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The irony is that while the one-of-a-kind guest list (Paul McCartney! Justin Timberlake! Alison Mosshart! Boyz II Men?) and production of pop hitmaker Greg Kurstin must’ve surely inspired some of the curveballs here, we can’t audibly tell they’re there. McCartney drums, of all things, on “Sunday Rain”, while the Timberlake and Boyz II Men credits may as well be prank additions to the Concrete and Gold Wikipedia page.You know, it’s not that Dave Grohl doesn’t care about music. That idea would seem preposterous to his zillions of fans. But he wins so often these days that it’s easy to forget what he’s lost: The Colour and the Shape, arguably his best album, came on the heels of his first marriage crumbling in 1997, and Foo Fighters’ 1995 debut was a testament to survival following the suicide of the then-drummer’s frontman/generational icon Kurt Cobain. “I’ll Stick Around”, his first hit pledged. It’s hard to argue he hasn’t kept that promise tenfold.Following St. Cecilia, the band took a long-overdue break. Dave Grohl recuperated from his now-infamous leg injury, while guitarist Chris Shiflett, drummer Taylor Hawkins and bassist Nate Mendel released solo albums. Originally intended to be a year, Grohl witnessed the changes going on in the world and his own life, which inspired him to get back to work earlier than planned. Dave Grohl explains to us how Foo Fighters blended Seventies AM gold radio with Motörhead for their new album 'Concrete and Gold.' Rolling Stone Send Us a Ti

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Following “Dirty Water,” a breezy, slack collaboration with Kurstin’s Bird and the Bee partner Inara George reminiscent of a seaside acid trip (and the album’s most pleasant surprise), the album takes a dynamic nosedive. “Arrows” and “The Line” are the type of unremarkable, perfunctory ragers the band could write in their sleep, with telegraphed dynamic arcs as mind-numbing as they are speaker blowing. “Sunday Rain,” an impromptu, Yellow Submarine-inspired voyage steered by drummer Taylor Hawkins (backed on the kit by Paul McCartney), wears its influences a little too strongly on its sleeve, as does the closing title track, a Sabbath-indebted slog that feels twice as long as its 5-and-a-half-minute runtime. As with all Foo Fighters albums, you win some and you lose some—but the net gain is positive, and for the fans, that’s all that matters. This is the Foo Fighters NINTH studio album. Dave Grohl is now 48 years old, and the band as a whole has been knocking around since 1994. Expectations were relatively low when the Foos announced this new 12 track LP which was produced by king of the pop producers Greg Kurstin (Adele, Katy Perry et al). To be fair, it's not a bad album, but it's plainer than a 'Tesco value' rice cake. The last. Concrete and Gold is out September 15 via Sony. Buy now at JB Hi-Fi. In the September issue of STACK, you'll find a rather rad board game based on the actual festival site map of Foo Fighters' Cal Jam 17 - and we got Dave and Taylor to try their luck rolling the dice The Foo Fighters' success has long ago stopped depending on the quality of their output, and Concrete And Gold will be no different; they'll continue to sell out stadiums and headline festivals regardless of how this album is received. But for a band so heavily ingrained in not just modern rock, but music as a whole, to see them drift this.

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For the first time in almost three years, the Foo Fighters are back with a brand new full-length studio album of rock and roll.. With Concrete and Gold, Dave Grohl et al have put forth another strong argument against the rock and roll is dead trope that we hear all too often.And through the 11 tracks on the album we get a full taste of everything we love about the band, their music, and. Lyrically, the album is based around Grohl's thoughts about the future of the United States - "politically, personally, as a father, an American and a musician".[12] While the lyrics were written to vent Grohl's political frustrations, the album lyrics themselves are not overtly-political.[14] Grohl also stated an overall theme of the album was “hope and desperation”.[25] "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" and "T-Shirt" represent a more bleak worldview by Grohl's, the two songs showing his concern for the future of humanity, and desire for escapism, respectively.[12] The election and presidency of Donald Trump[26] was cited as a huge influence of Grohl's negativity, with Grohl stating: Concrete and Gold is the ninth studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters. It was produced by Greg Kurstin and released worldwide on September 15, 2017, through RCA Records. Described by the band as an album where hard rock extremes and pop sensibilities collide, Concrete and Gold concerns the future of the United States from the.

Concrete & Gold, Foo Fighters, Guitars, La Dee Da, Music, review Foo Fighter's ninth studio album dropped almost two months ago now. So I'm not going to spend too much time on this review as anyone that wants to listen to it probably already has done so, but I wanted to give my two pence worth Concrete and Gold is their ninth album, and like Sonic Highways, it comes with an outsized goodwill gesture accompanying it: Grohl announced its release date along with the launch of a huge festival, a modern-rock update to the 1974 Cal Jam. He also recently revealed that he was planning to record the album in front of a live audience, before PJ Harvey’s similar Hope Six Demolition Project discouraged him. Nearly all new Foos albums come with one of these PR flourishes now, a near-tacit admission that a new album of Foo Fighters songs might not be news enough for anybody, even Grohl. But maybe having one of his campaigns derailed helped Grohl focus a bit: Concrete and Gold feels more interested in the granular details of rock songwriting and craft of rock album-making than anything the Foos have made in years. Foo Fighters Concrete And Gold: You lost your mind I could not go What little time we spent A penny on the floor My desperation A s.. Let me be clear: Everything here still sounds like the Foo Fighters. Grohl’s frequent collaborator and fellow contemporary rock ambassador Josh Homme may have described Concrete And Gold as “a weird record,” but that’s blatant misdirection. Same with all the guest features Grohl teased alongside the album’s announcement — from good ol’ Sir Paul to Boys II Men’s Shawn Stockman to the “biggest pop star on Earth,” which in his mind is apparently Justin Timberlake. Those contributions all end up being entirely anonymous, and even the addition of touring keyboardist Rami Jaffee as a full-time member doesn’t upset the Foos’ established equilibrium. This is not the band’s experimental reinvention, and everything here is still more conventional than Homme’s most straightforward albums or those by Grohl’s other titanic peers like Jack White and Trent Reznor. You’ve got the punctuated breaks between verses, pre-choruses, and choruses, the fist-pumping rhythmic pulse, and plenty of exaggerated guitar tones and effects. While it's not a game-changer by any means, Concrete and Gold is the most consistent and sonically rich Foo Fighters album since Wasting Light.While that album was something of a return to the.

