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If anyone ever gets Thom Browne Brogues and stumbles across this thread, get one size down, trust me on this one! I went true so much room around the whole top half. We got to know a lot of nice people and were able to help many customers with a quality product. Receive compliments about the atmosphere of the store and about the Loake brand. We are happy that we were able to introduce Loake and later Berkelmans to hundreds of people If you're looking for men's footwear that will stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style then Loake Shoes is the brand for you. Also known as quite simply Loake, this footwear brand perfectly balances creating shoes that look great and last well, so you can enjoy your stylish Loake men's shoes for years to come. Catering for whatever style you want or need, our range of. No I haven't. I think the rubber mid sole ones they have would be intended for more of a comfort thing.I wanted calf leather and a goodyear welted sole.The 1880's are very impressive. If Im not happy with the sole wear rate Ill get a Topy put on with the next resole.

I suggest people buy Loake 1880 from Pediwear. I bought mine back in 2011 for $210 AUD ($50 more than garbage from Forsheim/Aquilia) and I got free membership which gives me 15% off all future Loake stuff.http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&catid=50&shoeid=6013&selectedsizeid=9&selectedfitid=2&stype=1 Loake Seconds - up to 50% off There's a range of seconds with an average saving over a perfect quality shoe at full RRP of around 33%, with heavier damages discounted up to 50% off. If you're still looking for a perfects then the factory shop also stocks end of line Loake perfects of dropped styles that are no longer in the range

Loake Icons: Chosen by You In 2020, Loake Shoemakers celebrates our 140th year and we believe reaching this milestone is all thanks to the endless support from you, the fans I'm looking to get a pair of Loake Chesters. Still not decided on colour (I like the tan but they seem very yellowish in some product shots) but am more concerned about sizing. I'm a UK12 and ideally would like to try a similar pair of Loakes on but it doesn't look like McCloud Shoes in Melbourne stock anything on the same last (024). If a UK12 in something like a Buckingham fits ok (both F width), can I be confident a Chester in the same size would be suitable?

Also, for those than have sent shoes back to England (I will probably order the same shoe in 2 different widths just to be sure), how much has return postage been?4. Is a rubber sole considered inferior to leather? I have some leather soled shoes and had to get them topied because I couldn't walk without slipping.Admittedly, some people don't buy shoes for the long term – I have colleagues who seem happy to pay a few hundred dollars or more for a pair of poorly-constructed Lloyd's shoes from DJs and who will wear the shoes to death over the course of a year and then go and buy another pair and do the same thing. They only ever seem to have one pair of shoes at a time. Loake - A fabulous range of top quality jeans and fashion clothing from Jeanstore including a brilliant collection of Loake

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I work in said industry and don't think one's shoes would ever hold them back career wise (unless of course they are deliberately trying to be inappropriate) ;)

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And incidentally, the service was fantastic and the price very competitive, only $50 more than pediwear without the wait (and that's at Google's exchange rate, you get worse than that IRL) and free shoe polish. Definitely going back for my next pair, got a big crush on a brown pair of John Lobbs.Of course, they covered the shipping cost, but I had to pay first and then I was reimbursed both my initial purchase price (including shipping cost from the UK to Australia) and the return postage cost.I am struggling to choose between the Gladstone, Dorchester or Churchill. I think I am leading toward the Churchill, I like that they are quite dressy, and the toe-cap means I would feel comfortable dressing up a pair of jeans. C&J doesn't miss anything, and the quality control is superior to AE and Loake. The wheeling looks a little cleaner than the Hopkinson, although the AE's do not look bad. The profila binding is the best of the three. The sole also has more detail, especially in the heel. Interestingly, C&J is the only one that does not have the heel pant.

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Grenson shoes aren't bad – I have two myself. Their value for money and rather fashion forward.After months of pondering, I've decided to buy a black pair of the Loake Aldwych. Pediwear seems to have the best price at the moment. Here's what my cart looks like at the moment:I'm also concerned about the sizing. The Cornwall only comes in the E – Narrow size. How do I measure my foot to find out what shoe fitting I am? Only the very highest quality materials are used and each pair of shoes takes eight weeks to make. Loake's premium grade Goodyear welted shoes continue to be made in England, in the same Northamptonshire factory that the three brothers built and Loake still believe there is no finer way to make a gentleman's shoe, with 130 skilled craftsmen, up.

