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  2. Ausgabe des ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival präsentiert von 11. Juli bis 11. August 2019 65 Produktionen in 21 Spielstätten - vom Burgtheater über das Odeon bis hin zur Zacherlfabrik. Darunter finden sich zwölf Stücke der [8:tension] Young Choreographers' Series, sechs Uraufführungen, 36 österreichische.
  3. ImPulsTanz: Nackttanz mit Narbe. Mit wörtlich Nichts (Néant/Void) kommt St. Pierre am 12. Juli ans Wiener Odeon Theater. Vielen Veranstaltern ist der 44-Jährige zu gewagt
  4. In 2003, Baris created his first choreography at the Odeon Space in Vienna, which included other works by European choreographers and in which he performed in a short duet. He captured this event on film and produced Out There, A Play Through Time, which was later featured at the Vienna Short Film Festival
  5. The Odeon is one of the most magnificent performance spaces anywhere in the world. A dance company need only take the Odeon down to sandy bricks and Corinthian columns to create an atmosphere of impending wonder. Emio Greco when he brough Double Points: Hell to ImPulsTanz went one step further
  6. Odeon Theatre, Vienna - for Impulstanz Specials Within the project Transiti Humanitatis, Roberto Zappalà dedicated the creation Oratorio per Eva especially to Eve, symbolic figure par excellence. The biblical Eve, first woman and mother of humanity, seamlessly turns into the dancer who brings her to life and thus into a woman of today
  7. A co-production of Les Ballets de Montecarlo, ImPulsTanz Vienna International Festival and Liquid Loft. Choreography based on original choreographic sequences from Vaslav Nijinsky reconstructed by Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer . Premier July 13th, 2010, Salle Garnier, Montecarlo Oper

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If you want to claim your donation as a special expense in your tax assessment, please provide us with your data (first and last name, date of birth). because since 2017 an electronic data exchange with the tax office is required. We will also be happy to send you a donation receipt. 2020年5月17日 - 在 Pinterest 探索 25340e567511670592c9798aad5f6b 的图板舞美 Only as a member you have the chance to really look behind the scenes. During introductory talks, you will learn new and exciting things about the international dance scene, personal details about artists and their pieces. You are welcome to join us, take advantage of the benefits of membership and get to know one of the world´s most renowed festival for contemporary dance at first hand. ImPulsTanz 15. 28.7./1.8. 28., 30. 7. u. 2.8. 29., 31. 7. u. 2.8. 29./31. 7. 31.7. Odeon Grelle Forelle Schauspielhaus. Lisa Hinterreithner & Jack Hauser Mezzani Odeon, Do 31.7., 22.30, Sa 2.8., 22.30 What Remains Of What Has Passed Teresa Silva & Filipe Pereira (P) Unheimliches Irrlichtern, stumme Schreie und eine geheimnisvolle Soundkulisse: Das.

Throughout the course of a month, the ImPuls Tanz Festival hosts around 50 productions at venues including the Burgtheater, the Volkstheater, the MuseumsQuartier, the Odeon, and the Schauspielhaus. Around 150 teachers hold about 200 dance workshops You support with your annual membership one of the most important events for dance and performance worldwide and probably the most popular summer event among Viennese. You enable with your annual membership socially disadvantaged children and young people to participate in ImPulsTanz workshops. In cooperation with non-profit organizations. You meet each other at exklusive introductions, rehearsal visits and behind-the-scene events. You receive reduced tickets with our partners: Gartenbaukino, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Kunsthalle Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum, mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, MuTh, Odeon, Schauspielhaus, Theater an der Wien/Kammeroper, Volkstheater, WestLicht & OstLicht, Wiener Staatsballett, Festspielhaus St. Pölten. With fickt euch doch ins knie Christine Gaigg continues her topic of sexual identity and empowerment which in this year's ImPulsTanz Festival she also presents with CLASH, August 3, 2017 in Odeon theatre and a Fabre reenactment