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Yesterday, the Foo Fighters broke news of the upcoming Concrete and Gold; pump-fake hiatus aside, their ninth studio album is due out this September, and it figures to be decidedly different beast. In his review for AllMusic, editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine concluded that "Foo Fighters show that they're in love with light and shade, fury and quiet, every twist and turn they can make with their instruments, and even if Concrete and Gold isn't about much more than that, it's refreshing to hear the Foos embrace to the logical flashing conclusion of Grohl's allegiance to real rock values."[37] Writing for Classic Rock magazine, Mark Beaumont praised the album for being the "most cohesive consume-in-one-sitting Foo Fighters album in a decade" and concluded that "Grohl does emerge from the modern age with some glimmer of optimism and defiance... If Dave Grohl is an enduring icon of rocking through the hard times, we need him – and Concrete And Gold – now more than ever."[1] The Foo Fighters' newest record, Concrete and Gold, is disappointing. I enjoy a lot of what the Foos are going for on this record. They're trying, I think, to be two things at once: a band that is the best of what they have reliably had to offer over the past several years, which they have proved, in that time, in their live shows, Wasting Light, and the Saint Cecilia EP, though not so.

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I have to imagine much of that credit goes to the band’s decision to work with recent Producer Of The Year Grammy-winner Greg Kurstin, even if the prospect initially seemed bleak for dislodging the band from their bloated instincts. If Mark Ronson taking over the boards for Queens Of The Stone Age rang alarm bells for some, then Kurstin’s involvement with the Foos should have incited an impending disaster warning. He’s the man behind Adele’s “Hello,” Sia’s “The Greatest,” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” Regardless of those songs’ various quality levels, on paper they’d suggest a production style focused on tunneling the Foos’ anthemic choruses through radio-ready dynamics (or rather, lack of dynamics). And unlike Ronson, who’s balanced his pop portfolio with astonishingly accomplished artistic breakthroughs, Kurstin’s biggest equivalent would be a co-production on Kendrick Lamar’s “Love,” which is still the most contested song on the rapper’s flawless DAMN.This isn’t the first time an A-list rock band has linked up with a comparably prominent pop smith in 2017, or even in the past 31 days: Queens of the Stone Age tapped “Uptown Funk” architect Ronson to man the boards for their Villains LP. However, where Ronson often kowtowed to Josh Homme’s devilish whims, resisting the urge to shower everything in synths and brass, Kurstin’s stylistic fingerprints—lush synths, reverb-steeped vocals, tightly-woven harmonies—are smeared all over Concrete and Gold, rendering this the Foos’ most textured, nuanced release to date. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold at Discogs. Complete your Foo Fighters collection Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold. 4.0 excellent. Review by MercuryToHell USER September 15th, 2017 | 151 replies. but there's just about enough on offer here to show that the Foo Fighters of 2017 want to earn their success, rather than walk into it every 3 or 4 years. I don't want to gush too much praise on a band taking themselves off. But over the last ten years, listening to Foo Fighters has begun to feel more like watching the Food Network than eating: You mostly yearn for what you’re not getting. As Grohl embraced his Ambassador of Rock role, joining awards show lineups and one-offs by the handful, his own music grew mushier and grainer. By 2014’s Sonic Highways, recorded as part of a documentary series traversing the country’s regional rock scenes, the transformation was complete: Foo Fighters albums were Dave Grohl’s enthusiastic PSAs about the life-changing power of other people’s rock music.

Read and write album reviews for Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters on AllMusi If rock and roll has a champion in 2017, it's sure to be Dave Grohl and his band of guitar-wielding rock bros. With a growing line-up since 1995, the Foo Fighters' first few albums dominated the alt-rock landscape, before the band embarked on a semi-acoustic jaunt (2005's In Your Honour) and a return-to-form on 2011's Wasting Light, which marred radio-friendly sensibilities to homespun. Foo Fighters (1995) The Colour and the Shape (1997) There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999) One By One (2002) In Your Honor (2005) Skin and Bones (2006) Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007) Wasting Light (2011) Sonic Highways (2014) Saint Cecilia (2015) Concrete and Gold (2017) SORT POSTS BY . Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shap Spending time at an Airbnb in Ojai, Calif., Grohl quietly write a batch of new songs that are the band’s most adventurous. Producer Greg Kurstin, whose credits include Adele and Beck, nudged the Foos out of their songwriting sweatpants and back into skinny jeans.

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  2. Foo Fighters return with half a great album Updated / Friday, 15 Sep 2017 22:06. Dave Grohl and co. By Harry Guerin. Concrete and Gold is the Foo Fighter's ninth studio album
  3. Concrete and Gold might well be the slight course correction Foo Fighters needed to keep themselves, and us, interested. Overall Like a nice cup of coffee and a warm blanket by the fire, this is a comforting thing

