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FlyKly is part of the Zehus Group. Our mission is to reduce the gap between cycling and commuting around the cities thanks to smart solutions. FlyKly creates and offers tech & eco-friendly products allowing to move around the city in a simply and smart way That’s such a bummer, I’m sorry to hear about your experience but appreciate your feedback here. With more crowdfunded projects in the ebike space I have growing concerns about this sort of delay and unmet expectation. I hope the product arrives soon, I really enjoyed testing the unit and hope they can improve upon it in the coming years, including delivering in a more timely manner :(Great questions Phil, this review was shot a long time ago and apparently some people still haven’t received the product (and it sounds like it has also been changed in some ways). I wish I could help you more here but I simply do not know. You may be able to get some feedback in the forums here.I live in São Paulo and here we have a lot of hills. That’s why I started looking for a electric bike or wheel. Knowing you tested both FlyKly and Copenhagen wheels, I have to ask you, if you think this no gear problem of FlyKly would limit my experience climbing hills. I have a 27 gear bike, and I use from 1st to last gear on my daily commute. My first guess is to wait for the Copenhagen, but never tested electric models so maybe with the help of the motor the gears are not that needy? What do you think? Thanks for the reviews, Diogo.Hi Court, I backed the Flykly and can’t wait to get mine. However, I’m really interested in the Bike+ with Wize model they also are going to sell. Did you test ride the Bike+ with Wize bike, or just a regular bike with the Smartwheel attached? Thanks

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  1. d the reduced power but I only weigh ~130 so it might depend on your size and how far you need to go. The Copenhagen wheel has a removable battery which will make charging easier and you could also get a second pack for extended rides.
  2. FlyKly launches the Smart Ped through a Kickstarter campaign today, offering the basic version of the scooter to early pledgers for $769. A premium version of the scooter, which will come with.
  3. utes. The second day I took it on the street, the wheel stopped working as I was making my way up a (not very steep) hill. So in total it worked for about 45

FlyKly, the company behind the Smart Wheel, has a new invention up its sleeve. The Smart Ped is a folding scooter which is manually operated with electrical assistance. Unlike most electric scooters the engine isnt activated with a switch but by the action of pushing off the floor. When a rider gives a push the [ The FlyKly Smart Wheel is an ebike conversion kit consisting of a motor, battery, control system and bicycle wheel designed to be simple to use, light weight and efficient. It was successfully funded through Kickstarter on November 25th 2013 reaching over 7x it’s $100k launch threshold. While it doesn’t deliver all the bells and whistles of some purpose built electric bikes it is extremely light weight, relatively affordable at $800 and fairly sophisticated with a smart phone app that lets you change the top speed (limited to 16mph) and power output percentage to conserve battery usage. In short it’s smooth, relatively quiet and fairly stealth (so most people won’t even know you’re riding an electric bike). It works with a variety of wheel sizes and comes in eight fun colors including glow in the dark… The final version (which I tested in the video review above) is almost have the size and weight of the original prototype and benefits from a partnership that FlyKly has entered into with an Italian electric bike manufacturer.

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Thanks for finally having a review of the Copahegen wheel. But now watching this review and the FlyKly I am confused on which one would be right for me. I like the FlyKly design and price but I am not sure if the Copahegen Wheel would be better or same. This is your space to offer support and feedback. Remember to be constructive—there's a human behind this project.. Have a question for the creator The FlyKly Smart Wheel is equipped with a 250W motor on the rear hub, with a maximum allowed speed of 25 km/h, the battery is a lithium battery 30V 5.33Ah 160Wh, with autonomy greater than 40 km.

Zehus All in One has an enviable range from 30 to 40 km and can assist you up 25km/h. Its 250 W motor is powered by lithium batteries.Hi J.M.C. for general information about Flykly you can send an email to hello@flykly.com! For technical information regarding the aftersale you can send an email to customerservice@flykly.com. You can also contact us on our Facebook! Soon we’ll release also our new website where you can see our new product!Awesome! Thanks for the update and testimonial here, George. Hope both of your ebikes continue to work well for you!

多機能なスマートホイール「FlyKly Smart Wheel」は、現在Kickstarterで目標金額10万ドル(約970万円)の出資を募集中で、590ドル(約5万8000円)の出資でFlyKly. Het FlyKly Smart Wheel is een 'slim' fietswiel dat fietsers helpt met trappen. Het heeft een topsnelheid van 25km/u en kan bediend worden met een app om onder meer de snelheid in te stellen.