I've considered getting shoes from Zappos and having them sent via shipitto, but that still leaves me with no real way of doing a return if necessary other than simply sending it myself. That may be the best option. Loake 1880 combines traditional bench-made shoemaking techniques with the highest quality materials they can source and a particular emphasis on more intricate, hand-worked sole decoration compared to our mainline ranges. All the styles in this range are made in the famous Wood Street factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire, which has been in. I bought 2 pairs of good quality Johnston & Murphy cedar shoe trees a couple of weeks ago from ShoeBuy.com for approx.$100 including shipping from USAnother alternative is looking for an overseas stockist such as Barney's New York or Leather Soul in Hawaii and Los Angeles, that is willing to ship to Australia:

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What is the best brand conditioner & wax to use? We have some Florsheim shoe cream – will that do? I would rather buy the best from the outset and look after the shoes.Funny idea this – who do think deserves your money more – the Northern englishman on good wages or the indian craftsman that is paid less but needs the job more than you or I could ever understand?I'm waiting for one of their really good deals, I've seen 2 for 1 on full priced Loakes before and seems to be a great way to add some decent shoes to the rotation.

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  1. Design Loake line quality v Loake 1880 and Loake So i recently went into one of the more expensive menswear stores in my city in the UK as I noticed they had a big sale on and they I needed work shoes
  2. I bought 2 pairs of good quality Johnston & Murphy cedar shoe trees a couple of weeks ago from ShoeBuy.com for approx.$100 including shipping from US. Highly recommended.
  3. Rang them this morning, they said they usually stock it but are out of the 75ml Renovateur, but they have the '100ml bottle' which I took to mean the Renomat product.
  4. After years of wearing Loake 1880s, I decided to stretch my budget for a pair of C&J Edgwares. The difference in quality and fit is staggering as the C&Js are beyond compare. Worth every extra penny
  5. Yep you can send to McCleods – they were recommended specifically by Loakes as an alternative to sending it to Northamptonshire and to my knowledge, they can also handle replacements for defective shoes as well as they communicate directly with Loake.
  6. Fashion snobbery or posters with interests in shoes? I don't imagine those who settle for shoes from KMart would give much care about this thread. Just like those who don't buy $800 video cards would probably not venture into the respective threads in the Hardware forum :)

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657 • Excellent. Visit this website. I have bought and used Loake shoes and poor quality refurbishment and poor quality customer service never again. I have bought and used Loake shoes and boots for a few years now my favourite pair being my Bedale boots (leather sole), which I used from new on a semi regular basis after 3 years. i would love to buy online but would need to try on before doing so. who sells these good shoes like loackes and herring here in sydney cbd? also how long does it take for these online sites to ship to sydney ballpark?For simple Australia Post airmail from Australia to the UK, without insurance (which I probably should have bought for peace of mind), it cost me $70. That was a while ago, so the cost may have gone up more over the past year, too.Renomat is a nice thing to have but not necessary. It should only be used rarely anyway (say once a year) to strip off old polish. Best English Shoemakers & Their History: Top 10 Made In England Shoe Brands Charles-Philippe 2019-08-19T22:56:33-05:00. Of all the countries with a reputation for quality shoe-making, England is likely at the top of most people's lists. With its rich cultural and sartorial heritage, England produces some of the world's finest shoes

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Any thoughts on whether polished leather is still ok (at almost ½ the price calf leather shoes) or will they really not last the distance?I had a pair of chelsea's from one of the other and it lasted 2 years which was quite good considering I wore it 5 days a week.Cheers, Burnso, that look exactly like my shoes, but the guy must have sanded the entire bottom off.... All good then. We Have 32+ Loake Discount Codes & Vouchers for April 2020. Today's Best: Free Pair of Loake Branded Aromatic Cedar Wood Shoe Trees on orders of £100 or more

Do you guys have any experience with design Loake at all and their shoes ? Do you think they are worth £150 or should I just pay the extra £50 and get the 1880 range ? I'm not looking to spend too much but i would like my first pair of nice shoes as i normally spend all my money on trainers mostly

Would rather not take mine to the cobbler down the road, I've heard rekaris mentioned but their new website doesn't mention a topying service. Ending Sunday at 9:29PM BST 4d 7h Click & Collect Brand: Loake Character: Boots Colour: Brown Loake Black Leather Chelsea Boots - UK 8.5 - Made in England - 290 Dealer Boots £89.9

Probably the Barker Pitlochry – http://timgarner.co.uk/id-7682-Barker_Shoes_Barker_Shoes_Style_Pitlochry_Cedar_Calf_Black_Calf.aspxLets hope upgrading to this quality of shoes over Florsheim will be financially advantageous over the long term.