The album closing, self-titled track, Concrete and Gold, features a choir-like vocal track built from his vocal takes. This album closer is sonically something unheard of from the Foo Fighters The album was released on September 15, 2017.[27] Two singles were released prior to the album's release, "Run", which topped the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2017, and "The Sky Is a Neighborhood", which is at number 13 on the chart.[27][28] A third song, "The Line", was also released a week prior to the album,[29] and tracks such as "La Dee Da" had been debuted at live shows earlier in 2017.[30] The band commenced a headlining North American tour in support of the album starting in October 2017.[31] Prior to the tour, the band also plans on throwing their own festival – "Cal Jam 17" – with performances from themselves, Queens of the Stone Age, Cage the Elephant, and a number of other bands,[32] as a large-scale version of an album-release party.[12] Promotions will continue into 2018, including a joint touring with Weezer through Australia and New Zealand in January and February.[33] The best Foo Fighters songs always work exactly like Dave Grohl wants them to: Joy-buzzer power-pop hooks, thickly packaged guitars, a couple of throat-shredding screams—since he started the project in 1994, he has never shown much interest in doing something trickier. In this steady, somewhat plodding way, he’s built catalog deep enough for a greatest hits album and earned the mantle of World’s Most Okay Rock Band. What the Foos don’t offer in inspiration, they make up for it with durability and dependability. Hot dog, squirt of relish, daub of mustard, squishy bun—you make it the same way every time for a reason. Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold Lyrics. You lost your mind I could not go What little time we spent A penny on the floor My desparation A spinning top Revolving on and on A worl

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Kurstin’s touch helps inject some flavor into the empty carbs larding Grohl’s songwriting, which remains a series of enthusiastic gestures that sometimes trip over each other. First single “Run” has one of Grohl’s biggest choruses in years, the kind of thing I would gladly holler along to in a stadium, and Kurstin sweetens it nicely with synth and piano. But the song lurches like a three-legged chair between that chorus and a gut-churning two-note riff paired with Grohl’s post-hardcore screaming, a battle between Snow Patrol and Chavez that no one wins. Posted on Sep 19, 2017 | 0 comments Foo Fighters Concrete And Gold Roswell/RCA Records [2017] Fire Note Says: On their 9th album, Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters deliver big hooks with bold grooves (and somewhat spacey lyrics), pure stadium rock god fodder. Album Review: Dave Grohl has accomplished a rare feat in the modern music business world, playing in two of the most successful bands in their.

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  1. Grohl said he wanted it to sound like “Motörhead’s version of Sgt Pepper”. Gracefully mixing the rough with the smooth throughout, he’s not far off. The visceral ‘La Dee Da’ is a case in point, mixing up the slick Southern rock swing of the Allman Brothers with a screamo chorus and mega-riffs. This is an album where acoustic ballads like ‘Happy Ever After’ that recall the Beatles sit comfortably alongside moody ragers like ‘The Line’. Proof that there’s definitely still life in the old Grohl left.
  2. g behind a song absolutely stuffed with knowingly McCartney-esque melodic twists and turns. The closing title track, meanwhile, attempts to weld the tumbling, harmony-laden euphoria of Pink Floyd’s Eclipse to the Soviet state-funeral tempo of early Black Sabbath. It’s a weird recipe that doesn’t quite work – leaden euphoria is a tough thing to pull off – but it’s indicative of an admirable urge to think a little outside of the box.
  3. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 all-format album chart with 127,000 album-equivalent units, of which 120,000 were digital and physical album sales.[50] It is Foo Fighters' second US number-one album, after Wasting Light.[50] Concrete and Gold also became the Foo Fighters' fourth number-one album in the United Kingdom's Official Albums Chart, with 61,000 album-equivalent units,[51] and their seventh in Australia's ARIA Charts, where it soon got certified gold for 35,000 units.[52]
  4. Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold Review. this ambitious fusion of sound—as weird as it may seem—makes Concrete and Gold is a welcome Foo Fighters are taking advantage of the cachet they.

This aesthetic uncertainty formed the backdrop for Foo Fighters’ eponymous debut in 1995, wherein Grohl and co. unveiled their balm for the identity crisis: a return to hard rock orthodoxy, crunchy, arena-friendly comforts of the past—or, as Grohl puts it, “real music.” It was a smart move across all verticals. 23 years later, the Foo Fighters are not only the world’s biggest hard rock band, but global ambassadors to the genre writ large. Their last long player, 2014’s Sonic Highways, accompanied an HBO series which found them touring the country’s regional rock scenes in an extended, audiovisual history lesson. Next month, HBO will screen yet another documentary starring the band, this time chronicling their performance at the mighty Acropolis, in Athens, Greece. Review: Foo Fighters' 'Concrete and Gold' Having said that, Concrete and Gold is the Foo Fighters best album since 2007, but once again, it is an album that has only a few great tracks surrounded by filler tracks. Tom Jenkins can be contacted at [email protected] Leave a Comment Or at least ninefold; Concrete and Gold marks Grohl’s ninth album, two decades after Shape and following several full-lengths that could make anyone question the Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, and Puff Daddy collaborator’s commitment to the craft itself as opposed to the dream life it affords him. There’s something to be said for Grohl’s sheer inability to fail, whether he breaks a leg on tour and turns that into a stage-throne gimmick itself on par with the late Solomon Burke’s revue, or how one of his least notable records (2007’s Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace) could come within spitting distance of an Album of the Year Grammy, possibly becoming Beck’s Morning Phase before Morning Phase existed. In other words, it can be bothersome that Grohl’s unchallenging, autopilot radio-rock that he pounds out in his sleep regularly sees a comparable success rate to that of Beyoncé, a megastar who still manages to look like she can’t catch a break even from an industry that worships her. Half of Grohl’s previous discography has been vindicated with Best Rock Album trophies. Dave Grohl, being rock’s most eager-to-please superstar, has offered up a plethora of new serving styles using his same core ingredients: churning guitars and chugging drums, vague sentimentality first sung with a whisper then a roar, and nostalgic nods to seminal influences. Beginning with 2005’s In Your Honor, you could have these songs in whatever medium you desire: acoustic, electric, live, analog, or documentary. Grohl’s tried again and again to surprise us with each season’s limited edition version of the Foo Fighters, but as with any processed food, the flavor’s just an external coating decorating what is in spirit the same snack. Foo Fighters, Concrete & Gold. For album No. 9, Foo Fighters recruited producer Greg Kurstin, known for his work with, among others, Adele and Kendrick Lamar, and brought in Justi

