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Go to Official Campagnolo web site and discover 12 Speed - Brands Page. Campagnolo | Cannondale . Cannondale CAAD12. Components. Options. Brake System. Rim. Groupset. Record. Wheels. Bora Ultra 35. Where to Buy. Super Record Disc Brake. Wheels. Bora One 35 Disc Brake. Where to Buy A new direct-mount rim brake allows clearance for tyres up to 32mm Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media When the road tipped back down towards sea level, I had the chance to really make use of the new direct-mount brakes. Riding Campagnolo Bora wheels with the brand’s 3Diamant bare-carbon braking track, there were no excuses. The amount of power required at the lever to brake hard from 40mph into a hairpin was surprisingly low, with no spongy uncertainty, just consistently progressive retardation.

The newly released and updated Campagnolo Record groupset is now 12-Speed, giving the riders a user-friendly spread of gearing to help you ride efficiently in all terrains. The Campagnolo Record 12-speed groupset builder allows you to select from a range of options for your preferred chainset & cassette ratios and crank length The Campagnolo Super Record V3 was a significant update from V2. There are many who would call this a catch up, although I believe they also took the opportunity to leapfrog a bit, with Shimano, in terms of packaging and usability. Campagnolo now offers a disc brake electronic groupset and a 12 speed mechanical groupset. The writing is. The rear is certainly the more radically changed of the two, featuring a noticeably longer body, new parallelogram geometry, and a longer pulley cage with an upper pulley that’s now concentric with the cage pivot. Campagnolo dubs all of this as part of its 3-D Embrace Technology, which is designed to help the chain not only engage more cassette teeth for more efficient running (and reduced drivetrain wear), but also improve shift performance by maintaining more consistent gaps between the upper derailleur pulley and cassette sprocket.

Despite being narrower overall and being built with thinner plates, Campagnolo claims the new 12-speed chain is just as strong and long-lasting as before. Campagnolo goes 12-speed with Super Record and Record rim and disc groupsets. While Campagnolo is quiet on the specifics of the new electric groups, there are a number of things that are safe to assume. That includes the newly revised derailleur geometry, fresh crankset and wider gear ranges of the 12-speed mechanical options look to carry over. The new 12-Speed groupset from  Campagnolo features state-of-the-art materials, and has been designed, and  fine-tuned to provide exceptional performance thanks to their sophisticated,  performance-enhancing technologies. The Record groupset offers the same  ground-breaking, revolutionary 12-Speed performance and elegance as the Super  Record Groupset at a lower price-point.

Campagnolo Super Record Cassette, 12-Speed, 11-29t Silver The Super Record 12-Speed cassette features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11-Speed versions. Shimano GRX is definitely something the market needed and something buyers can rightly look forward to using.

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  1. Campagnolo Super Record cassette The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed cassette features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11-speed cassette, meeting everyone's needs with just two sprocket sets (11-29 and 11-32 teeth)
  2. Campagnolo has announced the release of two 12-speed groupsets to be expected with UK distributor Chicken CycleKit in May. Both Super Record and Record groups will closely be followed by hydraulic disc groups in July and EPS rim and disc brake options at the end of the year
  3. g more common. Cassettes with 28T sprockets are standard even on high-end road racing bikes like Specialized’s latest S-Works Tarmac SL6, and 11-29T, 11-30T, and 11-32T cassettes are hardly rare finds on the road.
  4. The Campagnolo Record 12 speed groupset is not only a feast for the eyes, it also feels, shifts and brakes really great. The Campagnolo Record 12 speed parts are ergonomically shaped, mechanically optimized in detail and aesthetically designed to the most beautiful groupset of the moment
  5. Campagnolo's wide-ranging 12-speed cassette and redesigned groupset made its debut in April 2018 with mechanical Super Record and Record.In March, the line-up was expanded to include the.