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The leather on the cheaneys seem to be of better quality to similarly priced shoes I've purchased recently , ie meermin.I really like the look of Grenson shoes, but a real pity how many of the good looking ones tend to be in the "G.Two" collection (made in india).Im going to take my chances on the Meermin instead of the Aldwych, the chisel toe and the colour of the brown arent selling me.Sure, http://www.orionleathercompany.com/1-1-4-Show-Harness-Chestnut-Leather-Dress-Belt-p/32mmshchntplainl7720ncklsnps.htm.

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Loake have been producing high quality English Footwear since 1880. Using the Goodyear welted construction, Loake shoes are as intricately made today as they were when three brothers Thomas, John and William opened the first factory in Kettering, 1894 and I wont go to DJ's to try on Loakes there just to get a fit for an online product – damages my integrity

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  1. Also, any suggestions on where to buy online? So far, I've looked at Herring Shoes, Pediwear and A Fine Pair of Shoes.
  2. Whilst I don't think much of their shoes in terms of value vs what you can get overseas, Floresheim shoe trees are descent. Cedar, sturdy, wouldnt pay full price for them but when they are on sale or maybe free shipping, its good.
  3. Loake online. Our Loake online page offers you useful information about this brand, which thus far you perhaps weren't able to find.You will learn about the Loake stores, their opening hours and you will even find here maps to the nearest stores. You can also find links to official pages and certifies Loake online stores, as well as the current catalogue or flyer
  4. Apply some conditioner, rub in, leave for a day, give the shoe a bit of a rub with a cloth, apply a bit more conditioner, rub in, leave for a day. That should help to soften up the leather at the part where it flexes most and help to lessen the size of creases, too.
  5. Polished or CG leather is inferior leather that has been sanded back and then covered or sprayed with a plastic-like, shiny layer to conceal imperfections in the leather and to give it a nice gloss.
  6. I had absolutely no issues 'breaking in' my Aldwyches. Also it doesn't matter if you spend $300 or $1200 on shoes (e.g. John Lobb), if they don't fit then you'll be in a world of pain.

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Doesn't look like your entire sole's been sanded off, as you suggested. You can clearly see the '44' from the original sole. Some light sanding is normal (esp if the soles are new) so that the adhesive sticks better.Somebody said that calf leather was a lot better than polished leather. How much better are we talking (as they are ½ the price). Will calf leather last that much longer? Normally for us it is the sole that goes first, so the leather isn't the biggest deal, but if we get the soles problem managed with replacements, then we are happy to pay more for leather than will last significantly longer.

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http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?colset=1&style_id=252&shoeid=4511&brandid=6&catid=42&oldcolid=2396&seconds=&colour_id=422In Japan they've done some pretty interesting/colourful boot models in collaboration with some Japanese brands/stores in both calf leather and also in shell cordovan. I also purchased a pair from their classic line by Loake, but I returned them. The premium line is fantastic; my Herring boots are my favorite shoes. They are far more comfortable than my Allen Edmonds, and they're visibly of a higher quality

The valet Shoeshine Box of Loake made from Funiertem MDF is filled with high quality Loake shoe care products. - 2 Loake Cream brushes (Light and Dark) -2 Loake polishing brushes (Light and Dark), 1 Loake shoe horn and 2 Loake 100% cotton, 1 Wax Cream in a jar (neutral) and 5 Loake Original Wax Food Storage Containers (Black, neutral, light brown, dark brown and mahogany) 1 Suede waterproofing. Their G.one (for memory) are made in in England while the rest in India (G.Two) for example. I personally have always searched around for deals on Grenson's because I'm not willing to pay $300+ (esp. shoes under G.Two) when I can pay less for Loake's 1880 line – all of which are definitely made in England.