In between, Foo Fighters show that they're in love with light and shade, fury and quiet, every twist and turn they can make with their instruments, and even if Concrete and Gold isn't about much more than that, it's refreshing to hear the Foos embrace Grohl's allegiance to real rock values to the logical flashing conclusion. ~ Stephen Thomas. And while largely a much looser album than its turgid predecessors, Concrete And Gold doesn’t diminish any of the Foos’ musical ambition — “Run” alone manages to pack in about four different musical schemas into a hell of a head-rush. The difference here is in the execution. This time around, the galloping rhythm rising out of that majestic arpeggio intro feels agile and momentous, not stiff and labored. “In another perfect life/ In another perfect light,” Grohl bellows, an effective shorthand for the out-of-time quality of the song, how it sounds untethered from the the band’s recent past. While they’ve increasingly come across like a super-sized vacuum, now some 20 years later every note and fill hits with the same exhilaration as hearing “This Is A Call” or “Monkey Wrench” for the first time. Artist: Foo Fighters. Album: Concrete and Gold. Label: Roswell Records. Released: September 15th, 2017. Rating: The long-running band Foo Fighters has returned to the world of rock for the ninth time, and in the process, they seemed to have returned rock to the world. The September 15 release of the album Concrete and Gold, produced by Greg Kurstin, has marked a turning point in the group's. Concrete and Gold received generally positive reviews from critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has an average score of 72 out of 100, which indicates "generally favorable reviews" based on 29 reviews.[36]

RCA (RCA Records: simple 'RCA' or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle), Roswell Records, Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified): 88985-46155-1: 19075840941 Search queryAll ResultsPitchfork is the most trusted voice in music.HomeNewsBest New MusicReviewsAlbumsTracksSunday Reviews8.0+ ReviewsFeaturesThe PitchLists & GuidesLongformRisingPhoto GalleriesVideoOver/UnderLiner NotesUnder the InfluencesEventsNewsletterAdvertisingMastheadCareersContactAccessibility HelpMore PitchforkPitchfork Music Festival ChicagoPitchfork Music Festival ParisPitchfork Music Festival BerlinPitchfork RadioPitchfork PodcastHome NewsReviewsBest New MusicFeaturesThe PitchVideoStaff PicksEventsToggle main navigation menuOpen search moduleExpand audio playerHome NewsReviewsBest New MusicFeaturesThe PitchVideoStaff PicksEventsToggle main navigation menuOpen search moduleExpand audio playerFoo FightersConcrete and GoldRoswellRCA • 20176.5by Jayson GreeneContributing EditorRockSeptember 18 2017Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOpen share drawerNine albums in and Dave Grohl knows how to keep the machine running. Concrete and Gold is reliable, relatable, and powerful with just barely enough new ideas to keep things interesting. User reviews & ratings for the album Concrete and Gold by Foo Fighters. See how this album was rated and reviewed by the users of AoTY.org. but Concrete and Gold took four positive steps forward, but far too many steps back to disappointment territory. Foo Fighters don't overthink and succeed in creating a work that shows the spirit. iHeartRadio Foo FAnthem Show: Band To Celebrate 'Concrete and Gold' September 28, 2017 In their 22 years of releasing albums, Foo Fighters have become a household name in the rock world -- a can't-miss band if they are coming to your hometown on tour It simply won't do, in 2017, to pretend that things are exactly how they used to be. Released today, Concrete and Gold, the Foo Fighters' ninth album, looks out over desolate spaces. Grohl's.

Collectible Memorabilia From Foo Fighters' Legendary Music Career. Foo Fighters is an American rock band that formed in 1994 and went on to critical acclaim for its unique combination of alternative music and going against the pursuit of trying to sound like Nirvana No one could question Grohl’s grasp of rock history, but moments like this remind you that there is a slightly weightless, Lego Movie feel to his use of it. On the goofy and invigorating Farfisa organ-greased boogie rock “Make It Right,” this works to his advantage: It makes me think of Kid Rock, until it makes me think of Aerosmith’s “Last Child,” until it makes me think of KISS. “Hop on the train to nowhere, baby!” Grohl exhorts, forever unafraid of a t-shirt slogan, and Kurstin boosts the hi-hat until it sounds like it’s made from ten tons of iron. “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” meanwhile, lands in some alt-rock uncanny valley between Eve 6’s “Inside Out” and “Where Is My Mind?”, a territory as nonsensical as the song title. But Grohl builds a big old rafter-raising chorus there anyway, and as it often does, his enthusiasm makes it go over. It’s all rock‘n’roll to him. The beginning of Concrete and Gold is drowning in fatigue and aches for the song to properly 'start' and kind of has the same aspect as Exhausted from the first Foo Fighters album. The most interesting part of this song is the backing vocals are sung by Boyz II Men vocalist Shawn Stockman

Concrete and Gold is their ninth album, and like Sonic Highways, it comes with an outsized goodwill gesture accompanying it: Grohl announced its release date along with the launch of a huge. Beginning with the deliberate-to-dizzying smattering of album opener “T-Shirt,” Grohl lyrically questions almost everything around him. First single, the blistering “Run,” is as raw as anything the Foos have written. Don’t let its goofy, viral video fool you. The delicate, yet steadying lick quickly buzzes and is as ferocious as Grohl’s distorted vocals. As these various elements swirl, it’s easy to hear the singer’s desperation as he grapples with societal collapse. The new Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold. Availalbe in mp3, hi-res WAV, CD or double LP

