1067.

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Corrections Corrections about details of this institutions should be sent to Christian Zimmermann.Corrections about the member listing should be made by the members themselves by adjusting their affiliations at the RePEc Author Service.Adding or correcting alumni is done at the RePEc Genealogy by anyone with a RePEc author account. Serials from this institution can be added with the Publisher. EconStor can help you to disseminate your publications in Economics and Business Studies visibly and effectively. We offer support to: Institutions Authors. Search in 190,441 Open Access documents. Year of Publication. Communities & Collections. More than 500 research institutions use EconStor to disseminate their publications Again, it all works with Short-IDs for people and RePEc handles for institutions. For institutions, one can either look up the handle (it always starts with RePEc:edi:) on the EDIRC directory of institutions, other enter a few letters (up to seven) relevant to the name of the institution, and a few choices will offered

RePEc API RePEc data can be used for many purposes and is available for such purposes. It not always very practical to access it. The standard method is described here: it involves getting the metadata from each RePEc archive.This requires a significant investment and know-how, and for those who cannot use the standard method, an API is now available as a courtesy Yes. Data generated by CitEc is then used in RAS to allow registered authors to correct and complete their personal citations profile. Once authors have added citations to their profile, data is distributed to the different user services (IDEAS, EconPapers, etc) Citations added by authors using RAS are distributed to the RePEc user services in a weekly basis. That means that such citations take about a week to be shown in IDEAS and EconPapers and can explain differences in citation counts between services. Have between 10 and 20 RePEc handles. RePEc handles are of the form RePEc:xxx:yyyyyy:etc and can be found on any IDEAS abstract page. If handles are valid, they will resolve to the full references once you submit the form. A minimum of 10 handles are required for the topic to be published Handle: RePEc:edi:iftaudk Areas or Functions: Corrections Corrections about details of this institutions should be sent to Christian Zimmermann. Corrections about the member listing should be made by the members themselves by adjusting their affiliations at the RePEc Author Service Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in many countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics.The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, preprints, journal articles, and software components. The project started in 1997. Its precursor NetEc dates back to 1993

Use the X-File-Ref field in your templates. The value of this field must be a valid URL of an ASCII file containing the references of the paper described by the template. For example: X-File-Ref: http://www.economicdynamics.org/RePEc/red/issued/v2y1999i1p104-136.txt X-File-Ref: http://www.economicdynamics.org/RePEc/red/issued/05-37.txt [see more info] Please econnomia that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services. This allows to link your profile to this item. If you are a registered author of this item, you may also want to check the citations tab in your RePEc Author Service profile, as there may be some citations waiting for confirmation LogEc collects accesses statistics from several services which use the RePEc data set, the largest online collection of Economics Working Papers, Journal Articles and Software Components. LogEc provides a convenient way of tracking trends in the profession (it can be found in RePEc before it hits the journals) and the impact of your own work Welcome to Research Repository UCD Research Repository UCD is a digital collection of open access scholarly research publications from University College Dublin. Research Repository UCD collects, preserves and makes freely available publications including peer-reviewed articles, working papers and conference papers created by UCD researchers

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Authors are invited to register with RePEc to create an online profile. Then, anyone finding some of their research here can find your latest contact details and a listing of their other research. They will also receive a monthly mailing about the popularity of their works, their ranking and newly found citations. Home of the RePEc Input Service Purpose This service provides the opportunity for institutions to participate in RePEc even if they are unable to provide metadata in the standard way, that is by opening a RePEc archive.This service is meant to be a last resort Handle: RePEc:edi:ibswapl Areas or Functions : Labor and Demographic Economics , Public Policy , Think Tanks Publications from this institution that are listed with RePEc Neoliberalism: A Critical Reader. Edited by Alfredo Saad-Filho and Deborah Johnston. in University of Chicago Press Economics Books from University of Chicago Press. Abstract: Neoliberalism is the dominant ideology shaping our world today. It dictates the policies of governments, and shapes the actions of key institutions such as the WTO, IMF, World Bank and European Central Bank

We can add manually references to the system. If your paper fails to be automatically processed you can submit its references list using our user input form The package can handle a large number of control variables and trim the weights in various ways. It also provides diagnostic tools for the weights it creates. I provide examples of its use and a suggested workflow for creating raked replicate weights. RePEc:tsj:stataj:v:12:y:2012:i:4:p:759-760 2012-12-25 RePEc:tsj:stataj articl CitEc is a RePEc service, providing citation data for Economics since 2001. Sponsored by INOMICS. Last updated May, 3 2020. Contact: CitEc Team. The content of the items is the responsibility of each author, and does not compromise in any way, magazine or institution. You can help correct errors and omissions. When requesting a correction, please mention this item's handle: If you have authored this item and are not yet registered with RePEc, we encourage you to do it here

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  1. email address: password: Forgot your password? Persistent on this computer (via a browser cookie) Yes, remember me
  2. At the beginning we allowed removal requests but it turned out that there were so many requests that we could not handle them with our resources. As there are other important reasons for disallowing withdrawals, we decided for such a policy. An important reason is the integrity of the archive and the RePEc services (NEP, CitEc)
  3. identifier for a researcher in the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and IDEAS databas
  4. The handle is a persistent and unique identifier for items in the RePEc data base. Changing handles causes the RePEc Author Service and LogEc to loose track of the item. Consider using the Author-Name-Last and Author-Name-First fields

We show that the use of the real effective exchange rate to test for purchasing power parity, as in Astorga (2012) and other studies, is subject to a problem that biases tests against finding evidence of PPP This RePEc Biblio topic is edited by Christian Zimmermann . It was first published on 2012-11-25 16:46:33 and last updated on 2013-01-24 22:17:46. Introduction by the editor Journals are ranked to establish which have the most influence on economic research