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  1. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/ (18 pounds per pair for delivery)http://www.robinsonsshoes.com/ (Free delievery)http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/index.php (20 pounds for 1 pair, 25 pounds for 2)http://www.englishcountryshoes.co.uk/ ( 1 pair: £29.00, 2 pairs: £49.00, 3 or more pairs: £59.00, FREE worldwide shipping on all orders over £295)http://www.fineandcountryfootwear.com/
  2. Price: 3 700 SEK/ €370 / £325 (shoes are a review pair from Loake) The manufacturer. British Loake is one of the most well-known manufacturers of Goodyear welted quality shoes in the world. Founded in 1880 in the town of Kettering, Northampton, still today family-owned with Andrew Loake as CEO
  3. Anyone had any experience with GJ Cleverley? In particular the bespoke shoes. It's been mentioned in this thread a few times and is stocked by Double Monk south of the border (for me). Was put onto it by a London tailor.
  4. Loake. Loake Aldwych Mahogany Calfskin. Our commitment to selling high quality shoes to fit every need and budget separates us and enables us to give our customers a very pleasurable shopping experience. With brands such as Alden, Santoni, Johnston & Murphy, Olukai, Alan Payne and Cole Haan just to name a few, you can be sure to find a.
  5. Handmade in the factory in Northamptonshire, our premium Loake 1880 Legacy range combines traditional shoemaking techniques with the highest quality materials we can source. It takes a long time.
  6. So you pay extra for nice leather soles only to rip them off and resole with rubber, I'm not getting the logic
  7. Germ, I wouldn't advise metal taps on the heels as they'd be pretty slippery on tiled or stone floors.

I own a pair of Loake Cromwell, which I bought in a Salvos 5 years ago, also in sz 11..and they fit like a glove.I went to DJ (birkenhead point which is a "end of stock" sort of shop for them) last week, tried on a pair of loake Battersea in 11 too..fit Ok as well....So i thought with this...I'd be safe ordering online for a sz 11 .....https://www.google.com.au/search?q=loake+dorchester&aq=f&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=MhNpUYPXGOuyiQehwoHoDw&biw=1145&bih=735&sei=NhNpUbnfMMWPiAed4oHgDg Loake 202T, Men's Brogue Leather Shoes With more than 150 years of experience the Loake shoes are a thing of beauty. The 202 full brogue shoes feature a distinctively elegant design that will complete any formal wear. The quality is of course good, typical for Loake. Just the fit is a tad too wide. Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse David Jones website says they have Florsheim cedar shoe trees for $39.95, no sign of a plastic handle, looked like a piece of leather to pull them out with. Would be worth a look considering price and delivery cost of overseas models an if you're equivocating certainly better than nothing. Loake In my honest opinion, of course. Slightly biased because I never had a Loake from the 1880 line. Church is a bit of a hit-or-miss, because some are definetely better than C&J Benchgrade. Roughly - (but shoes vary, and it depends on how much weight you put on leather quality, construction, finishing, style etc.) Edward Green C&J Handgrade.

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off subject i guess but just found a pair of gloss black, yellow stitch, made in england, mint condition.. doc martens boots.. from the local vinnies store $6I think that you will usually pay between $550 and $750 for C&J shoes – the lower cost ones are from the benchgrade (now called "classic") line, the more expensive ones are from the handgrade line. A Proper Winter Boot by Loake I saw this picture (above) on Instagram yesterday and was extremely impressed not only for the quality of the photography but also the nice looking pair of boots by Loake that IG user @muddy250 was wearing I purchased a pair of Loake Pimlico suede boots a few years ago, haven't worn them much but pretty happy with the quality (more of a winter boot). I'm after a black and brown pair of office/dress shoes and after re-looking at the current (generic glued) offerings from the department stores for $100-200 have realised it's better to spend a bit more for top quality. The Loake family has been making traditional English shoes for longer than anyone can remember. John, Thomas and William Loake opened the first Loake factory back in 1880. Today, five generations and more than 130 years later, the Loake association with fine, handmade shoes lives on