He formed Foo Fighters, beginning the idea in solo fashion by playing nearly every instrument on 1995's self-titled debut. It was the band's sophomore . Foo Fighters; Concrete and Gold On the cathartic lead single “Run,” he’s calling out for us to rebelliously live in the present rather than passively watch our moment become the past. Meanwhile, on the aforementioned “Happy Ever After” he mourns all we’ve lost from our tendency to bury our best because of their differences: “There ain’t no superheroes now/ There ain’t no superheroes, they’re underground.” Like Homme, Grohl often leans on twisting idioms as a quick path to finding on their face clever lyrics, leading to a few throwaways like “Count what’s left when it’s all gone wrong/ How you gonna make it right?” and “Till death do us part/ For better or for worse.” But he largely avoids those here for tangible, evocative imagery, singing of “dancing to the sound of candles burning out” and “roses in the whiskey jar,” phrases that feel distinct and delicate, rather than optimized for stadium-impact.Yet almost none of it feels like the Foo Fighters. These songs are effervescent, bright and clear, with plenty of white space and an unusual amount of restraint — embodying patience and grace far more than the album the band actually named after those qualities. None of them drive further down the band’s habitual ruts — big and banal, beefy and breathless. Instead you can hear the Foos stretch new muscles here, making previously unexplored terrain feel completely within their comfort zone. At one point Dave Koz shows up to play the saxophone, and he blends perfectly into the sonic mix such that you’ll barely register his presence unless you actively seek it out, as if the Foos’ have always had saxophones in their songs.There are all kinds of guests floating by as usual: Alison Mosshart of the Kills guests on “The Sky Is a Neighborhood” and “La Dee Da.” Shawn Stockman, of Boyz II Men, harmonizes on “Concrete & Gold.” Hell, Paul McCartney pops in to play drums on “Sunday Rain.” Grohl told Rolling Stone that Justin Timberlake dropped by the studio one day, but Timberlake remains uncredited, leaving us in the dark, since everyone on a Foo Fighters album sounds like Foo Fighters. That holds as true for Bob Mould, who appeared on 2011’s Wasting Light, as it does here for smooth jazz saxophonist Dave Koz, who turns up somewhere, entirely inaudibly, on “La Dee Da.” Concrete And Gold Chords by Foo Fighters. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more

Foo Fighters' decision to work with Greg Kurstin - a producer better known for his work with the likes of Adele, Sia and Lily Allen than twiddling knobs for yer da's favourites - is probably a direct reaction to 2014's 'Sonic Highways': where once stood lengthy discussions about cities' musical heritage and hours on plane journeys, is now someone with a metaphorical PhD in the. Not that you’d have been ill-advised to have done so. Mainstream rock’s most enduring heavyweights haven’t garnered much critical clout over the years, rather finding themselves internally at war with how to keep what they do fresh when they’ve long been the genre’s equivalent of nonperishable foods: They’ve proved dependable, but rarely appetizing, and part of what makes them so dismissible is the unsavory length of their lifespan. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Concrete and Gold at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 2.0 out of 5 stars Ive been a major foo fighters fan since the 90s, but this album lacks. April 13, 2018

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Watch the video for Run by Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold originally came with another grand concept attached: the idea was to build a complete studio onstage at the Hollywood Bowl and record an album in one night in front of a 20,000-strong audience, a plan scuppered by PJ Harvey’s decision to record last year’s Hope Demolition Project in a glass box at Somerset House. Instead, the band have opted to work with pop producer Greg Kurstin, an unlikely choice: Grohl has recounted having to play Kurstin’s most famous co-write, Adele’s Hello, to nonplussed guitarist Pat Smear, who’d apparently never heard it before, a not-unimpressive feat in itself. The album’s supporting cast, meanwhile, offers impressively eclectic testament to Grohl’s famed ability as a networker – it includes Justin Timberlake, the Kills’ Alison Mosshart and Shawn Stockman of 90s R&B sensations Boyz II Men. Watch the video for Run by Foo Fighters. Concrete and Gold originally came with another grand concept attached: the idea was to build a complete studio onstage at the Hollywood Bowl and record an.

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Concrete and Gold is the ninth studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters.It was produced by Greg Kurstin and released worldwide on September 15, 2017, through RCA Records.Described by the band as an album where hard rock extremes and pop sensibilities collide, Concrete and Gold concerns the future of the United States from the viewpoint of the band's frontman and lead songwriter Dave. Grohl’s pessimistic views reach a crescendo on “The Sky is a Neighborhood.” “Mind is a battlefield/All hope is gone/Trouble to the right and left/Whose side you’re on?” he sings with disgust, reflecting his views on the state of the country as the plodding music echoes that sentiment. The same goes for the ‘70s rock bombast of “Make It Right” and the relentless “La Dee Da.” Built upon a wall of fuzzy guitars, echoing vocals and subsequent howls, the song’s heaviness is the Foos at their most experimental. —Frontman Dave Grohl, comparing the Concrete and Gold recording sessions to 2014's Sonic Highways, which was recorded in different studios around the U.S., and 2011's Wasting Light, which they did in Grohl's garage to emulate the recording process of the 1990s and earlier.[12]