@Jason: thank you for your interest in FlyKly. Court has only tired Smart Wheel. Bike with the wize system comes with much more advanced technology in order to extend the range or provide you with the unlimited range. The Wize system detects when you need the assistance and when you do not it recharges the battery so this way your ride is smooth all the time and always ready. I appreciate your input, I’d love to review the FlyKly again but haven’t seen one in person. Even this review was more of a demo and I agree that the Sondors was more complete. I do my best to get honest data but some of my older reviews are less complete and there are times where I’m reviewing ahead of launch and it’s just not the same. Sorry about that…The Smart Wheel can transform your simple bike into a pedal assist e-bike in a matter of minutes. You set it up, connect to the smartphone app and you are ready to go. The Smart Wheel is available in three sizes, with a grey or white hub, for US$1,099. If I were in the market I'd probably at least wait until the reviews start coming in for Superpedestrian's much.

FlyKly is all about urban mobility. We are dedicated to making bicycle friendly cities and improving the way we travel from A to Z in the faster, smoother and smarter way. And FlyKly is street smart - delivering smarter tools for smarter urban mobility for people on the move FlyKly. 22K likes. FlyKly Street Smart Smart tools for smarter urban transportation Court, I love your reviews. Thank you for your work. I’ve been going through your website like an addict. I would like to commute to work by bike but the route that avoids traffic is 15 miles each way with some steep inclines, declines, and tight turns. When I tested it, it took a bit too long and was a bit too difficult. I’m your weight. So I think the flykly could meet the bill and if it doesn’t really deliver a full 30, it adds little additional weight so I could make it the rest of the way in the evening on my own. I really dig the smart phone functionality. I was a little concerned about the braking though. With all the hills I will be braking a lot. Your thoughts? FlyKly is seeking funding for its Smart Wheel on Kickstarter. It started with a modest US$100,000 goal, and it has already quadrupled that amount. Backers interested in getting a Smart Wheel will. FlyKly Smart Wheel. January 6, 2015. Transcript. Transcription not available for FlyKly Smart Wheel. Up Next. Blu's first metal phone is fun and cheap. 1:04. Stern's new spin on pinball tech.

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I appreciate the review and all the comments. One concern I have is that what is on that bike looks exactly like the wheel from ZeHus but without the labels. Is this just a scam??Wow! Wish I weighed 130 lbs.! Speaking of weight, I’m having concerns about my weight, 350 lbs., and how it will affect the performance of the FlyKly, or ANY add-on electric assist systems. I currently commute to and from work twice per day. Two miles one way, eight miles total. Terrain is moderately hilly, but not bad. Just hoping someone out there could give me some suggestions. EBR is an awesome site. Thanks for all you do!People are asking for their money back any are not getting money or a wheel. This company is a scam. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!! Please REVIEW http://www.kickstarter.com PEOPLE DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!!!! Sydney Electric Bikes is the only place you can get your hands on a test ride of the Flykly smart hub kit. Available in store for test rides now. Come and try out this brilliantly light and stealthy electric conversion kit, all packaged in a single white hub. Genius. One Smart Move Makes All The Difference. Once you' Thanks for sharing your experience! I definitely heard the wheel during my test but didn’t have to set it up with Bluetooth… bummer that the range was an issue for you. Unfortunately I’ve struggled to reach FlyKly as well, even just for updating this review. It’s a neat concept, hopefully future iterations or other similar products will come out that address some of these issues :)

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  1. FlyKly Street Smart Smart tools for smarter urban transportation. WE ARE FLYKLY FlyKly is all about cycling. We are dedicated to making bicycle friendly citi..
  2. Thanks Don, you might also check the FlyKly forums periodically to see what people have to say there. It’s kind of empty at the moment (because FlyKly isn’t out until September 2014) but after that it should pick up :)
  3. In conclusion, you should not trust this company! Don’t buy their products! The Smart Wheel does not work as advertised. It is worthless uphill and it breaks down after a few days of using it! And don’t expect any help when you’ll have problems with their products.
  4. Great question Diogo. I preferred the FlyKly because it was lighter weight and a lot smaller and less noticeable. It uses more standard spokes and felt about the same in terms of power as the Copenhagen Wheel. Please note that both of the units I reviewed were prototypes… I’m not sure they are even shipping units yet? I agree that the single speed limitation of the FlyKly is off-putting and that may be a challenge on hills. You could buy something like this internally geared bottom bracket to add three speeds. You could also just get a standard rear hub motor electric bike kit that would work with a cassette. For an even higher quality hub motor (with regenerative braking, pedal assist and throttle) I’d recommend BionX but their stuff is more expensive. The D-Series is quite powerful and would be the best choice for scaling large hills. Hope this helps, if you do get one of the smart wheels, I’d love to hear about it!
  5. Hi Pepper! When I met with Niko from FlyKly to do this review I asked about Zehus as well, sounds like they are working together so that FlyKly can be produced by Zehus which had a similar design to the original Kickstarter FlyKly concept. If you look at the original videos and images the FlyKly was different and once they saw what Zehus had, I believe they decided to work with them instead of “reinventing the wheel” themselves. I think the big difference is software and the markets where you can find/buy each one. I hope this helps!