Campagnolo are recognised as the ultimate choice of road bike componentry; from the top of the range 12 speed Super-Record groupset to their more affordable Centaur and Veloce groupsets which offer excellent value for brakes, derailleurs, cassettes and chainsets, there's an option to suit your bike and your budget The driveside crankarm is now filled in over the spindle, where it was left open on the previous generation. Campagnolo says the new shape is “smoother” and “more aerodynamic” than before, and that may very well be, but the appearance will certainly take some getting used to. The Super Record crankset gets even more radical, with hollow carbon fiber construction and molded reinforcements bridging two opposite pairs of chainring spiders. As is the case with Shimano’s hollow outer chainring design, this stiffens up the chainring for better chain security when sprinting and more positive shift performance. The inboard shift button has been extended forwards for easier purchase Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media Operating the inboard mechanical shift lever was always a little compromised from the drops, requiring a contorted hand twist to reach with your thumb, and often resulting in overshifts. The new extended lever is far better in this regard, and much easier to reach without changing your hand’s grip on the bar to do so.Looking outside of Vicenza, will Shimano and SRAM soon follow Campagnolo’s lead? Shimano only recently revamped its Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 groupsets, so the earliest we might see a 12-speed version is probably two years from now. But given SRAM’s involvement in the Aqua Blue Sport program and its innovative 3T Strada team bike, it seems likely that the Chicago company will follow suit sooner than later. The question, though, is whether it’ll have one chainring or two.There’s quite a lot of interesting design changes that have been brought to the 12 speed generation apart the obvious necessities with a change of sprocket quantity; thinner chain, thinner cogs, and optimised chainring profile etc. Dig deeper and you’ll find the more interesting changes, and some that will be very welcome to Campagnolo owners.

Campagnolo became the first of the big three groupset manufacturers to introduce 12-speed to the road market when it unveiled new versions of Record and Super Record last year. The Campagnolo Super Record groupset landed in an innocuous-looking box on Cycling Weekly’s doorstep. It came alive when installed and tested. Campagnolo is the first manufacturer to use a 2 x 12-speed gear shift. It uses Super Record 12 Speed sprockets, which are thinner than the 11 Speed sprockets. This ensures unchanged dimensions and full compatibility with frames and wheels. Campagnolo sets new standards in construction, materials and production of high-end components As exciting as new 12-speed Super Record and Record mechanical groupsets are, there are some glaring holes in the line, along with some very obvious clues on what’s coming next.Efficiency too is hard to quantify in this situation, but did I feel that my efforts were being accurately translated into motion, with speed to match.

Those wanting to switch from another groupset brand to high-end Campagnolo have had no better opportunity than Record 12. The Australian RRP of $2589 reduces the gap between Record and Shimano’s R9100/SRAM Red 22. There’s the inconvenience of switching wheel freehubs, or buying a completely new wheelset if there isn’t a freehub option on your wheels. Perishables are more expensive generally and 12 speed hasn’t trickled down to the lower levels for cheaper chains and cassettes yet. Time will tell how many people are wooed to Campagnolo but reduced the cost is a big step in the right direction. Super Record was Campagnolo's mystical racing group, but it has been decommissioned for more than 20 years. 11-23, 11-25, 12-25 and 12-27. Crankset. Tech Report: Campy 11-speed. The Super. The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed cassette features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11-speed cassette, meeting everyone's needs with just two sprocket sets (11-29 and 11-32 teeth) New 12-tooth pulleys are used throughout, which should yield slightly lower drivetrain friction than the previous 11-tooth ones. The teeth have been redesigned, too, with more rounded profiles on the lower pulley to keep things running quietly, and taller and more squared-off shapes on the upper pulley to more aggressively move the chain back and forth.Shift lever effort is supposedly lower across the board, but not due to any change to the Ergopower internals. Rather, Campagnolo has introduced new cables and housing that “drastically reduce friction.”

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Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Mechanical Rim Brake Groupset The Super Record™ 12x2-Speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand's technology and evolution. It is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best the market has in terms of performance and distinction The story of the Campagnolo’s new releases is bigger than just another gear, though. Both the Super Record and Record groupsets are entirely new from tip to tail — cables and housing included — with more refined ergonomics, improved shifting performance, and redesigned rim brakes to keep the faithful up to speed. Campagnolo offers the Super Record Ultra-Torque conventional-size crankset in 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, and 180 millimeter arm lengths and with either 39-52 or 39-53 chainring combinations. The compact version of Campagnolo's Super Record crankset has 34- to 50-tooth chainrings and is offered with 170, 172.5 and 175-millimeter arms Campagnolo liaised with Canyon to get us a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 in Team Movistar colours; and with the 12-speed cassette it's arguably an upgrade to the bike that Nairo Quintana and co were riding at grand tours this season, as they decided to stick with the electric version of Campagnolo's 11-speed Super Record groupset (Super. Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Braze-On Front Derailleur RRP $116.00. $82.99. Save: $33.01. Quick Buy Campagnolo Record Standard Brake Caliper Set RRP $265.00. $200.49. Save: $64.51. Quick Buy Campagnolo Record Ultra Shift 12 Speed Ergopower Shifters 5.0 Stars 1 Reviews 5.0 1. RRP $403.00. $278.99