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  1. Foo Fighters, needless to say, have legions of fans that still buy their records and pay big bucks to see them play live no matter what. They're like robots. Nothing will change this pattern, especially with this latest release, Concrete and Gold. There's no ground covered that hasn't been covered before, but when you compare this album.
  2. You could probably trick the typical, everyday music fan into believing the Foo Fighters latest album Concrete and Gold was culled from a dusty basement filled with records from the 1970s.. Out today (Sept. 15), Concrete and Gold marks Foo Fighters' ninth studio album and its in June came as a surprise since the band was thought on extended hiatus but instead busy working in the studio
  3. ute mark without ever missing a cue or staying on a section longer than warranted. The riveting conclusion expands so gradually that you notice the intensity in your bones before your ears. Even “Arrows,” the most conventional Foo Fighters track here, doesn’t lose sight of its center through the skies, reaching a massive scale without forgoing any of its steady gravitas.
  4. Concrete And Gold isn't the ninth Foo Fighters album, it's the ninth iteration of the Foo Fighters album, another well-made widget for the shelf. Concrete And Gold is out this Friday, 9/15 via.
  5. Foo Fighters tour: Concrete and Gold Tour Incredible show but Fenway is tough as a concert venue, although we were only 16 rows back, it was still hard to actually see a lot on stage.The huge video screens on either side of the stage made all the difference
  6. g the Foo Fighters, Grohl somehow managed to do the impossible: Shedding the 90's grunge god status and beco
  7. In spite of their obsession with the history of studios, the Foos have never been known for being a “studio band,” yet on Concrete And Gold they employ a number of effective tricks worthy of the era they’re emulating. Beyond the compositional structures, the production choices nod to a conscientious effort to enact what Grohl promised as “Motörhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper.” At first glance “Make It Right” may seem like a by-the-numbers riff-rager, but from the rise-and-fall melodic crests, crisp wind-smooth percussive groove, and translucent overdrive, it comes across more fully realized than any of its forebears in the band’s catalogue.

Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters Songs, Reviews, Credits

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Concrete and Gold

Foo Fighters show that they're in love with light and shade, fury and quiet, every twist and turn they can make with their instruments, and even if Concrete And Gold isn't about much more than that, it's refreshing to hear the Foos embrace to the logical flashing conclusion of Grohl's allegiance to real rock values Many songs on Concrete and Gold are still very Foo Fighters-esque, however, with songs like La Dee Da and The Line succeeding through raucous energy, fuzzy guitars and Grohl's gritty.

Review: Foo Fighters' 'Concrete and Gold' - Rolling Ston

Foo Fighters Rock Ban This is clearly a deeply unlikely thing for a stadium rock album virtually guaranteed platinum sales to do, but for the most part, Concrete and Gold sees the Foo Fighters gently and enjoyably nudge at the boundaries of what they do, rather than crashing through them to new territory. It’s an album that won’t frighten the horses, but provides enough fresh interest to keep the band ticking over: for the Foo Fighters, you suspect, that means mission accomplished.

Share Tweet Submit Pin NoiseTradeVideoPodcastsDaytrotterMusicMoviesTVComedyGamesBooksDrinkPoliticsTravelTechNoiseTradeVideoPodcastsDaytrotterNetflixMerchAdvertise Music Movies TV Comedy Games Books Drink Politics Travel Tech 7.3 Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold Review By Daniel Kohn  |  September 21, 2017  |  9:22am Music Reviews Foo Fighters Share Tweet Submit Pin The past two decades have proven that the Foo Fighters are the fun-loving, flag-waving ambassadors of mainstream arena rock. This decade hasn’t been as kind. There’s been a few radio hits, yet going back to the garage for 2011’s Wasted Light, recording at heralded studios across the country for the HBO series Sonic Highways and an impromptu session in Austin for 2015’s St. Cecilia EP, worked better as schtick than memorable records. Culture > Music > Reviews Album reviews: Benjamin Clementine - I Tell A Fly, Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold, Yusuf/Cat Stevens - The Laughing Apple. Also: Dr John - The Atco Albums Collection.

Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold - Amazon

  1. The Foo Fighters' ninth effort tries to split the difference between hope and despair with only partial success. In some ways, Concrete and Gold accomplishes that goal. More frequently, Dave Grohl's good intentions devolve into anger and pessimism about which side of the fault he'll be on when our cultural earthquake stops rumbling
  2. Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold For the band's latest release, Concrete and Gold, Grohl planned on constructing a studio on the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater and recording the album live
  3. Rock music has had few ambassadors as affable and tireless as Grohl, and over twenty years on, it remains impossible to dislike the Foo Fighters. Enjoying them, is a spottier proposition, and loving them seems to be out of the question. There are boring Foo Fighters albums and pretty good ones; C&G is a pretty good one, and in two years there will probably be another. Grohl has spent his entire career arguing for rock music’s ability to transcend and change lives, but his own music sends a different, sadder message: Rock doesn’t have to be transcendent or life-changing at all, and all your fantasies can be rendered just as dull and workaday as the rest of your life.
  4. us; maybe “Run” won’t retain its throwback grandeur on their second greatest hits comp sandwiched inexplicably between “Rope” and “Congregation”. But Grohl’s music has cried out for, well, coloring and shaping for so long that it matter more that he’s finally sculpted an objet d’art, rather than Another Foo Fighters album. More than just about anyone in the genre, he’s free financially and creatively to do anything he wants. Maybe next time he’ll sing something political — In Your Honor was about campaigning for John Kerry, not that you’d know from listening to it. Maybe he’ll even sing something controversial. It’s about time the guy took a risk.
  5. Concrete And Gold doesn't have any easily identifiable narrative, which makes it from the onset the most refreshing Foo Fighters LP in over a decade. ( Thank PJ Harvey for that , I guess.

With their latest album, Concrete and Gold, the Foo Fighters try to return back to the sound that made them the alt-rock poster boys fans know them as today.It's a sound that they first created with their Billboard-topping album Wasting Light. But six years later that original sound that lifted the band out of a sea of mediocrity seems elusive So it's with some kind of pleasure to report that Foo Fighters have finally made an album that sounds like itself, at least for a good chunk, as Concrete and Gold has a psychedelic, prog-metal.

