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duh, missed the 50D - I would suggest that the lenses will appear better in sRAW1 / 2 modes than running full out RAW. Any Canon EF lens made after 1987 will fit any Canon digital SLR, but none of the old FD mount lenses made before 1987 will fit. The EF lenses have electrical contacts at the back where they join the camera. Take care to keep these contacts clean, or you can get odd behaviour from the camera The New FD (FDn) Lens marked the move from a breech mount to bayonet mounting system, a feature photographers clamored for because they wanted “a feel of complete lock” when switching lenses. All FDn lenses also come standard with S.S.C. coating (detailed below).  Though not expressed on their website, build quality was somewhat reduced as they moved to using more plastic as opposed to the mostly metal construction of the previous FL/FD lenses, a trend that would continue on through to the EF lenses.

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  1. EF lenses are much more expensive and larger than EF-S lenses, and it's questionable economically and practically to purchase a full-frame lens specifically for a crop-sensor body. But if you already own EF lenses and want to try them on an entry-level camera, this should not cause technical difficulties
  2. In any case (Canon adapters or 3rd party), you'll have to focus wide-open and stop-down prior to shutter release. -- -Dave http://pixseal.com
  3. FD lenses were incompatible with EOS - only the new EF lenses would work. So Canon released a lot of quality EF lenses to use with the new cameras. From '87 till the late 90s, Canon produced these older-style EF lenses. In the 2000s, most of them were discontinued. Today, they're virtually unknown to most Canon shooters. First, a.
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  5. The EOS cameras are ideal for adapting all sorts of old lenses, through various adaptors, EXCEPT Canon's own FD lenses! Forget the adaptors, they are teleconverters in disguise, of often questionable quality. Irritating, because I also have a number of FD lenses (20mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 85mm f1.2, and others) they can only be used as paper weights...
  6. I have no idea about the lenses, but the adapter is likely to be very substandard. For FD lenses to work, the adapter has to contain optics, in effect it is a 1.2x teleconverter... Canon made a good adapter for its long FD lenses as a courtesy to photogs who were heavily invested in FD glass, this adapter is as rare as hen's teeth and very expensive when it can be found. Third-party adapters exist but I have not heard of a good one. Finally, if the adapter does not contain optics the lenses will not be able to focus to infinity - the distance between the rear of the lens and the film/sensor plane was shorter on FD than it is on the EF mount.
  7. Canon Rebel models are compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses. Additionally, the special use lenses listed below are also compatible with Canon Rebel DSLRs. f/ number - When listed on a lens model name, this number is used to designate the maximum lens aperture, which affects the amount of light that can come in through the lens and the.

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... not on Canon EOS cameras though, rather on micro-4/3 cameras, like the G1. There are already adapters available. K&F M12111 Canon EF Lenses to Fuji X Lens Mount Adapter Allow Canon EOS EF, EFS mount lenses used on Fujifilm X series camera body. theme730. K&F M13111 Canon FD Lenses to Fuji X Lens Mount Adapter. $23.99 . 24. K&F XV37 49mm Variable ND2 to ND32 Filter NO X Spot Multiple Layer Nano Coated. If a lens is listed as for Canon cameras without specifying further, it's almost certainly an EF lens. The EF-S mount is used by Canon's crop-sensor cameras such as the 7D Mark II, 80D and 1300D. Since the sensor is smaller, the lenses can also be smaller and lighter. An EF-S lens will not work on an EF mount camera, however the reverse is. But to mount an FD lens on an EOS camera you either need an optical adapter, which negatively affects the IQ, or have to physically modify the lens itself. It's much easier to simply screw the lens via an adapter into a micro 4/3 camera. Due to its extremely short register distance, people are already using the G1 for FD lenses, and others too, e.g. Leica, including M39. The Mount Adapter EF-EOS R gives you the ability to utilize any Canon EF or EF-S lens with the EOS R camera, letting you use your existing lenses with the camera and allowing you to expand your horizons. Lightweight, compact and easy to attach, the Mount Adapter EF-EOS R makes it possible to use EF and EF-S lenses without compromising.

The other (more expensive) adapter is a 1.28x teleconverter and only useable on certain telephoto lenses. I have no idea about the lenses, but the adapter is likely to be very substandard. For FD lenses to work, the adapter has to contain optics, in effect it is a 1.2x teleconverter... Canon made a good adapter for its long FD lenses as a courtesy to photogs who were heavily invested in FD glass, this adapter is as rare as hen's teeth and very expensive when it can be found [box] Note: Most of these lenses have a slower version, ie. the Canon FD 24mm F2 SSC is also available in F2.8. Most of the primes also have a standard S.C., and a multi coated S.S.C. variant. Thus if you want to save a little more money, the options are there. For a complete list of lenses visit the Canon Camera Museum FD Lenses and New FD Lenses.[/box]

According to a report on Digital Camera World, Canon will not be releasing anymore EF mount lenses for their DSLRs, despite having just announced the Canon 1DX Mark III, their new flagship DSLR, only yesterday.They say they are open to the possibility of making new ones, though, if the market demands it. But for now, they want to shift their attention towards RF lenses for their EOS R system Canon DSLRs can use EF-mount autofocus lenses from the film era, but cannot use the older manual-focus FD-mount lenses. So in terms of backward compatibility, Canon and Minolta/Sony are in exactly the same position for exactly the same reasons The adapter is actually a Canon adapter!!. it's an AF/FD adapter..I don't know if that would make a difference!! -- Canon 50D, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Find great deals on eBay for canon 50mm f1.2 lens and canon lens 50mm f1.4. Shop with confidence FD and FL lenses can be used on EF mount cameras (EOS camera) with an adapter. I have one from Fotodiox and have had no issue with them the drawback is no communication between camera and lens. So you have to use manual mode and set the ISO and shutter on camera and use the aperture ring on lens to set aperture..

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Genuine CANON brand FD lens adapters Canon have actually made two adapters for mounting Canon FD mount lenses on an EOS body. The first is a purely mechanical adapter (the Lens Mount Converter FD-EOS), and so lenses will not focus to infinity. They can, however, be used for macro work Though a a new style FD lens, I used it primarily on my Canon EF - where it balanced nicely. The high point with this lens was my son's cub scout trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield. The first day was a 3 mile route that took us to Culp's Hill and it's observation tower My own testing shows that on FD super telephoto lenses the only really worthwhile extender to use is the FD 1.4x-a, all others, the FD 2x-a and 2x-b, EF 1.4xii and EF 2xii, do not resolve any more effective detail than just the bare lens The biggest problem of using FD-EOS adapter, even with high quality glass, is the loss of almost all auto function. You can do metering only in stopped down Av or M mode. Once you have stopped the lens down the viewfinder becomes really dark and manual focusing becomes quite difficult.