The 12-speed Campagnolo Super Record Chainset utilises a 50/34T chainring setup to ensure efficient climbing, regardless of the gradient up ahead. Constructed from hollow unidirectional carbon fibre, and utilising a hollow titanium axle and bolt design, this is a lightweight offering with exceptional stiffness levels Front derailleur shifting is where Record 12 is less than exceptional. Record 12 just doesn’t feel quite as fast or smooth as what Shimano brings to their mechanical groupsets. Record 12 switched between rings in a very expected way. There’s an option to set Record 12 with a trim shift (increasing cable tension gets rid of it) to give you a small adjustment and avoid rubbing on the front derailleur cage, not that I noted any grinding from the front derailleur. Campagnolo took a very different approach than the Japanese to indexing with their Syncro design in 1987. Whereas Shimano and SunTour designed full systems of interrelated parts -- shift levers, derailleurs, freewheels/cassettes, chains, and even cables (necessitating a complete drivetrain component upgrade, or better yet, just a whole new bike) -- Campagnolo, on the other hand, tried to make. That obviously means that the old 11-speed chain won’t work with the new 12-speed cassette, so Campagnolo has introduced a chain to match. The width is slightly narrower, and the links themselves are slightly thinner. Those differences decrease weight just a bit as a result, but despite the reduction in material, Campagnolo insists that the new chain is just as strong and long-lasting as the predecessor.Gone are the short-cage and medium-cage options, replaced by a single 72.5mm-long cage that will work with both the 11-29T and 11-32T cassettes.

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Having that 12th sprocket allows you to progress through the gears smoothly but still have an expanded rear block. But the cassette does not just have an extra gear, it is completely different like the groupset. The first six sprockets are individual steel plates as before and the last six gears are divided into two sets of three. Instead of steel or titanium rings with aluminium spiders, now the two sets are each machined from a single piece of steel. Campagnolo Record is second in Campagnolo's range. Its has identical shifting performance with Super Record in a package that includes slightly less weight saving materials. The 2016 Record has a radically redesigned crankset and front and rear derailleurs. The new 4-arm crankset is compatible with all Campagnolo 4-bolt pattern chainrings. The Campagnolo Super Record cassettes are offered in 11-29 or 11-32, which is the one I tested. The first seven gears on both move up in one-tooth increments. Shifting around to the extremes, I could also feel that Campagnolo improved cross-chainring riding. I put it in the 36×12: no front derailleur rub and smooth rear pulley/cassette movement. Campy says that is down to the front derailleur redesign and the new pulley and 3D Embrace Technology used in the rear mech.

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  1. De Rosa Protos with Campagnolo Record 12-speed and direct-mount rim brakes The Campagnolo Record rear derailleur has a 72.5-mm-long cage. The mech will work with a 11 32 cassette (shown here) and.
  2. Campagnolo Record 12 zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Super Angebote für Campagnolo Record 12 hier im Preisvergleich
  3. It was only a matter of time, and Campagnolo knew it. The Italian component manufacturer has brought to market the first 12-speed road group, a release it has dubbed Movement 12
  4. Campagnolo's Super Record 12-Speed drivetrain required significant engineering as well as deep material science and manufacturing knowledge. As evidenced by the flush side plates and pins of the 5.15mm 12-speed chain, the tolerances are exceptionally tight. Campagnolo created a 12-speed cassette that is the same depth, uses the same freehub.
  5. campagnolo record 12s Features all high-resolution Gen 3 Stages electronics including enhanced signal strength for reliable, consistent data capture and transfer Small and discreet meter that does not detract from the elegance of Campagnolo 12s crankse
  6. Chorus 12 vs. Super Record 12, or as an update over Chorus+H11. If we compare just on weight, the new Chorus 12 DB groupset looks like it will add up to a real world total of 2721g. That makes it 199g heavier than Super Record 12 mechanical, but does bring with it the extra two teeth on the big cassette (and the option to pick the sub-compact.
  7. Interestingly, Campagnolo isn’t bothering to offer either of the new Bora wheels in a tubular version, saying that in-house testing showing that it was the slowest-rolling of the three common tire types. So instead, the Bora WTO 60 and Bora WTO 77 will only be offered in tubeless-compatible clinchers, with 19mm-wide internal widths optimized for 25-28c tires.