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  1. Quality is generally pretty good – certainly better than Loake and more in line with C&J benchgrade, from memory.
  2. Do you recall the price of Edward Greens and JL's at Double Monk? I'm waiting for our dollar to pick up again and I might consider a pair of EG's.
  3. The British brand Loake launches a new top range, called 1880 Export Grade. It has higher leather quality and more advanced production details that differ it from the previous top line 1880. Shoegazing have looked closer at the shoes. Loake is one of the largest manufacturers of classic Goodyear-welted quality shoes in the world. Their previous.
  4. charles tyrwhitt make some decent ones for $39.95. I also saw some good full cedar ones at MUJI in chadstone at the same price, however they werent stocked in the Emporium store in the city (Melbourne)
  5. Loake 724B mens Black polshed leather oxfords shoes size 9F, UK 9F/US 9.5D/EU43 C $ 28.01 0 bids LOAKE BROGUES 8 1/2 MAHOGANY OXFORD LACED 10 1/2 x 3 3/4 INNER ENGLISH COBBLE

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I picked up 2 sets of trees shipped from Allen Edmonds own website a few weeks back for $A80. Couldn't go past that price at the time.@Muchrooms – Good point. I have about 50 pairs of shoes so I rotate them all regularly so they don't get trashed.I also have a high instep. I bought a pair of Loake Aldwych without taking this in to account (I did try a pair on before hand though). Because of my instep there was a large gap between the quarters and after a little wear I couldn't close the gap any further with a lot of discomfort. I've since sold the Loakes and bought a pair of derby shoes that fit much better. I think generally oxfords are ruled for me because of my high instep.It's worth noting that if you like the Ellands, you can buy them for $200 less from Herring shoes in the UK ($240 as opposed to the $449 that DJs is charging).I once had to take an item to the doorway and wave the security tag to set off the scanners to get somebody to emerge from wherever they were hiding and take my money once.

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  1. If you're really unlucky and your feet has a high arch, you'll need to try shoes in person to find the right one because it's impossible to ascertain this without trying on the shoe.
  2. e from Shoe Healer).
  3. There are lots of young upstart brands in the fashion world, that is the very nature of the industry – because the various brands go to market differently, they appeal to different demographics of buyers – and some of the "new kids on the block" in shoes, shirts or suiting sometimes make product of the same quality as companies that have been in business for over a hundred years.
  4. The thing is, the pair that I like the look of most is not in the 1880 range. How do their Contemporary and Classic range (with the rubber soles) compare in longevity?
  5. Just wondering if anybody out there has the same problem, and what they did about it, or whether people have recommendations of brands better than Florsheim?
  6. I tried to ask the worker what this line was and if the quality would differ and he just gave me some marketing spiele how it was a different like of Loake and no different. I know this isn't true because I know the 1880s are the premium line and much better quality than the others.

Located in Melbourne's CBD, McCloud Shoes is perfect for the older gentleman who prefers traditional dress/work shoes. Don't be fooled, though, because McCloud also has some cool Loake shoes for the younger gent. Expect to pay around $500 for a pair, but rest assured that your feet are in good hands or is that good shoes Nah im holding in there, purist no topy ftw! haha :p ill chalk mine up to Lazyness more than anything though...that being said I have a pretty solid rotation so wear isnt as quick.

Loake Mens Tan Calf Foley Brogue Shoes Trustpilot The Loake Foley is a premium brogue shoe with a burnished calf leather upper, full leather inner lining and Goodyear welted leather outsole with rubber heel If you don't mind buying online, you should have a look at the Carmina shoes website. Carmina make excellent shoes and they are currently offering free shipping on any purchase over 250 Euro. Loake - The Goodyear welted construction for which Loake is renowned is an intricate process with origins going back over 300 years. Only the very highest quality materials are used. Each pair takes eight weeks to make by hand and there is simply no finer way to make a gentleman's shoe

Loake Shoes. Loake shoes have been synonymous with high quality men's shoes ever since they first began in 1880. The range of handmade traditional shoes that Loake makes is extremely comfortable, durable and suitable for every occasion. As a mark of the quality of Loake shoes, in 2007 they received a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM The Quee r/malefashionadviceReddit's largest men's fashion community. Making clothing less intimidating and helping you develop your own style. We welcome those who want to learn and those who want to contribute.2.3mMembersUsually they only heavily discount ugly pairs that nobody buys (like half suede half calf type shoes). Were any of them conservative styles?