Concrete and Gold is a solid collection of music from a band that we know and love. The eclectic mix of songs delivers an energy and epic-feel close to their last album Sonic Highways, plus a much-needed dose of heaviness, and a sprinkling of throwbacks to classic rock and vintage Foo Fighters.. Concrete and Gold provides a more polished sound for loyal Foo fans For the first time in years, Foo Fighters are taking advantage of the cachet they’ve built as the world’s safest arena rock band. But replicating their energetic show hadn’t translated into an inspired studio effort since 2002’s One By One. Grohl and company could have continued to make mundane arena rock. That they’ve managed to hunker down and create a collection that proves that they aren’t ready crawl fade away just yet.The band ended up working with music producer Greg Kurstin on the album.[13] Grohl had been listening to the work of Kurstin's indie pop band, The Bird and the Bee since 2014 and was very impressed with his work, calling it "so much more sophisticated than anything [he'd] ever heard."[5] Grohl reached out to Kurstin, and learned that he had taken a hiatus from The Bird and the Bee to focus on his work as a music producer, producing songs including Halsey's "Strangers", Sia's "The Greatest" and "Cheap Thrills" and Adele's "Hello".[5] The two both were interested in the challenge presented with working together – Kurstin had never worked on a heavy rock album, while Grohl had never worked with a pop songwriter – and decided to collaborate on the album.[5]

After the tour, in early 2016, the band announced they would enter an indefinite hiatus.[11] While no reasons were given at the time, in 2017, Grohl told Rolling Stone that he was still struggling from the injury, still unable to walk and enduring daily, lengthy physical therapy sessions.[12] He secluded himself from the band, and set a goal for himself to stay away from music for an entire year while he focused on recuperating. However, at six months to the day, he cancelled the plan when he began writing the lyrics to the track "Run".[12] A new album from one of the hardest rocking bands alive fronted by the legendary Dave Grohl is definitely an event in history

Dave Grohl Pens Inspiring Essay About the Power of Concerts

Official online store of the rock band Foo Fighters. Fans can purchase merch including t-shirts, sweatshirts, apparel and music including CDs and vinyl — -- 1/2. Going into the Foo Fighters' new album, Concrete and Gold, there's a bit of a worry. Dave Grohl has pretty much abandoned the straightforward formula that made the band's. In the world of modern rock and roll, one group has reigned supreme for the better part of this millennium: Foo Fighters.The group was founded by Dave Grohl in 1994 as a solo project following the.

They may have taken their name from an old term for UFOs, but the Foo Fighters have always been a down-to-earth bunch. It isn’t so much a matter of personality as it is necessity. Grunge was in an existential state of emergency when Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl started the group in 1994, in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s suicide and his former, legendary band’s resultant demise. Although the tragedy did little to impede the genre’s commercial staying power—there’s no finer industry kindle than a universally-adored martyr—it nonetheless stripped the alternative rock world of its messiah, and left it with lasting psychic damage. Initial writing sessions only involved Grohl, who continued being in seclusion from the band, although he initially struggled, feeling "out of practice" and "creatively atrophied" due to his longer than usual break from music.[12] Grohl rented an Airbnb in Ojai, California, so he could focus on long bouts of writing, with Grohl recounting "I brought a case of wine and sat there in my underwear with a microphone for about five days, just writing."[12] After twelve or thirteen rough ideas were mapped out, he ran them by the band, who shared Grohl's belief that he was on the right track with the material.[12] Happy with his work, but feeling the material still required further development, Grohl started thinking about reaching out to a music producer.[12] Music Review: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold. It may seem overly simplistic, but it is possible to split most of the Foo Fighters' songs into two distinct categories; The heartfelt, emotive songwriting of 'My Hero', 'Best Of You' and 'These Days' and the OTT, frantic quasi-metal of 'All My Life', 'The Pretender' and 'White Limo' The Foo Fighters have just released their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold - but do the American rockers still have what it takes? In short, yes - yes they most definitely do. You would be forgiven in thinking Concrete and Gold is a mellow venture for the Foo's with opening track T-Shirt but don't be fooled When I read the press release announcing that Foo Fighters' ninth album would be their attempt to make Motorhead's version of Sgt. Pepperor something like that alarm bells began to ring. The additional news that producer Greg Kurstin (known for his work with Adele, Sia and Pink) had been heavily involved added to my sense of foreboding. Still, the mash of pop and rock sensibilities can.

Foo Fighters: Concrete & Gold Tour, US Band Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio - October 20, 2017 Dave Grohl is an everyperson's rock star, he's the rock star you think you would want to have a beer with, hell, he's the rock star that would buy you a beer, and you'd gladly buy a round yourself Foo Fighters' ninth album is 'Concrete and Gold.' Brantley Gutierrez I feel an earthquake coming on, Dave Grohl sings on Dirty Water, a moment of fragile guitar poetry from Foo. Foo Fighters keep rock alive in marathon show in Bossier City. Richard Duke, Foo Fighters Concrete And Gold Tour Sunday evening at the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City Concrete and Gold Tour was the ninth concert tour by American rock band Foo Fighters, in support of Concrete and Gold, their ninth studio album.It began June 16, 2017, in Reykjavík, Iceland, and it concluded October 23, 2018 in Calgary, Canada.It marked the first time since November 2015 that the band had toured. The tour also featured summer festivals in Europe and Asia Writing and recording of Concrete and Gold started in late 2016, after Grohl ended a self-imposed six-month hiatus from music while recovering from an injury sustained on the Sonic Highways World Tour. Working off a set of twelve or thirteen ideas for songs conceived by Grohl, the band enlisted the help of Kurstin, a pop music producer, who had never worked on a heavy rock record previously. The studio at which the band chose to record Concrete and Gold, EastWest Studios in Hollywood, California, fostered collaborations with various other artists who were also working at the studio at the time, including Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men, Justin Timberlake, and Paul McCartney. It is the first Foo Fighters studio album to feature long-time session and touring keyboardist Rami Jaffee as a permanent member.