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I received my flykly wheel June of 2015. The wheel is not the greatest around for sure, it works fine on flat streets and flat bike paths through the city but hills are a struggle for the wheel. Also the Bluetooth within the wheel really suck. you literally have to hold the IPhone within an inch of the axle in order to set the wheel up. The Bluetooth range is horrible. To Be fare I did try 3 other cell phones and an android tablet and the results were identical very poor range. So while riding the bike you do not know any of your stats because the cell and wheel cannot communicate do to the short Bluetooth range of the wheel. If I had to grade the wheel I would say it fall at a C- or D+ As I stated smooth flat streets and bike paths it does well. Also the wheel is a bit noisy I assume because of the planetary gears inside. I have emailed Flykly many times with questions regarding the app the noise and the range of its Bluetooth but no one has ever replied back so for now I’m stuck with a faulty flykly wheel. :(Their site lists this at $1000 + $100 shipping. They don’t list specs on the built wheel/rim or sell a bare hub. Too bad you can’t actually get one for $800. The weight sounds good, granted the motor and battery are both rather small.I was one of the backers in the crowdfunding project and have received my wheel a couple of months ago. It is so cool! Have attached it to a GT hybrid bike and have three front gears – for me this is sufficient. I am really pleased with the performance, and can ride my bike to work without beeing too sweaty :)

Thanks for the feedback, this review is getting kind of old and I’ve heard about some companies changing prices or specs. I try to keep reviewing bikes and kits on a continual basis. I’m hoping that FlyKly updates their product and keeps prices low in the future :)All I want is something that can get me to work with less or no effort at all and climb hills with ease without being sweaty and nasty when arriving to destination (work). Do you have any suggestions for me. I would appreciate it. Thanks keep up the great work.When I got it back again I can’t say I noticed an improvement. Assist worked, brake did not work. The wheel stopped working the next time I tried to go up a hill. That was in September 2015. I’ve been trying to get it serviced again, as they said the wheel is under warranty for a year after you receive it. I’m getting sporadic answers to my emails, about once a month, and the people replying claim that the FlyKly Europe branch is now a different company that the original company that sent me the wheel. They are refusing to service my wheel for free, basically ignoring the 1 year warranty that FlyKly was supposed to honor. They have failed to help me for six months, now.Hi Brian! Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that is not possible. The FlyKly relies on a sensor to activate pedal assist which looks for the sprocket to turn and pull. If you were able to connect a chain to the front wheel, perhaps it could function but then you probably wouldn’t be able to steer because the wheel would bend the chain side to side. Does that make sense?

The Smart Wheel is compatibile with 135 mm rear O.L.D. The Smart Wheel is compatibile with single speed bikes only. If you aim to use your Smart Wheel on multi-gear bikes you could have to change/adapt other components (e.g. chain, derailleur, chain tensioner...)The Smart Wheel is no compatible with disck brake Yes, looks interesting, but it is NOT delivered. There are people who paid for their wheels a year ago who are being told to wait yet another four months while new orders are offered to be delivered in three. BEWARE – you might NEVER get the wheel or bike you paid for. The Smart Ped is a kick-assist e-bike, designed to move effortlessly around the city. It has a smart hybrid electric motor that you can fully control through a smartphone app Bitride. Thanks to foldable design it can be easily folded in seconds, allowing you to carry it everywhere you go

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FlyKly sammelt Geld für FlyKly Smart Wheel auf Kickstarter! Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle Zehus All in One has an enviable range from 30 to 40 km and can assist you up 25km/h. Its 250 W motor is powered by lithium batteries. How, Where and Why? In our Headquarter in Milan we assemble all our products. Our goal is to create tech products to easily move around the city in a new smart way! Discover your smart tool. Smart Ped Folding Court, I had a question that maybe you could answer. You mention in your review that the Flykly has a “virtual” torque sensor. What exactly is a virtual torque sensor? Does the flykly actually work as if it has a PAS sensor built into the motor? Or does it really have a torque sensor that knows how much force you are putting into the pedal stroke? Thanks, George