NEW SHOES SHOULD BE SHINED FIRST! MY CASE FOR WHY YOU SHOULD SHINE NEW SHOES BEFORE WEARING THEM - Duration: 18:04. The Elegant Oxford 72,247 view QUALITY LOAKE 696T BROWN LEATHER SHOES. UK 9 LAST 92EX . LEATHER UPPERS & SOLES . Uppers have normal signs of use , the leather soles and the heels show wear as you can see from the pictures and there is a normal amount toe grooving inside these are NOT new shoes , but they are LOAKES :o) ..

Hi guys, interesting read all of this. And it came about because i was thinking of buying a pair of 1880 Burford boots from the UK and started the web searching. I do own a couple of pairs of Church's and I think there wonderful shoes. Mind you mine are 20 plus years old. I have these stages when wear them for a few years then go for another style for some time. But....there is no denying the quality and everyone has there favorites in everything and will die protecting there choices.So....in the high boot style and Brogue has anyone tried any of the better known brands?? 1000 mile boots, Loakes of whatever..would love to hear your opinion..Guys wearing the Brogues.....you guys still using safety razors by chance?? I know i do..there crap really but love using them.Are there any shoe care tips that people can share with me since these are my first Loake shoes ever? These will be daily wear just like all my pairs of LloydsHowever, none of the online shops specify different widths and an email to Loake confirmed they don't make them in different widths.

I've been told the 1880s last over 20 years apparently although I'm not too sure about that Loake classic English mens shoemakers since 1880. Popular styles include brogues, oxfords, loafers and boots for sale online

Since 1880 the family-owned company Loake has been producing traditional handmade shoes of the very highest quality and is one of the most recognizable names in English shoemaking. Today, five generations and more than 130 years later, the company is still located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, in the very same factory which the. http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&colset=1&styleid=1972&shoeid=7352&brandid=7&catid=23&oldcolid=3907&stype=0&colourid=3906 Loake Shoemakers. 56K likes. Loake is a traditional manufacturer of premium grade men's footwear with a heritage that goes back over 130 years. The family-owned company specialises in Goodyear welted.. Loake 1880: durable quality and great comfort. Loake shoes continue to fascinate and convince shoe lovers the world over. With the combination of traditional bench-made shoemaking techniques and the highest quality materials, the Loake 1880 is a shoe of the very finest grade Loake Shoemakers - classic English shoes since 1880. www.loakenordic.com is our dedicated online store serving Sverige, Norge, Danmark and Suomi. Welcome to the official online store for Loake Shoemakers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

If it's of any help, the Loake Capital last fits me really well in a UK9 and the Loake Loafer last (as used in their "Temple" tassel loafer model) fits me really well in a UK8.5.So the Lloyds shoes sold in David Jones and other such places, whilst looking nice, are cheaply made. They have soles that are made of a rubber internal piece wrapped in leather with a leather piece glued on to the bottom for the sole of the shoe, and the insides of the shoe is lined with fabric instead of with leather. Finally, whilst the leather looks nice, it is generally very thin. This, of course, is one reason why some people like Lloyds shoes as they feel supple and wear in easily. However, this also means that combined with the fabric (instead of leather) lining, it is easy for the leather upper to crack or split from wear.http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&catid=50&shoeid=6061&selectedsizeid=11&selectedfitid=2&stype=1Considering your suggestion for the Ald now or maybe these, look nice and dark: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=6863

Just a tip to anyone who buys Loakes and needs them fully serviced/repaired, you can actually send them into McClouds shoes in Melbourne rather than ship them back to Loake in Northhampton. We showcase 10 of the best made in Britain footwear brands that are committed to producing high-quality shoes and boots using traditional manufacturing processes. Loake charges £80 per pair,. In my experience with a pair of Loake country boots on the 024 last, the last fits very generously. I could have done down half-a-size and taken a UK8.5 rather than the UK9 that I take in Loake shoes on the Capital and 026 lasts.