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The Canon FD lens mount is a physical standard for connecting a photographic lens to a 35mm single-lens reflex camera body. The standard was developed by Canon of Japan and was introduced in March 1971 with the Canon F-1 camera. It served as the Canon SLR interchangeable lens mounting system until the 1987 introduction of the Canon EOS series cameras, which use the newer EF lens mount The FD version is still cheaper, but if you want autofocus capabilities, a used copy of the EF version is still significantly less than the RF version. It all comes down to your budget and needs Before lens coatings were invented, lens flare was a major determinant of image quality. The best lenses were generally the ones that allowed performance to remain high with the fewest elements, because there were fewer air-to-glass surfaces to create flare. This explains the lifespan of the exceptionally long-lived Tessar-type, despite its speed limitations. Lens coatings are of critical importance to modern lenses; virtually all zoom lenses and many highly-corrected multi-element lenses would be useless for general photography without them. Often, coating is what makes the most difference between an average lens and a very good one. K&F M13151 Canon FD Lenses to Leica M Lens Mount Adapter Allow Canon FD FL mount lenses used on Leica M series camera body. theme730. K&F M12111 Canon EF Lenses to Fuji X Lens Mount Adapter. $24.99 . 80. K&F KV31 58mm ND2 to ND400 Variable ND Filter For Video . $22.99. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Lens Mount Adapter For Canon FD FL Lens to EOS EF Mount Body 5D 6D 7D 700D 1000D 600D 60D 50D 1000D With Optical Glass Cap DC263 at Amazon UK

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The EF mount replaces its predecessor, the FD mount.The standard autofocus lens mounting technology of the time used a motor in the camera body to drive the mechanics of the focus helicoid in the lens by using a transfer lever. The key innovation of the EF series was to use a motor inside the lens itself for focusing In 1987, Canon introduced their new autofocus-capable EF lens mount for their EOS series of cameras - including today's digital SLRs. It was incompatible with the older manual focus FD lens mount. The flange focal distance of the newer EF lenses is slightly longer meaning that an adapter for mounting FD lenses on an EF Buy and sell used Canon FD camera lenses at KEH Camera. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180-day warranty! Financing options available

The adapter is actually a Canon adapter!!. it's an AF/FD adapter..I don't know if that would make a difference!!The FD Lens was introduced with the goal of “Developing a high performance lens to be ranked top for the coming ten years.” To do that, Canon focused on a core set of basic policies and principals from the design stage to market: Canon FD 85mm 1:1.2 L (600 - 1000€) - My fovourite FD lens ever Canon FD 100mm 1:2.0 (200 - 350€) hard to find Canon FD 135mm 1:2.0 (250 - 350€) Fast, huge and a Bokeh machin

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Make the most of your existing collection of Canon FD-mount glass with this Vello Lens Adapter that will allow you to mount these lenses to a Canon EF/EF-S-mount camera. Precise construction makes it easy to attach these adapted lenses to your camera and keeps it secure during use. Infinity focus is guaranteed, ensuring that you get proper functionality our of all your optics. In order to achieve infinity focus, an optical glass element is used, which features a coating to minimize the chance for glare and reflections. Additionally, the adapter is made from a durable zinc alloy and features a matte black finish on the inside to reduce the potential for glare and reflections that can negatively impact image quality. I am a film shooter as well and I have well over fifteen Canon FD lenses. The Canon glasses in the picture is about $150. I would rather use them with a proper Canon MF bodies (they give you excellent results and you might want to revert to film) the 50mm and 100mm have very good reputation and the 28mm is also okay. 50 goes for around 30-40, 100 goes for 60-80 and the 28 goes for 20-30. Don't mind the other junk. I would rather get a AE-1 with the combo and have fun. The adapter is useless, don't bother with it. Daniel.Thanks for any tips -- Canon 50D, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

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  1. Did you know that you can save a ton of money and grow your video lens collection by buying old Canon FD lenses? You can find these for very cheap, I just saw a 50mm F/1.4 for under $100, that is a huge savings over the current Canon 50mm F/1.4 at around $400. The catch is that these old FD lenses require an adapter to use with your Digital SLR and they are manual focus only
  2. Original Canon FD-EOS adapter cannot be used with most of the lenses you have listed. What you are getting is either a glassless lens converter which can be used with any lens or a third party adapter with glass.
  3. Lens Hall View by series. RF Lenses-2018 - EF Lenses-1987 - EF Cinema Lenses-2012 - New FD Lenses-1979 - 1989 . FD Lenses-1970 - 1979 . FL Lenses-1964 - 1974 . Special Lenses-1964 - 1985 . R Lenses-1959 - 1963 . S Lenses-1946 - 1964

Canon FD 80-200mm F4.0L – At around $250, this lens is a bargain for an L lens and is highly sought after in mirrorless community. Here’s a discussion on the Sony NEX forum where a user compares the 80-200/4.0L and trumps Sony’s current 55-210mm lens. Personally, I’m on the fence about this one because of the size and I rarely ever play in this FoV. I owned the Panasonic 45-200 for a while and rarely used it (among other reasons).Canon made the FD lenses 2mm longer that goes inside the cam body, from what I researched it's about right to take the FD mount off. Then find away to put the eos mount on it, but all that is needed is to take 2mm off the FD lens. And from what I read just taking the FD mount off, gives you the 2mm off then you need to put a eos mount on it some how. K&F M13131 Canon FD Lenses to Canon EOS EF Lens Mount Adapter with Optic Glass 4.4 56 Review(s) ≫ Write a review ID: M13131 $41.99 $32.9 Tyson Robichaud – An avid µ43 user, I remember him from the old Panasonic GF1 group on Flickr, probably when it was just a few dozen people. Today Micro Four Thirds has grown exponentially and Tyson certainly does his part in spreading the word with his ultra-detailed reviews on µ43 cameras and lenses. Keeping in mind that this post was written in 2010, he found a box of old FD gear on Craigslist and reviewed the following: When EF was introduced in 1987, it replaced the Canon FD mount - which at the time was an institution, and it many couldn't fathom the company no longer producing FD lenses