Get the Foo Fighters Setlist of the concert at Safeco Field, Seattle, WA, USA on September 1, 2018 from the Concrete and Gold Tour and other Foo Fighters Setlists for free on setlist.fm That the Foos’ nearly quarter-century together has produced little in the way of artistic development is exactly the point. Grohl and his pals never set out to write the gospel on modern rock—they only sought to preach it, hammering it into our heads by way of biting hooks and anthemic melodies. There’s more than enough red meat to go around on Concrete and Gold, the band’s ninth album. That’s a bit remarkable considering they cut it with Greg Kurstin, a musician and producer best known as one half of art-pop duo the Bird and the Bee, as well as a collaborator with the likes of Adele (whose smash “Hello” Kurstin produced and co-wrote), Sia, and P!nk. (More ironically, it was one of his pop confections—the Bird and the Bee’s swirling “Again and Again”—rather than a rock song which compelled Grohl to seek out the producer’s help in the first place.) Foo Fightery, for want of a better word, to meet either criteria. Rather, its closest ally in the Foos catalogue is probably There is Nothing Left to Lose. Accessible, meditative and mellow, Concrete and Gold 's warm tone can be attributed in part to the band bringing in their first pop producer, Greg Kursten, whose CV includes Adele, Sia, and. Concrete and Gold should be encouraged as a Foo Fighters records that is content with just being. Yes, there are guest stars (pop star Justin Timberlake is somewhere within the tracks, though you.

Throughout their ninth album, the Foo Fighters juke and pivot between genres at a dizzying pace. Leaning heavily on stoner and psych rock and prog metal, with a splash of classic rock as well, this ambitious fusion of sound—as weird as it may seem—makes Concrete and Gold is a welcome deviation from the reliable radio songs. It also does Grohl’s bold proclamation of “Sgt. Pepper’s meets Motorhead” justice.The album begins with a faux-humble, aw-shucks bit of Grohllery: Over a few finger-picked acoustic guitar notes, he croons: “I don’t wanna be king/I just wanna sing a love song/Pretend there’s nothing wrong/You can sing along with me.” Seconds later comes the chandelier-shattering full band entrance, with a stack of vocal harmonies tall enough to demolish the Paradise Theatre. The flourish announces the polishing touch of Greg Kurstin, member of The Bird and the Bee and a pop producer flexible and collaborative enough for both Adele’s “Hello” and Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE.” Foo Fighters show that they're in love with light and shade, fury and quiet, every twist and turn they can make with their instruments Read Review. 7.0 | music OMH. After remaining stagnant for so long, Concrete and Gold is a mini breakthrough for the Foo Fighters. Progress, at last Read Revie

Dave Grohl Compares Next Foo Fighters LP to David Bowie’s Let’s Dance

Listen free to Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold (T-Shirt, Run and more). 11 tracks (48:21). Concrete and Gold is the ninth studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters. It was produced by Greg Kurstin and released worldwide on September 15, 2017, through RCA Records. Described by the band as an album where hard rock extremes and pop sensibilities collide, Concrete and Gold concerns. When a band has been around for as long as Foo Fighters, it's understandable that a feeling of indifference might grow towards each new album release.Certainly, that was the case with their last effort, 2014's Sonic Highways.A loose concept album - each song recorded in and inspired by a different city across America - their eighth LP was still pretty much Foo Fighters by numbers

Foo Fighters Share Skin and Bones Concert Film

This aesthetic uncertainty formed the backdrop for Foo Fighters' eponymous debut in 1995, wherein Grohl and co. unveiled their balm for the identity crisis: a return to hard rock orthodoxy. Elsewhere, Concrete And Gold plays somewhat sillier - and more manipulative - buggers with its source material. Opener T-Shirt finds Grohl mimicking a gentle 60s Motown singer for the first 30 seconds, before 1973 Aerosmith invade the booth and 'space harmonise' the tune into the power ballad ether Foo Fighters Concrete And Gold RCA Records For a turbulent series of weeks in 2016, the rumour mill- based on very little substance- spat out the idea that one of rocks biggest bands was on the brink of breaking up. Yep, following the release of Sonic Highways and the subsequent tour, it was rumoured that the Foo Fighters were to call it quits. Needless to say, fans were both shocked and.

Naturally, with just seconds left after letting the last note of the buzzing, ballistic ballad of a title track wrap up the proceedings, Grohl can’t help but throw in an isolated and immature “Fuck you Daryl!” to serve as the album’s final words. It’s a purposeless gesture — as if Grohl felt insecure in his decision to entirely forgo his more bro-oriented instincts for the past hour — that serves little but to break the spell of what’s now the best Foo Fighters album of this century. But it’s the only real misstep on an album from a band that’s largely been whiffing on opportunities for a disheartening while. Grohl prefaced Concrete And Gold by calling it “the record we’ve always wanted to make.” Sure, but thus far the Foos have always been making the records they’ve wanted to make. They’ve documented and catalogued the process of doing so extensively. For once, however, it’s also the record we’ve wanted them to make — one that reinforces their claim as members of rock’s canon, and not just its most popular cover band. Perhaps we have a few superheroes left above ground after all. Foo Fighters - 'Concrete and Gold' Review Posted on September 18, 2017 September 18, 2017 by Misfit Vinegaroon The new Foo Fighters album 'Concrete and Gold' is here and has been received with a lets say, lukewarm response by critics So speaks Dave Grohl of the mission statement made manifest in Foo Fighters' ninth epic, the aptly-titled Concrete and Gold, due out September 15 worldwide on Roswell Records / RCA Records. Concrete and Gold was written and performed by Foo Fighters, produced by Greg Kurstin and Foo Fighters, and mixed by Darrell Thorp A turbocharged Foo Fighters blast through Concrete and Gold, the ninth studio album by a rock band that has been working since 1994 and can still headline arenas.The album — released Friday. ¬¬Foo Fighters-Concrete And Gold [2017] The Foo Fighters album Concrete And Gold wasn't really on my raider in terms of anticipating its release. I wouldn't call myself a foo fighters fan. I know the hit's Learn to fly Ever long The Pretender Best of you it was never a part of my childhood and or teenager years A turbocharged Foo Fighters blast through Concrete and Gold, the ninth studio album by a rock band that has been working since 1994 and can still headline arenas. The album is a tenacious.

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