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>> Struggling to get to the shops try 6 issues of Cycling Weekly magazine for just £6 delivered to your door << The Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed cassette features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11-speed cassette, meeting everyone's needs with just three sprocket sets (11-29, 11-32 and 11-34 teeth) Record 12 is everything I’ve come to expect from using Campagnolo groupsets; superb ergonomics, lightning fast shifting, and a downright lovely ride feeling. A lower price, and some design simplifications make this the most accessible way to upgrade for current Campagnolo owners, or for new owners to make the switch. The flip side is that all of the inconveniences of Campagnolo still exist and always will unless we see a large market share change. Campy gets the jump with new Super Record Share Today's the day that Campagnolo's media embargo on the arrival of their new 12-speed drivetrain ends and there is much to talk about Last year, Campagnolo introduced its long-awaited hydraulic disc brakes, and this week, the company continues its evolution with the introduction of the 12-speed Record and Super Record groupsets.The new 12-speed shifting is currently available for the mechanical versions of the company's two high-end groupsets and both incorporate the H11 hydraulic disc brakes introduced last year

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The front and rear are both dual pivot calipers and give very solid power. Add that to the superb ergonomics and I was rather pleased with the performance of the braking. I can’t make a true comparison to outstanding Shimano calipers because I only used the Campagnolo groupset with Reynolds carbon clinchers and pads. I’d have to test them on aluminium to know for sure. I can safely say that they’re a big step forward for Campagnolo. Campagnolo launches 12-speed Record and Super Record groupsets, but will it be the next cycling revolution? Rupert Radley April 9, 2018 8:30 am OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMER

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Stopping power has been vastly improved over the skeleton brake design of the 11 generation. Campagnolo also claim superior aerodynamic packaging for the front caliper and better integration for aero frames. As mentioned above, they’ve been redesigned for 28mm tyres although the TIME Alpe d’Huez gave me precious little clearance above the 26 mm rear tyre.Riders who are particularly finicky about their cadences, but still want a wide gearing range, will likely be tempted by Campagnolo’s new 12-speed format. Photo: Campagnolo.

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  1. Like before, the new 12-speed hydraulic disc-brake Ergopower levers feature adjustable lever reach as well as adjustable lever throw.
  2. Even with compact and semi-compact cranksets (I tested the latter), cyclists often reach for 30 or 32-tooth sprockets. Now with the 12 gears, Campy’s engineers have filled in the spaces in the cassette so that to include a lower bottom gear doesn’t mean bigger gaps elsewhere. On the climb to Olmo above Florence, with it in the 36 front ring, I easily found the right ratio. Again, I never felt I was lacking before with 11 sprockets, but now every option feels available.
  3. While the Super Record 12 front derailleur uses a carbon fiber outer cage, Record uses metal throughout.
  4. um bridge joining the two pivot axles to help keep the mounting posts from splaying open under hard braking, which not only helps with power and modulation, but potentially protects frames and forks from long-term fatigue damage.
  5. 2020 Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed cassette 11-29 w/ lockring New in original packaging! Key Features The Super Record 12-Speed cassette..... $309.00. More. Campagnolo 10 Speed Lockring 11 tooth First Position cs-501
  6. 2018/19 Campagnolo Record 12 Speed 6 PC Groupset 172.5 Crankset The New Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Groupset with 172.5mm Crankset. Complete with original boxes, manuals and 4 year warranty
  7. Campagnolo has just announced a redesign of its popular Chorus groupset, which, as expected, incorporates most of the functional advancements of its more premium Record and Super Record.

The new Super Record 12-Speed pushes the limits of drivetrain performance for road bike transmission, setting new limits for what rider's demand in this modern age of road racing. Most Advanced Groupse Kudos to Campagnolo for reducing the friction on the new cables and housing, but this wording is wholly unnecessary, and a bit cheesy.Was riding with 12 sprockets on my cassette revelatory? Not really, but perhaps because it was so effortless. Having more closely spaced gears is a good thing on the road, and the extremes of the range were very welcome. Now 12-speed allows you to have more of both. Campagnolo is now the first major component company to add a 12-cog sprocket to its road drivetrains with its Super Record and Record mechanical groupsets, for rim-brake and disc-brake applications