SunBengSitting is a piece straddling yodelling, folk dance and contemporary dance, a trip to the past and a playful, humorous search for identity. Austrian farm boy and performance artist Simon Mayer invites the audience to get to know his life, his contradictions and his indignation at having to submit to categories and conventions A Viennese institution, over the course of 33 years Impulstanz has premiered works from dance pioneers like Alain Platel, Anna Teresa de Keersmaker and Marie Chouinard, playing a key role in introducing contemporary dance to the world at large. At the Odeon, the popular Austrian. Scenic Project with works by Nikolaus Adler, Manfred Aichinger, Bernd Roger Bienert, Rose Breuss and Willi Dorner (Festspielhaus, St. Pölten, 2006), Theatre Odeon, Vienna 2008, Posthof Line (2009), ImPulsTanz Festival (2010) ImPulsTanz / Theater ODEON Juli ist Simon Mayers Sons of Sissy im Odeon mit Sehbehindertenfassung zu erleben. Dieses Tanz- und Musikquartett bietet eine zeitgenössische Neuinterpretation von Traditionen, Volkstänzen und volkstümlicher Musik: zeitgenössischer Tanz mit unkonventionellem Umgang traditioneller Wurzeln..

In 1988 the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival is introduced for the first time, featuring works by Wim Vandekeybus, Marie Chouinard and Mark Tompkins. All names that are still closely connected with ImPulsTanz, which meanwhile has grown to Europe's biggest contemporary festival. Odeon dates: July 28, 21:00 & July 31, 22:00. A. talking matroschkas or a small tower of babylon. Fritz Ostermayer The glossolalia of Christian antiquity, the automatic writing of the Surrealists, black metal's growling - those are just some of the numerous acts of speech/writing of the finding of oneself within losing, of the giving up of will, because of a hope of gained insight - or to say it in the vernacular: getting smarter by. Andrea Amort studied modern dance and classical ballet with Erika Gangl and Andrei Jerschik in Linz, and Theatre Studies at the University of Vienna, where she received her doctorate in 1982 with a thesis on the story of the ballet of the Vienna State Opera from 1918 to 1942.. From 1981 to 2009 she was a dance critic and sometimes also an editor and deputy director of the cultural department. Become an ImPulsBringer and a member of the Friends of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. Please send us an email with your name and phone number. We will get in touch with you immediately. Im September 2012 zeigte die Tanz Company Gervasi in Kooperation mit ImPulsTanz die Werke Tracce-in und Erinnern und Vergessen im Wiener Odeon Theater. www.impulstanz.com Special Jury Prize at the Ankara Film Festival 1999

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ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival July 12 - August 14. Thousands of professional dancers, choreographers and teachers from all over the world, come together, work together, for five weeks, in one city - ImPulsTanz. 1984 Opening on July 14 at 18:30 h at Odeon foyer ! Within the following festival programme, the installation is open for visitors one hour prior to every ImPulsTanz performance at Odeon. GRAS is the first project of a series of space occupations 2013 taking place under the title the balanced room . www.impulstanz.co

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Galas are often long affairs. And this one was no exception. Manuel Legris was fortunate to be mentored in his early dance career by Rudolf Nureyev during his reign at the Paris Opera Guide to Contemporary Life and Culture in Vienna. Contemporary Culture in Vienna. April « ImPulsTanz Festival - 2015 Vienna International Dance Festival. Posted on 1. July 2015; by Cornelia Jarosch; in Culture in Vienna Vienna; Vienna dances. Since its founding in 1984, the ImPulsTanz Festival has developed into one of the most important festivals of modern dance worldwide. Countless professional dancers, choreographers and lecturers from all over the world meet one another in. The dance happens 4x - one long weekend- and then its over. We have a good video documentation of it, and I promptly never watch this. I'm not sure I've made a dance I really want to study again. I do think I keep making dances that get clearer and more interesting each time. The next dance is a slightly better version of the one that preceded it

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ImPulsTanz is back for its 30th anniversary. Every summer Vienna becomes the centre of Europe's contemporary dance world for a month and 2013 appears an especially fine vintage. ImPulsTanz is rare among festivals, as it includes both extended workshops (pro, amateur, beginner) along with an exciting performance programme Nothing against St Polten, but please bring choreolab back to Vienna, to the Odeon or Museumsquartier and to a wider public. choreolab should not be a private event for the Staatsoper inner circle and dancers. ImPulsTanz: Cat in a deep freeze - Saskia Hölbling/Dans.Kias