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Is it possible to get just the hub and spokes so I can have my local bike shop incorporate it with my existing rim set? Can it be used with a two gear front sprocket? I thought I read in a different review that It now comes with a higher wattage motor and a higher top speed and that it now comes with a complimentary light that can also charge your devices while riding. Is this correct or am I confusing this product with a competitors product? One last thing. Can you send some more info. on this manufacturer such as THE PHONE # of the company so I can speak one on one with someone for future questions? Thanks in advance. J.M.C.Hi Dave! With the FlyKly or Zehus electric bike conversion “smart wheel” you actually can generate electricity but the efficiency is something like 10% to 15% so you’ll be spending more energy pedaling than you get back. In my opinion, given the light weight of these kits, it’s best to just use the bike as-is if the battery runs out, you can still pedal and coast which is way more efficient than walking. Many other ebikes weigh a whole lot more and then riding becomes difficult. One of the big benefits of the FlyKly is how minimal and light it is. The only downside is that I think it currently only works with single speed bikes but you can sort of get by this with an Efneo, Schlumpf drive or other geared bottom bracket :)

Hi Court, thanks for your comments. I submitted all the email correspondence I had had concerning the bike to ZEUS and was told that because I’m in North America (Canada) that I had to deal with Flykly directly. The only way to contact them is through email. There had been talk by other investors and buyers about a class action law suit, but I don’t think anyone had moved on it yet. I’m a patient person, but I’m not patient when it comes to being ripped off. I don’t think anyone should be. FlyKly Smart Wheel New York, NY Product Design $701,239. pledged of $100,000 goal 2,358 backers Support. Select this reward. Pledge US$ 1 or more About US$ 1. THANK YOU - Get listed as a supporter on the FlyKly website. Please share our project and help us spread the word! Less. Estimated delivery Nov 2014 I was also one of the original backers through Flykly’s Kickstarter campaign. Three years after initially backing them, I finally received my wheel. It never worked, right out of the box. Contacted support, sent it back to Slovakia Slovenia where ever they were at the time. This is going back to January 2015 now and have yet to see my wheel. Despite numerous emails to ZEUS who took over the European end of Flykly to Niko Klansek himself, as well as Kickstarter, I have not had any resolution to either getting my wheel or getting a refund. This product is a great idea, packaged together by a terribly flawed company, making for a poorly built and non-operational product. If you’re interested in buying a Smart Wheel, my advice is to steer clear of Flykly. I am likely going to pursue a class action lawsuit against Flykly based on their business practices and failure to make good on their promise to their Kickstarter backers. I am well aware of the fact that this has not been an isolated problem with the Flykly wheel or the company itself in its disregard and complete lack of customer service.

Great question! At this time I believe they do not, just Android and iOS. That may change over time but I haven’t heard anything from either company about it.Awesome article Lizzie. Great pictures as well! I enjoyed meeting Niko but we didn’t cover the other projects he was involved with so this was illuminating :)

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Honestly, this is a pretty sweet system and I’m excited for the FlyKly company to begin distributing their kit. The idea that for $800 and less than seven pounds you can get a little boost from each stop sign and some help with wind and hills is exciting. It’s a niche application that’s right at home in the city. The fact that you can use this with an existing bike frame and don’t need to run wires or add a cadence sensor is very cool. The kit blends in (unless you get the glow in the dark option) and can match your style thanks to the eight color choices. I was impressed with how smooth and responsive the pedal assist design was and glad that it was built right into the wheel. This system feels more like riding a bike than operating a scooter and for someone with sensitive knees, a longer or hill commute or just an interest in a little help and fun along the way this is a great option.Hi J. M. C. I have not heard from the FlyKly team for some time now, I’m not sure if they even still sell this product? It was neat, but it sounded like there were customers who did not get the product very quickly after ordering. I also remember something about a light and charging interface, but it has been too long to know the details. Unfortunately, I do not have a company contact either :/ but maybe someone could help answer your questions in the FlyKly forums, which have a few conversations going. The creators of FlyKly's Smart Wheel is setting out to change the electric bike as we know it. Nick Dietz and Chenda Ngak met up with the smart wheel's creator Niko Klansek to find out how it works The Bitride app, available for both Android and iOS, connects directly with the engine of your Smart Wheel and allows you to control the device's maximum speed, battery level and kick range.