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Both of the calipers sport a more angular and modern appearance, which Campagnolo says blends in better with today’s aero framesets. Dual-pivot configurations are used front and rear for extra stopping power — the old rear-only single-pivot option is gone — and Campagnolo’s long-running ball-bearing pivots continue on for smooth operation.Rear derailleur shifts are outstanding for Record 12, as they were with Record 11. Campagnolo is peerless in shifting speed up and down the cassette. None of the other manufacturers come close thanks to the Ultra Shift system. Give the thumb shifter a full shove and the rear derailleur will change up 3 gears, give the down-shift lever a full sweep and it’ll go 3 cogs in the other direction. It’s ridiculously fast and you can get through the whole cassette quicker than any other drivetrain. Individual gear changes are lightning quick too with little lever travel needed to hit the click point and the derailleur slamming into position instantly. Campy’s new 12-speed Record mechanical rear derailleur has a Technopolymer body and alloy cage Robin Wilmott / Immediate Media There are two cassettes available: 11-29t and 11-32t.If the rear mech looks much more aggressive then the brakes and crankarms take on a sleek and aero look. I like the look of the clean brakeset against the disc setup Campy offers. These calipers, no longer skeleton, look angular and modern. Their function, too, is on a par with Dura-Ace’s acclaimed modulation.

Now with 12 speeds: the ideal solution for any route. Campagnolo never ceases to evolve and the range of drivetrains has taken on a new sophisticated element: The new 12-speed Record™ mechanical groupset is the iconic brand that has personified the world's greatest successes in cycling, in both professional and amateur races Campagnolo Super Record 12 v Super Record 11 Campagnolo claims 2,041g for 12-speed Super Record and 2,213g for Record compared to 1,939g for 11-speed Super Record. That's right, the new groupset. Campagnolo Record 12 | Carbon | Carbon | 165.00 | 25.00 | 2.00 | 50-34 | 0 SHIPPING Free GROUND shipping for orders of $150 or more to the lower 48 states (excluding oversized items such as bike frames, wheelsets, etc.) Free shipping takes 7-10 days for deliver Campagnolo Record 12 Speed Groupset. This new 12 speed mechanical groupset keeps you ahead of the game with an extra sprocket over the competition to allow the user a wider range of gears for every eventuality. The choice of champions, Campagnolo Record is synonymous with cycling and winning, state of art quality and workmanship keeps Record at.

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Campagnolo is also moving to larger 12-tooth pulleys this time around, with the upper pulley sporting taller and more squared-off teeth that more aggressively move the chain across the cassette, and more rounded-off teeth on the lower pulley for quieter running at various chain angles. In addition, those larger diameters will yield slight reductions in drivetrain friction.The revamped rim brake calipers are lighter and leaner than before, and are now offered in both center-mount and direct-mount formats. Both will accept 28mm-wide tires. The rear-only single-pivot caliper option is now gone. Campagnolo Super Record 12 EPS Groupset. The Campagnolo Super Record 12 EPS Groupset includes the following components: Rim brake version: Crankset/ Ergopower levers/ brake calipers/ rear derailleur/ front derailleur/ cassette/ chain/ UT BB cups Disc brake version: Crankset/ Ergopower levers/ hydraulic brake calipers+160mm/140mm F/R disc rotors/ rear derailleur/ front derailleur/ cassette.

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The first six sprockets are individual steel plates, but the largest six are split into two triplets, each machined from a single block of steel. The construction should make for outstanding stiffness, as well as improved durability relative to the titanium sprockets on the 11-speed Super Record cassette.Shift paddles have grown a bit for more ready access from various hand positions, and much of the free play in the main shift lever has been eliminated as well, meaning the lever now doesn’t move as much before starting to pull the shift cable. But sadly, the new Super Record and Record 12-speed Ergopower levers don’t gain the lowered thumb paddle position from the Potenza and electronic groups, which is much easier to reach from the drops.The new 12-speed hydraulic disc-brake Ergopower levers aren’t very different from what they were last year.