FD to EOS Adapter,K&F Concept Lens Mount Adapter for EOS FD FL Mount Lens to EOS EF EF-S EOS Mount Camera with Multi-Coated Focusing Correction Lens,Fits for Canon EOS 1300D 200D 750D 80D D60 D80 Neewer® Aluminum Alloy Lens Mount Adapter for M42 Lens to Canon EOS Camera, Such as 1d/1ds, Mark II, III, 5D, Rebel xt, xti, T2i, and More - Blac Yes, kinda I do have one of those adapter too, but there are several things to consider. 1. You need adapter that came with own lens glass. 2. Genuine Canon. Also, the FD/FL mounts were breech lock, meaning you have to push the lens onto the camera then twist a ring to lock the lens on (which prevents the lens flange from wearing out the camera ring, changing the film distance and hurting image quality). The later FD mounts (called new FD, nFD, or FDn) were bayonet mounts like the EF series. Manual Focus Canon EF Lens Adapters. FotodioX Vizelex ND Throttle Adapter for Canon EF to Sony E Mount ($100) This Canon EF and EF-S adapter features a built-in 10-stop variable neutral density filter to control the amount of light entering the camera. An ND filter enables shooting in bright daylight while still using wide apertures for shallow.

Have you ever noticed how many early 35mm photographers tried to avoid bright sunlight? You might be forgiven for thinking that the decade of the 1940s was entirely overcast (and not just by the world political situation). With experience as their teacher, many photographers in the ’30s and ’40s learned various clever ways of avoiding or minimizing high-flare situations. The amateur admonition to “never point the camera in the direction the sunlight is coming from” dates from this era. Such was life with “miniature” cameras before the days of multicoating.1) The number of lens elements should be minimized, and aberrations should be corrected perfectly. 2) Flare should be reduced even at maximum aperture, and blur should be uniform. The smaller the aperture, the sharper the image should become. 3) The overall image should uniformly have high resolution and contrast. 4) Natural color should be reproduced and well balanced throughout the entire lens series. 5) All mechanisms should be easy-to-operate and durable. Assuming that the body FD mounting was solvable the next challenge is the locking pin that the EF lens uses to keep it in place. This is the tough one to solve within that 2mm of space and then noting the fact I think you're well aware of that fitting new lenses onto old bodies is very much a minority sport

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  1. First, you have to look at the current lens lineup for your system for holes. Let’s take a look at the current primes for Micro Four Thirds:
  2. FDn to EOS Lens Conversions. 732 likes. www.fdtoef.com FDn to EF EOS lens conversions, Perfect conversion for DSLR Vide
  3. The New FD-EF mount has been a combination of professional engineering and mathematical calculations to get a standard fitting to fit ALL (Bayonet) FDn lenses, as seen in the photographs below. You will also note NO actuation levers from the old FD lens, all actuation is contained within the conversions
  4. p.1 #5 · p.1 #5 · FD to EF Conversion now made easier. I certainly wish the OP all the luck in making this a successful venture. It was suggested to me to use Kickstarter on one of my own projects, but I just could not see the value or reason to use it
  5. FD lenses, even high-end L series versions rarely break $1,000. If you really want to get a set together on the cheap, check out Vintage Lenses For Videos Canon FD Buying Guide. Be careful though.
  6. The Panasonic FZ1000 II is a worthy successor to the company's first large-sensor, long-zoom bridge camera, and a value-conscious rival to the popular Sony RX10-series. It's just as fast as its predecessor but produces nicer JPEGs, has significantly improved controls and interface, and more.
  7. My question is, does anyone know what kind of quality the FD lenses are, and would they work well on my 50D camera?
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Canon and others have offered adapters for FD lenses on EF mount bodies, not the other way around. Novoflex would be the firm most likely to offer such an adapter if it exists. If you want to use an FD mount camera, that's fine and there are tons of FD lenses available on the second hand market If you like shooting outdoor family portraits this could be a solid lens for the price. Using background blur calculator, at 200mm/4.0 this produces almost as much blur as the Oly 75mm at F1.8, and at F4 it’s no contest. For situations where you’ll need to stop down (eg. group shots), this could be the perfect lens to completely blur the background.

it depends alot on the adapter and on what camera you are using it on .. optically quality on a cropped should be "okay" .. but I wouldn't expect miracles .. and besides .. for 150 bucks you can have alot of fun Even most Micro Four Thirds lenses are mostly of a plastic build, which is part of the reason why there’s such adoration for older FD lenses and it’s metal construction. And with the retrod rangefinder like µ43 cameras of today, there’s something sexy about mounting an old lens on a new body.Past 200mm we’re looking at a really small niche, and really massive lenses. Here’s a complete list:

S.S.C. –  One of two proprietary lens coating by Canon, the Super Spectra Coating (SSC) was a higher quality grade than the standard S.C. coating. Lenses with S.S.C. coating were stamped in red on the front of the lens. As previously mentioned,  all New FD (FDn) lenses featured S.S.C. coating and thus did not need to be designated on the front. FD lenses are compatible with their interchangeable FD series mounts, and they connect to 35mm Single-Lens Reflex or SLR camera bodies and have no auto-focus capabilities. These FD mounts were not designed to communicate with lenses, so they must be manually focused 3rd PARTY EF LENSES ALLOWED NOW! | All Canon lenses: LTM, FL, FD or EF as well as all Canon mount 3rd party lenses, e.g. Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Voigtländer, Zeiss etc. All SONY E-mount cameras, APS-C or FF: NEX3 - NEX7, ⍺3000 - ⍺6500, ⍺7, ⍺7S, ⍺7R, ⍺7II, ⍺7III, ⍺7S, ⍺7SII, ⍺7R, ⍺7RII, ⍺7RIII, ⍺9 as well as the E-mount video camcorders. | ADAPTER THREAD HERE. 228 product ratings 228 product ratings - Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens *MINT Condition* Macr A lot of people want to know whether you can use Canon EF lenses on the Panasonic GH4. The answer is yes. Canon's EF mount is one of the most popular lens mounts out there. Canon's own lenses are well-respected, as are lenses from a wide range of third-party manufacturers that build lenses for the EF mount such as Sigma, Tokina, and Zeiss

