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Robust Time Series Database to Identify Trends, Generate and Test Hypotheses For Trading. The Most Comprehensive Resource for Investment Decisions. Learn More & Request Details Cost. While Capital IQ differentiates itself on cost, its focus on fundamental data, and usefulness on the sell side, Eikon is the most direct competitor to the Bloomberg Terminal. The cost of ' Eikon is $22,000 per year, but a very stripped down version can cost as little as $3,600 per year Fraser Library: Computer #SC-Lib-38 (see floor map). This is a regular library computer with full access to all library databases and programs. There is a sign next to it explaining that researchers needing access to Eikon + Datastream have priority access. Eikon Step 1: Get the current user ID and password for Eikon

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trusted macro and financial content for superior decision making Datastream delivers global financial and macro-economic data to help validate your investment ideas. Powerful charting and seamless integration with Excel allows you to explore relationships and analyse historical trends, and publish the results in MS Office Refinitiv certification enables you to prove your knowledge of Refinitiv products. Choose a product then prepare by viewing the OnDemand training material. Once you are ready request a certification exam token and take the test Make sure you use the Eikon - Microsoft Excel option available under Start > All Programs > Bring your SFU ID card with you as this database can only be accessed by current SFU students, faculty, and staff. New to Eikon? Find out more here. Sign in & Download. Eikon - Web Access

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Eikon The financial analysis desktop and mobile solution. DataScope Get the non-real time pricing and reference data you need. Datastream Macroeconomic analysis tools for trends, trading ideas, and market viewpoints Then close and restart Excel.  You should now see both a tab and a Datastream tab within Excel. 

To activate the Eikon Microsoft Excel Datastream add-in, this is what you need to do: Login to Eikon. Next Open: Microsoft Excel –Click “Enable content” (be patient it takes a while for the add-in to appear) Click Sign In - Select Add-Ons. The following apps will be installed: Analyze This,Datastream, Datastream Charting, Deal Analytics, Eikon for Microsoft Office Core (64 bit), Linking, PDF Link and Presentation Tools. Wait till all apps states: Restart Required. Click on close and close Excel. Don't restart the pc, because Eikon will still be running on the background. Wait till Excel is fully closed. When in doubt check task manager. Now restart Microsoft Excel and check if you see the new tab on the right: “ Datastream”. (Be patient, it sometimes takes a few minutes before you see the and Datastream Add-in) If you also want the Bloomberg Add-in in Excel. Select in the Start menu: Bloomberg – Install office add-ins. Click Install - Close Excel again – Open Excel and now you have the Bloomberg and Datastream add-in.If you are still not able to log in, call Library Systems at 778-782-4706 or email libhelp@sfu.ca with details about the errors.This module covers the following topics: Access Datastream Charting (01:09) About the Chart page (04:00) About the Library tab (06:16) Navigating Key Indicators and Exporting Data to Excel (04:08) more Other Datastream Charting Tabs(01:07) Help and Support (01:05) . If you click on the icon on the screen, a new screen will open - now with two Eikon icons. One of them - Eikon Microsoft Excel - opens Excel, where you can access a Eikon add-in and a T Datastream add-in

First make sure you have completed the steps in the "Eikon access via Excel" section above to launch and sign into the Add-In in Excel.Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Internet... and adjust the slider to Medium Using Fathom Charts in Datastream Charting - (2:00) View description. has teamed up with Fathom Consulting to offer Datastream customers access to Fathom's analytical content through a new library of Fathom charts. How to install Datastream add-in. Part 1: Login. Start up Eikon and wait for the automatic script to log you into the database. See the instructions here.. Part 2: Install Add-On [If necessary: Go to Windows Taskbar > Start > All Programs > folder > Eikon Microsoft Excel. Wait for Excel to start. This is a capped service allowing you to access up to 10 million data points per month, provided you have a subscription to Eikon DFO, Eikon R&A or Premium Datastream. If you wish to redistribute data internally or access more than 10 million data points per month you will use DSWS for Enterprise use