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If you didn’t like the look of the previous Super Record crankset, you’re definitely not going to like this one, either. Campagnolo. PRODUCT RANGE: Record 12-Speed. BOTTOM BRACKET: Record Press Fit or Threaded Cups. BRAKE / SHIFT LEVERS: Record 12s ErgoPower Control Levers. BRAKES: Record 12s Dual Pivot Rim Brake Calipers. CASSETTE: Super Record 12s 11-29T, 11-32T or 11-34T Steel/Ti Cassette w/ Lockring. CHAIN: Super Record 12s Chain. CRANKSET Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed Groupset - Campagnolo. The Super Record 12x2-Speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand's technology and evolution

New from Campagnolo the Chorus 12 Speed group has all the features of the 12 speed Super Record and Record but with less exotic materials used. The updated 12 Speed Chorus would be top of the line in materials with other component manufacturers Campagnolo trolled us with watchmaking teasers in the Movement social media campaign & clothing in late 2017. Underlying the whole idea was the concept of 12 hours on a clock, as Campy prepped to debut the first 12-speed road bike drivetrain, now with a wide range, tightly cassette for Record & Super Record groupsets The 12th sprocket is not a revolutionary advancement, rather, a step forward for gear availability, narrower ratio gaps, and finding comfortable cadence. It’s cycling industry incrementalism. You don’t need it, but having ridden it I definitely want it because it’s objectively better.

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©2020 Campagnolo S.r.l. - P. IVA 01270200247 - Capitale sociale i.v. € 15.600.000,00 - R.E.A. 15658 Campagnolo Super Record disc brake £2,856.99 Campagnolo Super Record rim brake: £2,614.99 Record disc brake £1,999.99 Record rim brake: £1,764.99 The New Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed sprocket cassettes is a innovation which gives the user great advantages, thanks to the matching dimensions and complete compatibility with wheels and frames. The rider has always been Campagnolo's focus, and the goal has always been facilitating their performance; making the impossible possible The new 12-speed cassettes will be offered in just 11-29T and 11-32T sizes. With so may sprockets, you get the benefits of a wide range, but still have tight gaps throughout. Campagnolo Super Record 12 for sale at The Colorado Cyclist. Premier bikes, bicycle wheels, components, cycling clothing, gear & accessories. Orders $100+ ship free

They’re impressively light, too. Claimed weight for the Bora WTO 77 front wheel (there’s no matching rear as it’s intended to be paired with a disc) is just 745g, while the Bora WTO 60 comes in at 1,540g for the pair (670g front, 880g rear). Campagnolo joined SRAM in the 12-speed arms race with the unveiling of its new Super Record EPS 12-speed group. The heart of the group is similar to Campy's mechanical version, but the company.

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CAMPAGNOLO SUPER RECORD 12SPD GROUPSET COMPLETE Campagnolo Super Record 12-Speed Groupset Super Record is a term that builds on the vision of Campagnolo Groupset elegance, beauty and exceptional. One does not simply review Campagnolo groupsets without assessing its beauty. Record 12 is a visually striking set. The crankset has an almost black marble-esque look to it that gleams in the light. The shifters are gorgeous, as always, but I do miss the visible carbon weave of the previous generation. The brake calipers are now chunkier and solid, something I prefer over the old skeleton brakes that looked nice when perfectly clean but trapped plenty of crud in their frontal opening. CAMPAGNOLO Crank Super Record Ultra Torque 2x 12-speed | 50-34 teeth Campagnolo will be 12-speed . With a sprocket more the Italians go into the new racing season and show again that they want to be the trailblazers in the racing bike sector

Campagnolo Launch their tip-top Super Record 12 speed EPS Group as well as a new version of their range topping WTO Tubeless Aero Disc wheels in the hills of Girona Spain.. It's not every day that someone hands you a full-on team bike, right in the same hills around Girona that the Movistar team are training o Campagnolo Super Record Cassette, 12-Speed, 11-29t Silver. The Super Record 12-Speed cassette features thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11-Speed versions. read mor Retail prices are about what you would expect for Campagnolo’s top-tier groupsets. A complete disc-brake Super Record 12 groupset will cost US$3,600, while the rim-brake version is slightly cheaper at US$3,200. Comparatively speaking, Record 12 looks like a bargain, with the disc-brake groupset coming in at US$2,750 and the rim-brake edition costing US$2,175. International prices for all the new groupsets are still to be confirmed, along with pricing for the new Bora WTO wheels. The Record 12-Speed rear derailleur has an innovative shape that envelopes the cassette better, thanks to 3D Embrace technology, creating a double effect: allowing the chain to maintain optimum traction at all times, thus increasing the speed, power and precision of shifting So it’s time to find out how they’ve managed the transition to 12 speed. Just a note that this groupset came installed and dialled in (on a beautiful TIME Alpe d’Huez we reviewed) so we can’t give any advice on how it is to set up. Onwards!