Just bought a pair of Loake Aldwyches in Brown to go with my C&Js. I bought them from Pediwear, no sale on, but it's a lot cheaper than retail anyway.Just a heads up, Trenery, the Australian retail store owned by Country Road i think, sells goodyear welted shoes. Bought some leather shoes on clearance for $110 odd with a further markdown on sale stock. Originally $300

Review: Loake - Bryant shoes part 1 August On closer inspection, the sole appears to be stitched on which is a sure sign of a quality constrtuction, although with many shoe makers now putting in fake stitches in the welt it is getting harder to tell, but with the Loakes, the stitches match up with the stitches on the soles - either way. Best Loake Shoes Review Sam Ellis February 6, 2020 Loake is one of the most prominent brands in the sphere of fine men's footwear, offering good quality and durability along with a rich and storied tradition that dates back to the late 1800's Don't touch Florsheim. Used to be OK, but there quality fell of a cliff. Glued rubbish that'll probably fall apart quite quickly, my last Florsheims had the upper come off the sole within a week. Avoid.

I would imagine renomat would strip off the burnishing off all shoes if used excessively. I personally dilute it 1:4 parts water and certainly not apply pressure, you want to take off the polishing not burnishing. Loake 1880 Dorchester Brown Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoes Size 8.5 US Made England C $ 169.04 Previous Price C $211.30 LOAKE Evolution Hastings Cap Toe Black Leather Oxford Shoes 9.5 10 UK-made EH0

I have never been the biggest supporter of Loake, not because they can't make a good shoe, but mainly because of their prevalent use of bookbinder leather on their lower end lines as well as a general lack of anything but classic models. There was never anything that jumped out at me and made me think, 'wow'. Their 1880 line I always found was a good value for money and a great entry. I cant really confirm if they're the most durable, but they would be near the top of the list. I have a pair of newish boots (Loake Bedale) with a 'victory' rubber sole, which Im quite sure are the same type of rubber.Im pretty sure Ive seen the Aldwych in brown at Henry Bucks Melb, and it was about as standard/ conservative? a brown you could imagine, but quite dark.Yeah you can send most mid-to-high end brands back to the factory for that kind of service, quite pricey though.

If it's too short then the fix is obvious. Size up.If it's too narrow then you'll need to select a different shoe all together as the Aldwyches come in only one width (like with many Loakes).Most decent manufacturers will take the shoes back once they become worn out and they'll refresh them and replace the sole.I haven't got any Cleverley shoes, but I do have shoes from Edward Green and John Lobb Paris (which are made in Northampton) as well as quite a few Euro makers. To my mind, the Euro makers beat the English makers in terms of quality and the high-end Euro makers often use quite a few more stitches per inch than the English makers (ie the stitching is much finer) and the leather often seems finer, too.where do u order loakes from? the website from uk has them at 200 pounds so around 380 $ ? any cheaper?

Thanks Batjac Ecco Biarritz look great. Hopefully will find in Brisvegas. Do you have any comment to make re fit? eg true to size, tight across instep etc. The Goodyear welted construction for which Loake is renowned is an intricate process with origins going back over 300 years. Only the very highest quality materials are used. Each pair takes eight weeks to make and we still believe there is no finer way to make a gentleman's shoe. Of course, things move on I love the feel of the shoes from the moment I pulled them out of the box, but don't know whether to take the $ loss of reselling and just get a new pair in the smaller size or not!You really shouldn't have said this, I ran down on my lunch break and purchased three pairs. Wife's going to kill me.G&G are lovely, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my wallet), they don't fit my feet very well.

Northampton-based, Loake have been Shoemakers since 1880. Some of the finest grade leathers and materials are used to create a pair of Loake shoes. Northampton-based, Loake have been Shoemakers since 1880. Our doors first opened in 1989 offering a high quality shoe repair service and high quality footwear They'll need to be black and they're work shoes. I'm sick of getting $100-150 pairs that look good for 6-12 months and then fall apart.. The Loake Fearnley is far from the average run-of-the-mill brogue-it's a well-designed, supremely comfortable shoe that looks fantastic with practically any outfit. Add to that the fact that it carries the Loake name, and you can rest assured that this shoe will not disappoint in terms of quality, style and durability The Brogue Trader is a specialist in high quality handmade footwear, Stocking brands such as Loake, Crockett & Jones, Cheaney, Trickers, Sebago & many more Looking for quality footwear? The fine shoemakers at Loake are so dedicated to their craft that the brand was awarded a Royal Warrant in 2007. Our collection of Loake men's shoes speaks to this hand-made excellence offering durable, comfortable and stylish pieces that promise to stand the test of time

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