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BILOA, Rodrigue Gabriel (2020): PRIVATION MULTIDIMENSIONNELLE ET BIEN-ETRE NON MONÉTAIRE AU CAMEROUN: UNE APPROCHE PAR LA LOGIQUE FLOUE.; Mittal, Amit and Garg, Ajay Kumar (2018): Bank stocks inform higher growth - A System GMM analysis of ten emerging markets in Asia.; Takayama, Yuki (2018): Who gains and who loses from congestion pricing in a monocentric city with a bottleneck listwise to handle missing values through listwise deletion, meaning that an observation is omitted from the estimation sample if any of the variables in varlist is missing for that observation. The default is to handle missing values by pairwise deletion, i.e. all available observations are used to calculate a pairwise correlation without. outreg2 provides a fast and easy way to produce an illustrative table of regression outputs. The regression outputs are produced piecemeal and are difficult to compare without some type of rearrangement. outreg2 automates this process by concatenating the successive regression ouputs in a vertical format. The resulting table is saved to the.

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  1. RePEc contains working papers, references to published articles, books, and chapters as well as software components. MPRA only handles working papers and books. If you wish to make software in any commonly used language available through RePEc, please contact the maintainers of one of RePEc's software series,.
  2. Comments about IDEAS should be addressed to Christian Zimmermann. To get new serials listed, see these instructions. To request corrections, please look first at these instructions. The usual copyright laws apply to all the content of this site and the texts on other servers. RePEc copyright statement . More services and features MyIDEAS Follow serials, authors, keywords & more
  3. Yes. CitEc generates citation data for documents available in RePEc. CitEc's data is freely available. It is used by other RePEc services like IDEAS or EconPapers. Usually people will use the data generated by CitEc trough one of such user services not directly on the CitEc web site.
  4. In addition, the RePEc handle (given in the lower right hand corner of each abstract page) is a unique identifier and the EconPapers handle resolver provides a convenient way of linking to the item you are citing
  5. Corporate Governance: Theories, Principles and Practice. John Farrar Additional contact information John Farrar: University of Waikato, Hamilton in OUP Catalogue from Oxford University Press. Abstract: Corporate Governance is a fully-updates, comprehensive study of the law and practice of corporate governance in an international setting but with particular reference to Australia and New Zealand
  6. Template-Type: ReDIF-Paper 1.0 Author-Name: Ruud Koning Author-X-Name-First: Ruud Author-X-Name-Last: Koning Author-Person: Author-Email: r.h.koning@rug.nl Author-Workplace-Name

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  1. Article-Handle:, Chapter-Handle:, Book-Handle:, Software-Handle: If the paper was published as an item already in RePEc, you can link the two here. Software-Handle: applies if there is some code accompanying the paper that is also made available. DOI: If have a DOI for the paper, you can display it here
  2. CitEc stands for Citations in Economics. CitEc provides citation analysis for documents distributed in the RePEc digital library. In this way we know which documents have been cited, how many times and what the citing documents are.For each document made freely available in electronic format we try to extract its list of references. Then we look though the list of references to find citations to documents in RePEc. The process is automated and therefore makes mistakes. [see more info]
  3. Citations are relationships between two documents. Both the citing and the cited document must have a RePEc handle, thatis, be indexed in RePEc. The majority of citations are identified automatically by CitEc software. In addition, there are several ways to contribute citations to the database when the system has failed to find them

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  1. Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World. Each institution listed in EDIRC is attributed a handle, a unique identifier. This handle can be used in various databases, such as RePEc or IDEAS, to provide accurate information about them. Each handle is 7 characters long
  2. Go to the archives maintainers page and enter the handle of your RePEc series or archive
  3. We broaden this range of applications, showing how the techniques can apply to many policy problems in finance, macroeconomics, and trade policy. With small changes, standard techniques can handle a broad range of strategic problems related to policy. The decision to commit is like the decision to make an irreversible investment
  4. You can use the authors linked to by the rankings to find paths to any of the over 43,000 economists in the network. If you are in the network use a RAS handle to find yourself, and from you, find the path to anybody else in the network by name searches
  5. IDEAS is the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet. Based on RePEc, it indexes over 3,100,000 items of research, including over 2,900,000 that can be downloaded in full text.

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  1. regpar calculates confidence intervals for population attributable risks, and also for scenario proportions. regpar can be used after an estimation command whose predicted values are interpreted as conditional proportions, such as logit, logistic, probit, or glm
  2. Template-Type: ReDIF-Paper 1.0 Author-Name: John Carter Author-X-Name-First: John Author-X-Name-Last: Carter Author-Email: jcarter@holycross.edu Author-Workplace-Name: Departmen
  3. As other RePEc services, CitEc is based on the volunter work of the developers. Following the business model of the open source movement CitEc is able to work without funding. The only costs of the Project are those related to the hosting of the server. Over the past years they have been provided by the Valencian Economic Research Institute (Spain). Since 2013 CitEc is sponsored by INOMICS
  4. es the association between discretionary capital buffers, capital requirements, and risk for European banks. The discretionary buffers are banks' own b
  5. Institut for Forretningsudvikling og - edirc
  6. EcoMod Network EDIRC/RePEc
  7. Instytut Badań Strukturalnych EDIRC/RePEc
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La agricultura en Colombia entre 1950 y 2000COMUNICAREA VERBALA SI NONVERBALA PDF(PDF) Buyer-Supplier Relationships and the StakeholderMiddle income trap and income inequality: Empirical
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