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  1. Discover how quick and easy it is to connect with expert help using Contact Us. Contact Us is accessible via many of the Refinitiv's Products. Total Running Time 2:10 .
  2.  Ask at the front counter of the library (where you sign the books out) for the current User ID and Password.  
  3. This module includes the following topics. Create a New Chart Style (04:35) Apply a Style to a Chart (01:30) Apply a Style to Multiple Charts (01:05) Editing Several Charts at once (01:35) more Setting a Default Style (01:17) Using Transparency Settings on a Chart (02:10) Change a Locked Setting (01:18) Save a Change to an Existing Style (01:34) Apply Datastream Styles to Charts in Excel (01:16) .
  4. Note: The password will be changed often. Ask at the library front counter each time you plan to use the database to ensure that you have the current version. (This applies to the three library installations of the database. The Segal installation has a different procedure for obtaining the current password.)
  5. This module covers the following topics: Changing Chart Settings (03:05) Customizing Chart Legends (01:26) Customizing Chart Axes (01:32) Changing a Locked Setting (01:28) .
  6. has teamed up with Fathom Consulting to offer Datastream customers access to Fathom’s analytical content through a new library of Fathom charts. .
  7. e, T1.com and Datastream

Breadcrumb Home LibraryErasmus Data Service Centre Datastream and Eikon Eikon & DatastreamEikon is the successor of both Datastream and TOne. The interface has the same look and feel as Bloomberg and it’s also possible to use an Excel add-in. Eikon is available in Y03-18 (Polak building). Eikon requires to with an username password that you can find at the bottom of your monitor.  Eikon - Microsoft Excel includes as attached account the Excel add-in Datastream For Office - DFO for more historical market data..

If you don't see that second Add-In for Datastream, wait a few minutes, then restart Excel.  You may also need to sign in to the Add-In one more time before you can start using both Add-Ins.  If you see a second Add-In for " Datastream" at the top of the Excel screen, then you are already set up to search Datastream.  

If the Datastream Add-In doesn't show up after you've gone through the step above, try the following: Within Excel, go to File > Options > Add-Ins and click on OK  without making any changes.  Bloomberg使用的很少,旗下的Datastream和SDC platinum是Corporate Finance研究的标配。IPO相关的必用SDC的Global New Issuance板块,对于A股的覆盖不如国泰安,不过已经相当好了 and its licensors retain all proprietary rights to the Content. The Content may not be reproduced, transmitted or distributed without the prior written consent of . More information can be found here. Trademark As of Oct 1, 2018 the former Financial and Risk business division of is now known as Refinitiv. All names and marks owned by , including T, R and the Kinesis logo are used under license from and its affiliated companies. Welcome to Datastream Web Services (DSWS). Datastream delivers.


Log back into the Add-In one more time (as covered in the Eikon access via Excel section above).  You should now be able to use the templates and data search forms within both Excel apps.Note:  If you get a message saying that the ID you entered is already logged in, double check that you are using the correct ID for your campus.  If you are, then choose the option to log in anyhow. Eikon includes Datastream with Worldscope. Datastream contains historical, global coverage of equities, Indices, stock markets, derivatives, commodities, futures, currencies, options, bond markets, exchange rates, company financials, and economic data. The database is updated daily, and historical equity information goes back as. REUTERS FUNDAMENTALS GLOSSARY Page 4 of 952 It contains information about the depth and breadth of data available from Company Content, and the process and sources used in collecting this data. Default Eikon for Office labels assigned to each Eikon for Office fiel

This module covers the following topics: Create a New Blank Chart (02:31) Apply Datatypes (02:19) Apply Currency Conversion to All Series (01:37) Apply Functions (02:41) more Change the Date Range (02:12) Change Chart Settings (03:17) Rebasing Charts (01:07) Save a Chart (02:30) Load a Saved Chart (01:53) Project: How do I rebase a Chart(03:25) .Note:  If there isn't a tab when you first open Excel, go to File > Options > Add-Ins  and select Manage COM Add-Ins  from the drop-down box, then click on OK and restart Excel without making any changes.

To activate the Eikon Microsoft Excel Datastream add-in, this is what you need to do: Login to Eikon. Next Open: Microsoft Excel -Click Enable content ( be patient it takes a while for the add-in to appear) Click Sign In - Select Add-Ons Start > All Programs > T R > Tools > Clear Cache / Process Viewer Create New Excel Models / Modify Existing Models for Eikon 3, Eikon 4 Eikon for Microsoft Office, for Microsoft Office TRMSO and Datastream; Do you build projects from scratch? Yes, we can build custom, tailor made analyses/models based on client's requirements

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  5. Step 1: Get the current user ID and password for Eikon
  6.  Step 3: Enter the Eikon ID and password:

Step 2: Within Excel, log in to the Add-In

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