Canon EF 70-200mm 4.0 L USM. The lens is part of Canon's L grade professional lenses and also one of the cheapest L lenses you can buy. Most of the casing is made of metal, despite the plastic filter thread. It takes about 60° turning the zoom ring from 70 to 200 mm and about 120° for the focusing ring from infinity to 1.2 m There was another 200mm FD telephoto lens that is quite rare because it was released in1990 at the requests from the users of the New F-1 and T90 models. The lens in question was the New FD 200mm f/1.8L

I use a couple of FD lenses on my R. Since these are manual lenses, a simple adapter with no optics or electronics off ebay does the job. They work fine, and with focus peaking, manual focusing is so much fun. I currently have the FD 50mm f1.4 and the 35mm f2.8. Both are very nice lenses that you can get for less than 100 bucks They are converting them. It wouldn't be a bad thing for m4/3 to be able to use them either, but it will probably drive up prices =/ DSLR EOS EF Lenses. Mirrorless EOS-R Full Frame Lenses. EF-M Lenses. Comparisons . Best Macro Lenses. Manual Focus FD Lens Reviews. More Lens Articles. Current Canon Rebates . All these are great lenses, but no one needs to own all sixty lenses. I added RECOMMENDED next to my few very top picks; it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong. Another difference between FD cameras and EF cameras is the flange focal distance (FFD). FD has a FFD of 42 mm while EF has a FFD of 44 mm. So a FD lens to EOS cameras adapter has to have a glass element in it to maintain infinity focus. That glass element needs to be high quality which affects the cost (Cha! Ching!) of a well made FD to EOS.

The Evolution of the Canon Lens Mount (Video) 2012-EF-M mount. A mount that supports compact, lightweight mirrorless cameras with high image quality. Compatible cameras: EOS M50 etc. Compatible lenses: EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM etc The adapter I bought is the Fotodiox Pro Lens Adapter, Canon FD (New FD, FL) Lens to Canon EOS (EF, EF-s) Camera Lens Mount Adapter (I'm not still allowed to put links here) Just as you tell me, this includes the lens that allows me to focus to infinity, I read reviews on Amazon and apparently is not so bad, I guess I'll check when I get my. And another at a Boyz II Men concert at Lincoln City, OR (Yes my fiancé and I love R&B music 🙂 ):Although I'm sure they cost someone a good bit thirty years ago and are probably of sentimental value to the seller, you are wasting your money in my opinion. This adapter allows Canon FD Lens to fit on Canon EOS EF / EFs Mount DSLR When using a lens with the adapter the camera body should be set to either manual exposure or aperture priority mode There is no electrical contacts in the adapter ring Exposure and focus has to be adjusted manually With Glass Element Infinity Focus Compatible with Canon FD Lens Canon DSLR 6D 5D Mark IV III II 1Ds 1D.

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  1. Although the lens will fit physically, autofocus, automatic diaphragm (AE metering), and other functions dependent on communication between camera body and lens will be disrupted by the lens adapter. You will need to focus manually, and to set exposures manually or meter in aperture priority (stop-down) mode. If the lens does not have a manual aperture collar, the aperture will be stopped down to its smallest f/stop. Focusing to infinity is retained.
  2. 1 x Canon FD/FL Lens to Canon EOS EF Mount Adapter Ring (Without Glass) You need to buy an adapter that has an additional glass optic to correct the focus distance. Here is one that Newegg sells: Canon FD Lens to EOS EF Body Mount Adapter with Glass & Cap . Because it uses extra glass optics, this type of adapter will degrade the image quality
  3. It takes the new EF-M lenses (and EF lenses with an adapter) but it also can be easily adapted to FD, Nikon, Contax, Leica and many other legacy lenses. The EOS M is an APS-C 1.6x crop sensor camera so you won't get the full frame use out of your FD lenses, however I see that you are using the 40D and 60D now, so I assume this isn't a problem.

Canon FD 100mm F2 and F2.8 – Now we’re moving on to the area where µ43 lacks, fast tele primes. The faster F2 is a a bit large, but does have high marks, these go for around $200-300 on eBay. The slower F2.8 S.S.C. is a bit more compact, and can be found on eBay for under $100. Here’s some nice samples of the F2.8 on a NEX-5.Canon FD/FL lenses had a shorter mounting distance than the EF EOS design. So mounting these lenses to an EOS camera with a simple ring adapter does effectively apply extension, which makes them closer focusing (good for macro), but makes it impossible to focus beyond a meter or 2. Typical FD to EOS adapters have corrective lens elements to restore infinity focus, but these necessarily also act as a 1.26x teleconverter that results in the loss of 2/3 stop maximum aperture and degraded image quality. Unless you have an FD macro lens, or one of the FD super teles and Canon’s own original high quality FD/EOS adapter (rare and $$$$ if you can find them used), FD/FL lenses are best left to the Micro Four Thirds crowd who can adapt them without the optical corrective elements. FD lenses (except in the case of interposing accesso- ries such as bellows units between the lens and the camera) since the Canon EF and its FD lenses are designed for automatic exposure with light measure- ment done at the maximum aperture. Page 50 L position. • You cannot make a meter reading with the 7.5mm fish-eye lens mounted on the EF. Though at it’s asking rate of at least $750+, it could be tough to pick over the native Olympus 75mm F1.8, one of the sharpest lenses on Micro Four Thirds, not to mention half the size. But consider this, adapt it with a Speedbooster and you have an equivalent 120mm F0.9 lens! If you don’t want to shell out $750+ for the F1.2, the 1.8 is the next best thing at about $200.

Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster XL 0.64x Sales Price: $649.00 Canon FD / FL to Micro Four Thirds Mount Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x Sales Price: $449.00 Canon FD Lens to Micro Four Thirds T adapter Sales Price: $99.0 What’s the best camera for less than $1000? The best cameras for under $1000 should have good ergonomics and controls, great image quality and be capture high-quality video. In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing under $1000 and recommended the best. Wide Angle FD Lenses The Wide Angle Canon lenses run from moderate ultrawide range of 24mm through standard wide view of 35mm. They combine good optical characteristic of excellent optical deliveries of minimal distortion, fairly high working lense speed and a moderate wide view field, making them among the most popular group of prime optic during the manual focus days for a wide varieties of.