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A day before the premiere of the documentary-theatre production Prometheus in Athens led by Rimini Protokoll, I found myself observing the sleepless yet enthusiastic young Greek staff members as well as some of the 103 real-life actors backstage. The Odeon of Herodus Atticus is an amphitheatre located right below the Acropolis serves as one of the 15 stages of the festival Performances: Tanzquartier Wien / Halle G, ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2015/ Odeon. Production: 2nd nature Coproduction: Festival steirischer herbst, Tanzquartier Wien 2nd nature is supported by MA7 Kulturamt der Stadt Wien Touring support possiblity: INTPA - International Net for Dance & Performance Austri Home » must see » Tourismus Baden bei Wien. Tourismus Baden bei Wien. eingetragen in: must see, Niederösterreich | ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival. 15. März 2018. Hotel Innsbruck. Odeon Theater. 12. Oktober 2017. Parndorf Fashion Outlet. 12. Oktober 2017

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  1. Tanz Atelier Wien Youtube. International ChoreoLab Austria 2016: 'BODYHOOD_NARRATIVE & composition - final Real-Time-Composition in cooperation with IMPULSTANZ at Tanz Atelier Wien featuring: Tung I-Fen, Sheng Shiou-Ling, Petra Sperling, Xiao Chu Hsu, Lo Suk Han, Manuela Tober, Stephanie Tietz, Othello Johns, Cheng Shu-Fang, Lai Szu-Ying, Johnny Jan-Pong Tu and Sebastian..
  2. ImPulsTanz (Vienna Dance Festival) will be held 09 Jul to 09 Aug 2020 in Vienna, Austria.ImPulsTanz (Vienna Dance Festival) is one of the most destinguished festivals for contemporary dance worldwide. Thousands of professional dancers, choreographers, teachers and dance aficionados from all over the world encounter each other here, inspire each other, investigate together, exchange and turn.
  3. ImPulsTanz plant Vorverkauf ab Mitte Mai - Das Wiener ImPulsTanz-Festival hat das Programm für die. Burg- und Akademietheater, im Odeon und im Kasino am. Beitrags-Navigatio

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Imagine being a world famous artist. Imagine designing national monuments. Imagine thinking that you are invulnerable to repression. Imagine speaking out against human rights abuses at your country's Olympics (Olympics for which you designed stadiums) SearchSearchArtworksReveal moreArtistsReveal moreAuctionsEditorialMoreReveal moreLog inSign upMenuIn past showCome on! Dance with meOstlicht. Gallery for PhotographyIn past showCome on! Dance with meOstlicht. Gallery for PhotographySaveSaveViewView in roomShareShareSaveSaveViewView in roomShareShareEmilia Milewska FollowDoris Uhlich (AT) // SEISMIC SESSION // @WIENER SECESSION, IMPULSTANZ 2017, 2017Fine Art Print23 3/5 × 35 2/5 in60 × 90 cmThis is part of a limited edition set.Contact For PriceContact galleryOstlicht. Gallery for PhotographyLocationViennaHave a question? Read our FAQ.About the workExhibition historyOstlicht. Gallery for PhotographyVienna•FollowEdition of 5.Also available in 106 x 160 cm. Theater ODEON, Vienna, Austria Teacher at Research Workshop. Haitian Vodou dance as part of Afro Diasporic Ritual as Afrofuturist Technology Bighton, United Kingdom Teacher at ImPulsTanz Vienna Festival 5 Days open-Workshop | Afro-Haitian Dance with Live-Drums, Vienna, Austria Teacher at ImPulsTanz Vienna Festiva

Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature (AT) // MAYBE THE WAY YOU MADE LOVE TWENTY YEARS AGO IS THE ANSWER? // @ ODEON, IMPULSTANZ 2015, 2015. Ostlicht. Gallery for Photography. Contact for price. Karolina Miernik. Cie. Ismael Ivo & Grupo Biblioteca do Corpo (DE/BR) // NO SACRE // @ ARSENAL, IMPULSTANZ 2013, 2013. Ostlicht. Gallery for Photograph Hinterreithner & Hauser, ImPulsTanz, Odeon Werkstätten, Juli 2015. Create . Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business ImPulsTanz Burgtheater, Volkstheater, Akademietheater, Schauspielhaus, Odeon, Project Space/Kunsthalle Wien, Art for Art/ThSG-Werkstatten, Probebuhnen des Wiener Burgtheaters, Flex Tel: + 43 1 523 55 58 - 36 info@impulstanz.com www.impulstanz.com. Text: Christina Merl Photos: Courtesy of ImPulsTanz

Erstmals bei ImPulsTanz: das Serapions Ensemble Serapions' Anagó im Odeon. Plus: Die finnische Choreografin, Tänzerin und Musikerin Elena Pirinen 27 Lexikon ImPulsTanz von A bis Z: alle. in 2008 during Impulstanz festival in Vienna Marten Spanberg and Tor Lindstrand with a group of international dancers made a movie called SWEAT. Castyourart interviewed the participants and. Kō Murobushi (Japanese: 室伏 鴻, Hepburn: Murobushi Kō, June 14, 1947 - June 18, 2015) was a Japanese dancer and choreographer who was a leading inheritor of Tatsumi Hijikata's original vision of Butoh.. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Murobushi studied under Tatsumi Hijikata starting in 1969, and after a short experience with Yamabushi mountain monks, he became a co-founder of the Butoh company.