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  1. It does work without it as long as you connect once. It saves all your settings. That is good because the range for the bluetooth connection is extremely short. It drops connection as soon as you move your phone more than 50cm away from it. You can’t have it connected to your phone if you plan to have the phone on the holder.
  2. Good design and neat engineering. Buyers, users, please periodically post updates and maybe some pictures and video. Want to know best techniques and effective range for use of the electric power assist FlyKly hub in an urban area and what is the effective life, especially any continuing use beyond 1000 recharges of the battery. Good review.
  3. g in Flykly, I’m glad that you guys are still around and doing work to re-launch the website and your products :D
  4. I looked at the Copenhagen wheel but at 16 lbs, it was not an option. I also have a Haibike Urban Xduro which is a great ebike but weighs a ton. While the Flykly doesn’t have the power of the Haibike, it feels smoother in the power delivery, plus it’s pretty transparent. I don’t have to mess with buttons and gauges. Just hop on and go.
  5. Court have you validated any of the FlyKly claims from their Kickstarter ad? Delivery delays? I read that some of the original backers are STILL waiting for their FlyKly wheel.. It’s been almost 2 years. Top speed? Range? Bluetooth connectivity GPS tracking? Owner feedback? I think if you applied the same level of review as you did for the Sondors, you will find this $800 cf project is a bust.

Thanks for responding to my question. So what do you prefer overall the CW or the FlyKly wheel? I like your opinion before I invest my money in to something. Keep up the great work and have a great day. FlyKly is raising funds for FlyKly Smart Wheel on Kickstarter! Lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle Is it possible to use the FlyKly wheel as the FRONT wheel on a bike? That way you could still have the gears of your rear wheel, and the FlyKly wouldn’t reduce your bike to a single-speed which is sort of a deal-breaker of a detail.

Looks very interesting, thanks for doing a review! I’m thinking for me personally it may not be the best option right now since I’ve got a 22 mile each way commute to tackle and I think a more powerful motor with a detachable battery would be best so I could charge it at the office without bringing my bike inside.I just bought a Flykly/Zehus smart wheel and I’m loving it. I wanted a lightweight ebike that was under 30 lbs and the Flykly seemed like the only option available without spending a fortune on one of the new road ebikes from Spain or Italy. I was not disappointed. I put the wheel on an old single speed (Dawes SST from Bikesdirect) which was not the lightest, but I had it lying around so it became the donor by default. The bike weighed around 23 lbs before I added the Flykly. Now it’s around 28+ lbs give or take. It’s now a great multi-modal commuter as I can carry it up and down the train station stairs. I really don’t miss having gears as the motor has plenty of torque to get moving and with the right gearing, I can maintain a decent clip on the flats and uphill. I’ve contacted support and after about two months of sporadic emails (sporadic on their side, they constantly forgot to get back to me) they sent someone to take my wheel back into service and repair it. When I got it back the assist worked, barely, and the brake did not work at all. I contacted FlyKly again and they agreed to take it back into service a second time.

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  1. FlyKly is raising funds for FlyKly Smart Ped on Kickstarter! This beautifully practical kick assist e-bike is the smartest move around the city as it extends your ride and folds easily
  2. The Smart Wheel by FlyKly Bikes is a motorized bike wheel that can fit on almost any bike, instantly turning a regular bike into an electric one, opening up the options of who can bike commute, where, how far and in what terrain
  3. Ouch! That really sucks Silviu… I’m so sorry to hear that your experience with the product and FlyKly staff has been far, far below what you paid for. Your feedback here is valuable, thanks for sharing and I hope that it may help others who are considering the purchase. There definitely are great electric bike products out there and I hope you find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.
  4. From your shopping list to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours. Save 5% w/ RedCard. Try Drive Up, Pick Up, or Same Day Delivery. We'll do the shopping for you
  5. Hi Sonja… I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened to you, what a frustrating experience spending that kind of money and waiting YEARS. Niko seemed nice enough when I met him but it’s always difficult to review pre-released products. Who knows what will happen, I wish that ZEUS would step up more for you. I hear lots of complaints about the long wait time for the Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel as well, same sort of bad experience except without ever getting anything at all! I wish they would at least refund you so that you could buy another ebike product, it makes me sad that so many people might not be enjoying one because they are waiting for one they paid for a long time ago. I wish you luck with the suit, what part of the country or world do you live in? Maybe I can help you out a bit…
  6. However, this may be perfect for my wife who would only be biking under 5 miles at a time, and also has a heart condition that prevents her from pedaling too intensely. Looking forward to hearing some reviews from owners!

Smart Wheel By FlyKly Could Change Everything About Commutin

  1. FlyKly Smart Ped Review Scooter Deal
  2. FlyKly - Home Faceboo
  3. Amazon.com: Customer reviews: FlyKly Smart Ped E-Bik
  4. Flykly Smartwheel - SOLD OUT - Sydney Electric Bike
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