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For me personally, it’s really hard to recommend a wide angle FD lens because there’s just so many other better alternatives for Micro Four Thirds. And other m43 owners agree in this thread where someone is asking about alternative wide angle lenses for Micro Four Thirds. With ultra compact options such as the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 and 20mm F1.7 under $200 and $350 used respectively, there’s really no reason you should bother with FD lenses at this focal length. But if you really are hellbent on buying some, stick with the fast primes: FD lenses are manual focus. EF lenses are electronic focus. Canon did not see fit to provide backwards compatibility from the EF to FD lenses, so the FD lenses are useless for anyone with an EF camera. Sure, you can buy an adapter, but those don't really work - at least if image quality is important

In photography and videography, a lens adapter is a device that enables the use of camera and lens combinations from otherwise incompatible systems. The most simple lens adapter designs, passive lens adapters provide a secure physical connection between the camera and the lens. Some passive adapters may include a mechanism for manual iris control. So called, active lens adapters will include. 1kCreatives is about inspiring creatives to earn their first $1000/mo doing what they love (and with less gear!). Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Features: Mounts Canon FD & FL 35mm SLR lenses to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Cameras; infinity focus or beyond allowed Integrated aperture control dial for adjusting the lens aperture Enhanced craftsmanship and high-tolerance construction for demanding professionals Precise fit and solid connection; lens has no play, gap or wiggling when.

Fotasy Canon FD Lens to Canon EF-M Mount Adapter, FD EF-M, FD EOS M Adapter, EF M FD Adaptor fits Canon FD FL Lens & Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Cameras M1 M2 M3 M5 M6 M6 Mark II M10 M50 M100 M200 by Fotasy Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Price: Price: $14.95 does the job. The EF lens flange to focus distance needs to be setup at 44mm and the FD body is designed at 42mm. I ignored any mount locking designs and only focused on the proper lens placement (flange to focus) distance of 44mm

In short, the Canon EF is a highly refined trap needle camera. The trap needle mechanism was used by most auto exposure cameras since it uses the position of the camera meter needle to set the aperture of the lens by pressing the needle against a multi step anvil. Like all pre-1987 Canon SLR's, the EF accepted Canon FD mount lenses. The. It is held in with tape for now, I have access to a 3d printer so this shouldnt be an issue) and placed it in a cheap FD to EF adapter right where the lens element goes. I would say resounding success so far - Achieved a focus distance at f22 of at least 3, 3.5ft shorter the smaller aperture, however you can judge for yourself FD Lens Camera Lens pdf manual download. Canon lens ef 70-200mm f/2.8 l is ii usm lens (14 pages) Camera Lens Canon EF-16 Instruction. Ef lens (11 pages) Camera Lens Canon EF-S17-55MM F/2.8 IS USM Instruction. Canon camera lens user manual (13 pages) Camera Lens Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM Instruction. Canon Rebel T2i Compatible Lenses. The Canon T2i is equipped with an EF lens mount, which basically means it can accept any Canon lenses with the EF or EF-S label. If you're feeling adventurous you can download the official Canon lens chart here to see the entire EF lens lineup. Here are some of the more popular Canon EF lenses for beginner Don't even think about it, exchange it. Putting an FD lens on an EF body requires using either an adapter with an optical element (loss in image quality + focal length multiplier) or an adapter without an optical element (loss of infinity focus). Either way, if you want to use an old lens on your Canon, there is a huge selection of other cheap.

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These amazing features are accompanied by a $400 price tag, which could be a worthy investment if you’re in the need for speed and have a decent amount of FD lenses. eBay does have a few cheaper versions, but you get what you pay for as the “Focal Reducer Shootout!” thread on DPReview illustrates. The closest runner up in the shootout is the Lens Turbo by Zhongyi, which is the same manufacturer behind Mitakon, who essentially produces their own version of the Pana-Leica Noticron 42.5mm f1.2 for $359. The Lens Turbo is on eBay for about $150.it's too bad since there are many great FD lenses at a steal (then again if they would work better with EOS with an adapter maybe they would nto be so inexpensive) Using this lens on pretty much any mirroless camera will not be a problem at all, but I usually I warn people about trying to use FD and FL lenses (same mount) on Canon EF mount cameras. So many of us use such cameras and funnily enough Canon FD/FL lenses are not quite compatible with Canon EF cameras Product Title FD-AI Adapter Ring Lens Mount for Canon FD Lens to F Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $15.85 $ 15 . 85 List List Price $26.94 $ 26 . 9

Which FD-EOS Adapter to Buy Photo

Canon FD Lens Info . This is an attempt to compile specifications for all the major Canon FD lenses ever manufactured. Please send any corrections or additions. Lens Name Grp -El Angle of View For use with fixed focal lenth lenses less than 300mm and zoom lenses with a maximum length less than 300m View All Lenses, Flashes & Binoculars Explore Lenses From telephoto to fisheye — and every lens type in between — switch up your perspective and discover which lens is best suited for your lifestyle and needs On the M42-EF adapter I make carefully the holes for the screw heads, with first 3.0mm drill, and afterwards 3.4mm drill. The M42-EF adapter now should fit to the FD lens. Later you probably need some washers between the M42-EF adapter and the lens, in order to make the iris ring moveable .cls-1 {fill: #4d4d4d;}.cls-2 {fill: #de3627;}.cls-3 {fill: #fff;}.cls-4 {fill: #ffdb2c;}.cls-5 {fill: #b01e22;}.cls-6 {fill: none;stroke: #ffdb2c;} .st0{fill:#BE2A26;}.st1{fill:#FFDB2C;}.st2{fill:#2F2F27;}.st3{fill:#FDDA2D;}.st4{fill:#FFFFFF;} .cls-1 {fill: #4d4d4d;}.cls-2 {fill: #de3627;}.cls-3 {fill: #fff;}.cls-4 {fill: #ffdb2c;}.cls-5 {fill: #b01e22;}.cls-6 {fill: none;stroke: #ffdb2c;} B&H for B2B, Gov, Students & More B&H Main site Federal Marketplace Students & Educators Government, Education & Corporate Read 800.606.6969 / 212.444.6615 Help About Us Live Chat The Professional's Source Since 1973 FREE NYC STORE PICKUP Ready Within the Hour >> Free Shipping on most orders over $49 Used Explora All EF-S and EF lenses can be mounted on EF-M lens mount through the use of appropriate lens mount adapters, but EF-M lenses can not be mounted on the EF mount. FD - this is the old manual focus Canon lens mount used before 1987. Because it was not suitable for autofocus, Canon decided to switch from FD and designed the EOS system with EF mount.