The Impulstanz festival in Vienna, Austria gave me the opportunity to build an installation for a memorial night on August 6, 2015 at Odeon theatre. I have for years been drawn to Ko's storytelling, his ability to create images that seem larger than life and very real, yet at the same time permeable like air, ever changing and free of a. Odeon Foyer. Performance (2015), ~ 50 Min Performance (2015), Patricia Brülhart Textarbeit Anne Schuh Assistenz Thomas Schaupp Projekleitung das Schaufenster Produktion Ian Kaler Koproduktion ImPulsTanz und Tanzquartier Wien Kooperation Tanzfabrik Berlin und APAP. The following weeks, the Viennese venue Odeon's programme emphasizes very much on dance and fine arts: on 25 February Saskia Hölbling's company DANS.KIAS celebrates the world premiere of Corps à Corps, a choreography for four people and a puppet.On 12 and 13 March Bert Gstettner, Hannes Mlenek and Günther Rabl present MEDUSA*ODE in which dance and paintings intertwine ImPulsTanz zeigt mit Modell 5 eine 25 Jahre alte Medieninstallation, die nichts an Aktualität eingebüßt hat und eine digitale Fratze offenbart. Kurt Hentschläger und Ulf Langheinrichs Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit den Auswirkungen einer technologisierten Umwelt und stellt das Verhältnis zwischen Mensch und Maschine in Frage Throughout the course of a month, this Viennese festival hosts around 50 productions at venues including the Burgtheater, the Volkstheater, the MuseumsQuartier, the Odeon, and the Schauspielhaus. Around 150 teachers hold about 200 dance workshops

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His Unruhiges Wohnen at ImPulsTanz two years ago was an absorbing if depressing tour-de-force of modern dance. I have reservations about the score and the dramaturgy based on Elfried Jelinek's story about the abuse of a little girl - but Bienert never ran out of movement, nor was his neo-classical choreography ever self-conscious or stilted www.impulstanz.com Tanz Company Gervasi In October 2013, Elio Gervasi stages his most recent work Solo with guests (Part two ) in cooperation with ImPulsTanz at Odeon theatre

ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival. Contemporary dance performances, research projects and workshops Q21 Backstage: On July 11 the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival, Europe's biggest event for contemporary dance and performance, opens. Until August 11, it invites you to experience great art on the most beautiful stages in Vienna as well as pleasantly cool museums around the MQ Na ImPulsTanz mednarodnem plesnem festivalu, ki poteka od 16. julija do 18. avgusta se vsak dan dogaja kaj novega, predvsem se dogaja ples, in to na gledaliških odrih, v muzejskih prostorih, tudi na sodobnih razstavnih prizoriščih. Dobesedno po cele dneve, in to nadvse intenzivno, štiri tedne pa je plesno dogajanje koncentrirano na prostor. Sonja Schebeck is on Facebook. To connect with Sonja, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Sonja Schebeck. Current City and Hometown. ABC Classic, Impulstanz soçial, Theater ODEON, Dynamo - Workspace for circus & performing arts, 180 Degrees Festival and Laboratory for innovative Art Sofia, Sydney Trapeze School,.

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View Christine Gaigg 2nd nature AT MAYBE THE WAY YOU MADE LOVE TWENTY YEARS AGO IS THE ANSWER ODEON, IMPULSTANZ 2015 by Karolina Miernik on artnet. Browse more artworks Karolina Miernik from OstLicht. Gallery for Photography Performerin Mathilde Monnier Theatre: Festival ImPulsTanz: Odeon Theater. 2013 Carte Blanche . Naemi Patric Blaser Theatre: Wiener Konzerthaus und Dschungel Wien. Audio 2020 How to protect your internal ecosystem (Audio drama) Miriam Schmidtke & Mimu Merz Audio: OE1 ORF. 2019. Als regelmäßiger ImPulsTanz-Gast hat sie gemeinsam mit ihrer Compagnie Damaged Goods eine Retrospektive für das Festival erarbeitet. In fünf Miniaturen werden im Odeon Ausschnitte aus den wichtigsten Choreographien Stuarts gezeigt, die passend zum diesjährigen ImPulsTanz-Thema Musik ausgewählt wurden Hardly any other art form is as diverse as contemporary dance. In the works, the body stands in the center, but also language, music and architecture are examined. Actually, one festival is not enough to reflect this diversity, and yet ImPulsTanz has been doing just that for over 35 years now. Be a part of this unique event that makes Vienna the most important city of dance in the world every summer!