The Campagnolo Record 12 crankset isn’t vastly different visually from the previous version, aside from the newly solid outer surface on the driveside. Unlike the Super Record version, these carbon fiber arms are solid, not hollow.First, let’s talk about what 12 speed means to Campagnolo. The addition of a 12th cog is emerging as a philosophical separator of the brands. SRAM took the opportunity to completely shuffle chainring and cassette ratios for eTap AXS and introduce a new bottom bracket. By contrast, Campagnolo have slotted the extra cog roughly into the middle, brought the gaps closer together, and left the chainring ratios alone. Interestingly, they’ve chosen only two cassette options: 11-29 and 11-32. Riders hoping for a very closely spaced 11-25 are out of luck with this generation. You’re getting climbing gears whether you want them or not. I spent years wanting to go higher than 29 on my own bike, so it’s a change I’m glad to see.

Nevertheless, Campagnolo claims they’re so aerodynamically efficient that, at certain real-world wind conditions, they actually generate lift.Campagnolo gave no details on 12-speed versions of Super Record EPS and Record EPS electronic groupsets, but confirmed that they would be announced soon. Further downstream, 12-speed is sure to make its way to Chorus EPS, Chorus, Potenza, and Centaur, but when exactly that will happen is anyone’s guess. Campagnolo has launched four 12speed groupsets: Record (rim-brake), Record (hydraulic-disc), Super Record (rim-brake) and Super Record (hydraulic-disc). These 12 speed groupsets are all compatible with the current 11speed Campagnolo wheels as Campagnolo narrowed the cassette's sprocket spacing and the chain

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Naturally, wider rims and tires are accommodated as well. Officially, Campagnolo states that the new pivot geometry will handle tires up to 28c, although there may be enough wiggle room for a few extra millimeters.The Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 rear wheel uses triplet lacing to help even out spoke tension between the driveside and non-driveside.The prospect of reviewing Campagnolo’s Record 12 speed was damn exciting for me. I also got the chance to review Campagnolo Record 12 disc so read that review once you’re done here. The Campagnolo Record Groupset is widely regarded as a close performer in comparison to the Super Record line of components with a slight variation in price, which is reflected in the weight difference of the groupset. The Campagnolo Record 12-Speed groupset is the highest quality and most efficiently performing groupset ever created by Campagnolo

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Campagnolo 12-speed Record and Super Record groups launch Campagnolo rolls out new Bora wheels and MyCampy 2.0 app Riding a 12-speed road groupset for the first time is surely a landmark event Campagnolo has executed the move to 12 speed with its usual style and flair: the new Super Record components not only look beautiful but they perform beautifully too. Yes, it is expensive, but it’s the world’s most prestigious groupset.The Record 12 crankset does without the reinforced bridges featured on Super Record 12. Chainring stiffness wasn’t really an issue with the previous version, however, so it isn’t likely to be here, either.Changes to the front derailleur are more subtle visually, but no less dramatic in terms of functional differences.The calipers allow for 28c tyres. They also come in direct-mount options. If you are a fan of Campagnolo’s crankarm redesign five years ago, you will love the even sleeker new appearance for 2018. The first big change is the lack of a centre hole on the right arm, smoothed over with carbon that runs all the way to the rings, bridging the two opposing pairs of spider arms.

With the twelfth sprocket, a new era begins. Enthusiasts will be able to gain unprecedented levels of versatility on their bikes along with the quality and reliability that Campagnolo is known for. The new Record™ 12x2 groupset project was started from a clean slate and all of the components were redesigned. Performance was improved but the dimensions remained the same so that it is compatible with the frames and wheels currently on the market. The 12v chain is thinner than the previous version yet its lifespan is greater or at least the same as the 11v model. The crankset was completely redesigned with the objective of being effective even with the most severe angles of chain crossing. Likewise, the single version of the rear derailleur has a jockey cage that can support sprockets with up to 32 teeth and the front derailleur has been lightened to reduce the size, whilst maintaining its effectiveness on different frames and types of bicycles.Changes are expected to trickle down to the Chorus, Potenza and Centaur groups soon. The rear derailleur stands out with its longer body, new parallelogram geometry and longer pulley cage of 72.5mm. The jockey wheels have gone up to 12 teeth with more aggressive teeth on the top pulley to move the chain through the cassette more smoothly. The new Campagnolo Record 11-speed Cassette 12-29 has three titanium sprockets and eight steel ones. A revised alloy sub-carrier design reduces weight and maximises sprocket rigidity which, combined with the Ultra-Shift sprockets results in quick positive shifts Campagnolo first made the jump from 10-speed to 11-speed back in 2008. Compact cranksets with 50/34-tooth chainrings were becoming much more common already at that point, but the gearing ranges for the cassettes were still fairly narrow back then, often bottoming out with a 25 or 26-tooth sprocket. On an 11-25T or 11-26T cassette, 11 gears were generally found to offer sufficiently tight gaps in between to keep everyone happy.