Buy FotodioX Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Canon FD Lens to Canon EF-Mount Camera featuring Canon FD Lens to EF-Mount DSLR, 1.4x Multi-Coated Focus Correction Lens, Maintains Infinity Focus, Leaf Spring Mount Design, Brass with Stainless Steel Finish. Review FotodioX nul A long-discontinued Canon EF 50mm f/1.0 L Lens is available for an extremely high price on the used market, but the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens was the best 50mm lens available new prior to the 50 f/1.2's release. There was definitely an opening in Canon's lens lineup for a new high quality, professional grade 50mm lens Adapters for modern & vintage lenses. Need help finding an adapter? Lens Mount: Lens Mount Alpa Arri Bayonet Arri PL Arri Standard B4 2/3 BNCR Bronica ETR Bronica PG Bronica SQ Bronica S C-mount Canon EF Canon FD Contarex CRX Contax G Contax N Contax/Yashica Contax 645 D-mount DKL Mount Exakta Topcon Four-Thirds You can however find all sorts of cheap old lenses of other marques, like Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, etc. Not Minolta, same problem, no space for an adaptor. I use a Nikon 180mm f2.8 (excellent), Olympus macro lenses (also excellent), and a Minolta 58mm f1.2 (needed heavy alterations). Top Rated Gear: Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Canon FD & FL 35mm SLR Lens to Canon EOS (EF/EF-S) Mount D/SLR Camera Body, with Generation v10 Focus Confirmation Chip and Built-In Aperture Control Dial MFR: FD-EOS-PRO-FC1

Hidden Gems: Canon FD Lenses Fstopper

  1. Unless one were to somehow now retest all FD lenses and EF lenses on the same digital body, it is comparing apples and oranges. We know, for example, that EF lenses tested on 8 MPixel APS-C body has different MTF resolution scores than when tested on a 15 MPixel body
  2. I am Jay Soriano. Entrepreneur, Photographer and YouTuber. Stay in touch, or ask me anything on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  3. Coupled with any Canon FD mount camera, the FD 50mm ƒ/1.8 creates a package capable of making an unbelievable variety of images in a nearly limitless variety of shooting environments. Fast enough for decent low-light shots, sharp enough for the OCD-free, and light enough for any traveler, this lens is the exemplification of the original nifty.
  4. This test compares the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 against the Sony 18-55 kit lens, both stopped at f/5.6, using the above reference points for center and corners. The FD lens was focused manually with the help of Sony's Nex-7 focus peaking and magnification features, the Sony lens was set in default Autofocus mode

FD vs. EF lenses - the difference in optical quality ..

Canon FD 50mm F1.4 – Perhaps the most coveted FD lens, it’s the perfect portrait lens, great build and image quality, super fast and relatively compact. I’ve bought and sold a lot of FD lenses, but this is one I’ve kept for over 5 years now. The Olympus 45mm F1.8 is an awesome lens at $300 used, but the Canon FD 50mm F1.4 can easily be had for under $100 on eBay, and it’s 2/3rds of a stop faster. It has the range and speed for a lot of applications, such as dimly lit concerts, here’s a wide open shot I took at a Babyface concert at Spirit Mountain Casino in Oregon: Lenses for the earlier Canon FD lens mount are not usable for general photography on an EF or EF-S mount camera, unless adapters with optical elements are used because they are made for a flange focal distance of only 42.0 mm. Most of these lenses require autofocus and aperture motors inside the body which isn't available in EOS bodies 1) Central resolution exceeding 100 lines per millimeter should be ensured 2) Functions for producing high contrasts should be added 3) To minimize the color balance difference among lenses and to achieve the predetermined color balance, the appropriate glass material and multi-layer coating technology should be used 4) Flare should be reduced by optimizing the lens configuration and preventing interface reflections. Technology for preventing reflection from the inner barrel and components should be developed. The barrel should prevent non-image forming light from entering the lens.

Schneider 4x5.65 RHOdium Full Spectrum Neutral Density FSND .6 Filter 68-13065 My question is, does anyone know what kind of quality the FD lenses are, and would they work well on my 50D camera?The Fujifilm X-T200 is a low-priced mirrorless camera with a stunning 3.5" display, easy-to-use touch interface, oversampled 4K video and the classic design X-series cameras are known for. Dive into our review to see how it ranks against its peers.

Not the typical adapter: Is there a Canon EF lens to FD

  1. Before we go in-depth, let’s go through a quick rundown of the pros and cons of FD lenses and you could decide whether or not legacy lenses are for you:
  2. First off, if you’re looking for a fisheye lens, your best bet is probably the Rokinon 7.5mm F3.5, which is native to Micro Four Thirds. Canon does have it’s own versions, such as the Canon FD 15mm F2.8, but since you’re doubling the focal length and only using the center of the lens you’re not likely to get the effect you want.
  3. Canon FD 50mm F1.4 - Perhaps the most coveted FD lens, it's the perfect portrait lens, great build and image quality, super fast and relatively compact. I've bought and sold a lot of FD lenses, but this is one I've kept for over 5 years now
  4. Canon FD 35-105mm F3.5 Macro – It’s quite well known that legacy zooms aren’t quite up to snuff of the quality we have today, but there are a few exceptions. Throughout this article, I have only 3 FD zoom recommendations: This one and the other 2 are L lenses. Though a little big, it’s quite versatile as it plays in the ever so popular 70-210mm e-FoV. At the wide end, it’s also capable of Macro (1:2 ratio). Quite a steal at under $100. Here’s a review and some samples on Flickr, and here’s a shot of my pug Benji with this lens:
  5. Canon FD Lens Adapter. Canon FD lenses were introduced in 1971 when Canon launched its F-1 camera.The FD lens mount was a new physical standard to connect lenses to camera bodies and during the 1970s and 1980s it enjoyed great success, so much so that more than 130 different FD lenses were launched covering macro to telephoto and everything in between
  6. A group for Canon FD system users. Chitchat about photos, lenses, cameras, and auxiliary stuff. The Canon FD system The Canon FD system was introduced in 1971 as the successor to Canon's FL system. The FD system added full-aperture metering and auto-exposure. The following were the cameras that Canon developed for the system over the years: F-1 (1971) FTb (1971) FTbn (1973) EF (1973) TLb (1974.

Canon FD and FL SLR Lens to Canon EOS - Fotodiox, Inc

it should be an EF to FD adapter and have quite the protruding elements if I recall the adapter that canon designed. Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x Sales Price: $699.00 Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T CINE Speed Booster XL 0.64x Sales Price: $699.00 Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster SUPER16 0.58x (for Blackmagic Design Super-16mm sensor sized camera) Sales Price: $659.0 New Listing Canon Telephoto Zoom Lens EF 70-200mm F4.0L is USM for EOS 67mm Filter Thread AF 4.5 out of 5 stars 6 product ratings 6 product ratings - Canon Telezoomobjektiv EF 70-200mm F4.0L IS USM für EOS 67mm Filtergewinde A

As this article is almost 5,000 words, it’s likely you won’t remember everything. But if you remember just one thing from this article, let it be this: Opt for the fast primes with S.S.C. coating. Luminous Landscape has an excellent post on Understand Lens Contrast, which details the importance of lens coatings:Thank you very much ALL for your replies. I decided to use the money, and add some more to get an EF 35 f2 canon lens. But I really appreciate all the tips, and comments. I guess the EF is a different lens after all Thanks -- Canon 50D, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM I actually shoot most of my stuff with a 50 mm F1.2 and it is absolutely amazing although it did take me a while to learn about the sweet spots and what works best in different situations. I am just an Amateur photographer and so the three hundred..

Canon's FD lenses, when used on FD mount cameras at least, use a pair of levers to communicate, control, and activate the aperture. The smaller of the two, at least on a proper FD mount camera, serves to convey the aperture value the lens is set to the camera, or when the lens is set to A set the aperture value from the camera An EF lens will not fit onto an FD body. In 1987, Canon introduced EOS cameras that use EF (electro-focus) lenses. All of the exposure and focusing communication connections between the camera and. EF-S lenses feature a shorter distance between the end of the lens and the image sensor, which allows for smaller lens enclosures and lighter lenses. The technology is particularly well suited for wide-angle shooting and is only mountable on cameras that support the system; older cameras that support only the standard EF lens mount will not be. Check Craigslist (or your regions popular local classified) for deals, sometimes you can happen upon someone who doesn’t know what they’re selling, like a grandchild selling their grandfather’s old gear. I’m not saying it’s likely, but I have seen people brag about picking up boxes full of old FD equipment for dirt cheap, or FD “L” lenses for under $50 because of situations like that. For reference, the Canon FD 85mm f1.2 L is fetching about $750+ on eBay. If you are looking to buy on eBay, make sure it’s from a reputable seller, and make sure there’s plenty of pictures to evaluate condition. Look for mentions of no haze, fungus, etc.Keep in mind the crop factor, for Micro Four Thirds it’s 2x, NEX is 1.5x and EOS-M is 1.6x. So on a Micro Four Thirds body, the Canon FD “wide angles” are closer to a “normal” FoV.

I have modified a Minolta 58mm f1.2 for Canon EF. Minolta is one of the few other lens types which cannot be mounted on Canon EF with an adaptor, but in that case it is indeed a question of shaving off 1-2mm and then mount a suitabe EF adaptor (M42-EF in my case). But the Canon FD is not that easy.wow.. get it .. if all else fails you can ebay the adapter for more than 150 bucks .. the actual canon FD adapters are VERY rare.the lenses themselves are fine, but unlike many other lenses they don't work properly on the EOS with a bare adapter, either you use a bare adapter and then you loose infinity focus and they are just short range lenses or the adapter needs to have glass in it and that reduces IQ a lot.Here’s a portrait where I stopped down a bit, I believe 2.8 or 4.0 (you won’t get metadata with FD lenses), nonetheless, you’ll still get beautiful bokeh:I personally use a Fotodiox FD to m43 adapter and have had no issues with it, at $20 it came highly recommended and it seemed like the safe bet as others did complain about issues with mounts from other manufacturers. Other mirrorless camera owners will have to get the FD mount converter for their system (eg. NEX, FX, EOS-M, etc.). Another popular mount that made headlines last year is the Metabones SpeedBooster which boasts additional features including:

The beauty of the Micro Four Thirds system is that you could attach virtually any lens on the market if you have the right adapter. Even with µ43 growing as a mature system with a variety of native lenses to choose from, let us not forget about Canon’s legendary FD mount, which was produced for over 20 years before the introduction of Canon’s EOS line. Canon 7D Mark II Lens Compatibility List. By admin, on December 28th, 2014. As we know that the EOS 7D Mark II features Hybrid 65 point AF, but will all these AF points will work with your current EF and EF-S Lenses? Take a look below the compatibility chart of your Canon 7D Mark II camer Canon EOS R and EF 50mm f/1.0 L on EF Adapter with Control Ring. bigger. My 50mm f/1.0 seems to autofocus faster on my EOS R than on any of my SLRs or DSLRs, and most importantly it always focuses perfectly , especially at f/1.0 where this lens sees as much as the human eye — something which no f/1.2 or f/0.95 lens can do The 3 Canon lenses (100 macro, 50) are very good prime lenses; the 28 was average; Vivitar has a well-deserved bad reputation, even back in the MF days. But, as rrcphoto mentioned, don't expect miracles. Depending on the quality of the FD/EF adapter, the 100mm macro may be a keeper. -- -Dave http://pixseal.com

Canon FD Set w/Custom EF Mount Contax Zeiss Set Canon FD with Custom EF Mount Nikkor High Speeds Canon FD 85mm f1.2 Nikkor 16mm Fisheye Nikkor 85mm f1.4 RP Lens prime sets are an excellent and affordable choice for use with super 35mm and full-frame cameras. These are still photographic lenses that we upgrade to work in the digital cinema. An enhanced range of FD lenses was available to photographers who required the highest optical and mechanical performance. In addition to more robust mechanical construction, these lenses used a variety of special technologies, including ground aspherical surfaces, calcium fluorite optical elements, and ultra-low-dispersion glass. Canon used these means to achieve outstanding optical performance at the extremes of lens design: wide apertures and extreme focal lengths. Aspherical surfaces improved performance of wide-angle and standard lenses at very wide apertures. Ultra-low dispersion and fluorite elements virtually eliminated chromatic aberration at long focal lengths. The earlier versions of these lenses carried “AL”, “Aspherical”, or “Fluorite” indications on the front of the lens. The post-1979 ‘New FD’ versions acknowledged all the exotic technologies under the single designation “L” (commonly believed to indicate ‘luxury’ or ‘asphericaL’). Canon has continued the “L” designation, and the famous red ring around the lens front, in the current EF autofocus lenses for EOS cameras, where the symbol now officially stands for “Luxury.”Which FD lenses should you buy?Three Generations of Lenses – FL, FD and New FD – The following information is provided by Canon’s official Camera Museum, a look through the Canon Camera Story. Though their origins started nearly 30 years earlier, we’re starting in 1964, with the introduction of the FL lenses, just four years after their R-Series Lens. Canon proceeded with FL lenses to reduce manufacturing costs and for future technological improvements. FL lenses also marked the first time fluorite was used in their lenses, which was used to reduce secondary chromatic aberrations. FL lenses can be used on FD mount cameras or adapters. Believe it or not, there are still people that like to print out their photos and create photo books to send gifts to family members. We looked at five popular photo printing services and have chosen the best.