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When all those new 12-speed groupsets appear, let's just hope they are anywhere near as good as the Campagnolo Super Record. Page 1 of 3 Campagnolo Super Record 12-Speed groupset review 1 If you already weren’t a fan of the throwing star-like four-arm cranksets that Campagnolo introduced in 2014, be prepared for another punch to the gut. The new Record and Super Record crankset feature a similar four-arm configuration, but with an even more radical aesthetic.Going along with the additional sprocket are all-new front and rear derailleurs, which are still predominantly constructed of molded fiber-reinforced composites.Whereas the new Super Record crankset features bridges between opposing pairs of chainring spiders for additional stiffness, Record does without. And while Super Record is built with hollow carbon fiber arms and titanium Ultra-Torque half-shafts, Record gets solid-molded construction and steel spindles.

Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain. RRP $67.25 SAVE 29% -- SELECT OPTION -- Please select an option. Campagnolo Record 10 Speed Road Cassette. $192.99 - $246.99. RRP $278.99 - $327.56 SAVE UP TO 31% -- SELECT OPTION -- Please select an option. Campagnolo Record 10 Speed Chain. RRP $59.77 SAVE 15% -- SELECT OPTION -- Please select an option With the 12-speed Record™ groupset and Campagnolo® quality, satisfaction and victory are close at hand. Campagnolo Super Record 12 | Carbon | Carbon | 165.00 | 25.00 | 2.00 | 50-34 | 146 SHIPPING Free GROUND shipping for orders of $150 or more to the lower 48 states (excluding oversized items such as bike frames, wheelsets, etc.) Free shipping takes 7-10 days for deliver Campagnolo’s Bora range of aerodynamic carbon fiber road wheels have long been heralded for their superb build quality, smooth-running and durable hubs, low weight, and solid braking characteristics. However, Campagnolo now wants to push the Bora envelope in terms of aerodynamics, too.

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The bottom line is that an extra sprocket won’t change your riding life, but can help maximize your riding efficiency, as much through the group’s control and excellence as having just another gear. Find out how to best manage and maintain your bike DOWNLOAD MyCampy Riding a 12-speed road groupset for the first time is surely a landmark event. With the new Campagnolo Record 12-speed mechanical group, the technological advances are impressive, the engineering.

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Unlike with the current generation of mechanical rear derailleurs, the new Super Record and Record will come in a single 72.5mm cage length designed to work with both of the new cassette options. The inner pulley cage plate is now thinner than before, too, for better spoke clearance. La Bicicletta Toronto is an authorized Campagnolo Pro Shop 2019 Campagnolo Super Record/Record 12 Speed mechanical version groupsets and components are available now. 2019 Campagnolo Super Record/Record 12 Speed EPS electronic version groupsets and components will be available late 2018, early 2019 The cranksets are where we see bigger differences between Record (right) and Super Record (left). Super Record crankarms are hollow instead of solid, and the opposing spider arms are joined with a supplemental bridge to boost stiffness. The Super Record Ultra-Torque spindles are also titanium instead of steel.How does Campagnolo Super Record perform? It took a steady hand and attention to dial in the rear derailleur just right given that the extra 12th gear fits in the same space. Everything is more precise, tighter and better engineered. Consider that now the chain is now only 5.2mm wide. Once it is right, it clicks like a firearm – bang, bang, bang! The chain jumps down one gear, another and another, clicking easily with those redesigned levers. I rode some of my usual routes around Florence, which are never flat for long. 0 Likes GroupsetsJames RaisonSeptember 12, 2017Ultegra R8000, Review, Shimano1 Comment Shimano Ultegra R8000 review The new second tier Shimano road groupset is a big deal. The good news is, a great groupset is now even better.

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