197 results for canon fd to eos adapter For Canon FD Lens To EOS EF DSLR SLR Camera FD-EOS Mount Adapter Ring No Glass. C $18.04; or Best Offer +C $0.83 shipping; Free Returns. Only 3 left! 68 Sold. From China; GABALE adapter for Canon FD lens to Canon EOS R RF mount camera. C $64.25 You also need to fix the aperture mechanism, because when you remove the old FD mount (easy, four screws) you at the same time remove the connection between the aperture ring and the apreture mechanism. So it is not that simple. 1971 saw the introduction of the FD mount with the Canon F-1. The FD mount is a 35mm mount that was used up until the 1987 introduction of EOS cameras and the EF mount which would allow the introduction of autofocus lenses. FD lenses are manual focus only and you can still make use of them today using FD->EF adapters

The FD lens was a manual focus lens made for Canon by Canon. his was back when things were a lot simpler, great lenses though. The EF system came out to match advancing autofocus technology when cameras became electronic. The EF lenses were one of the first breed of fast autofocus lenses designed to work with the EOS system Used Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L USM Autofocus Image Stabilized Telephoto Zoom Lens V. Ratings Distribution. SKU: US 1231429. $729.00 As low as $122.00/mo for 6 months ++ Used Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Manual Focusing Lens for EOS Digital Cameras. F. Ratings Distribution. Item Note: Lens does not function as it should. Tilt knob is. The EF mount extended the flange distance (film/sensor to front of camera lens mount) to 44mm meaning that FD lenses couldn't make use of a simple physical adapter (they had a 42mm flange distance) EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. High-quality lens that outperforms most zoom models in image quality. Quiet auto-focus mechanism. Fast auto-focus mechanism runs quietly. Works in many situations. Small size for a zoom lens. One of the best zoom lenses available for a Canon camera in terms of image sharpness. Price point is well above average. The f/2.

Canon starts manufactured the FD lenses in 1971 with letter L to identified the year (therefore, M = 1972; N = 1973 and goes on). Your lens was stamped with U603, so it was manufactured in June 1980 (U = 1980, 6 = June, 03 = internal numbering). My FD lens 50 mm f/1.8 was stamped U710. Therefore your lens is 1 month older than mine Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter Compatible with Canon FD & FL 35mm SLR lens to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Camera Body - with Generation v10 Focus Confirmation Chip and Built-In Aperture Control Dial. Lens Mount Adapte Canon FD 85mm F1.2 L – I admit. I love big glass. When I see a lens that’s virtually no bezel, just pure glass – I drop my jaw in amazement and just lust over it. Check it out on the Canon A-1:You could find a pile of lenses like that for far less either on ebay or at a yard sale. The non-Canon lenses have zero value (maybe $5 to $10 each plus shipping). Even the Canon lenses listed are practically a literal "dime a dozen". FD lenses were incompatible with EOS - only the new EF lenses would work. So Canon released a lot of quality EF lenses to use with the new cameras. From '87 till the late 90s, Canon produced.

But it's not worth the trouble to do the mod, unless your getting for great FD lens like a L lens. I've been watching on ebay and good FD lenses, go fairly high still as I'm sure people know it only needs 2mm off it to work good. That is the only reason I would think, they would big the lenses up as high as they do, but still you could get some fine telephoto lenses for cheap. The new Sony A7R is equipped with the same 36mp Exmor sensor that was previously only available on the Nikon D800 and D800E cameras. Having the ability to combine Canon's top L lenses like the TS-E 17mm f/4L, TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, and EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II, with Sony's 36MP sensor compelled me to try it.Currently the Canon 5D Mark III, 6D and 1DX have amazing high ISO but this new sensor.

If you want a camera that you can pick up and use without having to page through the manual first, then this guide is for you. We've selected seven cameras ranging from compacts to full-frame, all of which are easy to operate. EF stands for Electro Focus, which indicates that there is electronics inside the lens, which is used for focusing the lens. It came into existence in 1987. It is the successor of Canon's older FD lenses. Canon EF lenses come with a red dot in the exterior part, the end where the lens gets connected to the camera. It is also the mounting. Also, the fact is that the optical quality on a modern digital slr isn't going to be that great-or even good so why bother? The best use for an old FD prime that I've found is with a reversing ring as a macro lens. (Even then the quality was so "good" heheh, that I bought a dedicated EF macro lens). So you can mount Pentax 67 lenses on 645, 645 lenses on Pentax K-mount or lenses on Canon EF mount. There are adapters for all these combinations. Canon EF lenses have a shorter flange to sensor distance than 645 cameras. This would mean that the flange of the lens would have to be INSIDE the 645 lens mount to allow correct focusing

I did consider the 50 and 55mm F1.2 variants, but after seeing so many people say that it’s not worth the upgrade, or even that 50mm f1.4 performed better, I decided to save my money and opt for the 50mm F1.4, and I have zero regrets. Overall, it’s an awesome lens and at the price I recommend that it’s the first lens you play with when you start shooting with legacy lenses.Thanks for any tips -- Canon 50D, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Legacy lenses have seen a resurgence with the popularity of mirrorless cameras, today we’ll be focusing on one of the most popular legacy lens mounts – Canon’s FD mount. And while this is primarily a website covering Micro Four Thirds, this could apply to many other systems. Even Canon’s current EF mount, though not without it’s fair share of drawbacks that don’t quite exist with mirrorless cameras, Lemming51 on DPReview points out: The FD 50mm f/1.8 is a standard lens designed for late model Canon manual focus SLR cameras. The 50mm f/1.8 FD is a perfect companion lens for Canon A series and T series bodies. With a 'normal' angle of view the 50mm is not considered wide or telephoto but rather an in-between general purpose lens The DJI Mavic Air 2 is a Goldilocks drone. It's not the biggest or the smallest model out there, but it delivers just the right balance of size and features.

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