Seit Beginn des Festivals Impulstanz ist sie regelmäßig mit dabei, zeigte ihre empathischen und gewitzten Arbeiten über Hieronymus Bosch, über Versehrtheit, Kontrollverlust und unsere Angst davor karolina mierni Eine gute Viertelstunde lang verharren Vânia Rovisco und Márcio Kerber Canabarro reglos in ihrer Anfangspose, während das Publikum mit der beim ImPulsTanz üblichen Verspätung im Odeon-Theater. 65 Produktionen in 21 Spielstätten vom Burgtheater über das Odeon, Mumok und Leopold-Museum bis zur Zacherlfabrik stehen bei der 36. Ausgabe des Wiener Festivals ImPulsTanz auf dem Programm. Von 11. Juli bis 11. August gibt es u. a. sechs Uraufführungen und 36 österreichische Erstaufführungen. www.impulstanz.co kartenvorverkauf: (01) 712 54 00-111 ImPulsTanz-Tageskassa STAATSOPER - UNTER DEN ARKADEN (1., Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz): (01) 514 442958, Mo-Sa 10-13 und 14-20, So 14-20 Uhr Stücktite

Liquid Loft / Chris Haring zeigen mit Mush Room im Odeon eine ebenso sinnlich-laszive wie höllisch-beängstigende Performance, ein Gesamtkunstwerk aus Klang, Licht, Bewegung der fremden Körper im lebenden Garten aus Pilzen und grünen Linsengewächsen von Michel Blazy. Mush:Room ist nach Wellness (ImPulsTanz 2011) der 2 Beyond the festival programme, there will be staged one further production in cooperation with ImPulsTanz this autumn : Vienna based choreographer Elio Gervasi presents his most recent work Solo with guests (Part two) in October at Odeon. www.impulstanz.co Zu Gast im Odeon: ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2010. 15. Juli - 15. August. Information und Karten: 01/523 55 58 • www.ImPulsTanz.com Veranstaltungen im Odeon Performed by Akemi Takeya, premiered on Aug.1. 2017 at Odeon, Wien, presented by ImPulsTanz Festival 2017, production IMEKA 2017 http://www.akemitakeya.com/?page_id=519 ImPulsTanz's dramaturgical advisor and member of the artistic team Christine Standfest talks about upcoming projects, exciting vs. boring Vienna, the citie's young contemporary dance scene and where to go to dance all night. What are you working on at the moment? Apart from already thinking about ImPulsTanz 2018 (after the festival is before the festival, a

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  1. Letošnji dunajski plesni festival ImPulsTanz odpira svoja vrata 12. julija, in po običaju tradicije traja mesec dni, torej do 12. avgusta. Pogled na množico dogajanja je seveda obseže
  2. ent and beautiful stages in Vienna - from the Burgtheater via the Volkstheater to Odeon and Schauspielhaus - and with its unique program of workshops and research projects will transform the ART-for-ART rehearsal stages of Vienna's Arsenal as well as of the.
  3. Info Date 2014/7/21-25 Workshop 7/28,30 choreograph 7/31-8/10 research clas 8/15,16,17 solo Activities Workshop, Research Class, Choreography, Solo Performanc

This piece of dance history is still as breathtaking as 34 years ago, when its choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker was still at the beginning of her world career. Rosas danst Rosas - original subtitle Five Movements for Four Women - leveragted the Belgian to her international breakthrough. This autumn the brilliant and provocative masterpiece will return to Vienna tanzschrift.at: ImPulsTanz, Simon Mayer: Sons of Sissy, Spezial (DE) ma culture: Simon Mayer, faire sonner le mouvement (FR) Springback Magazine: Les Brigittines International Festival 2018 (EN) Fugues: Sons of Sissy, relecture queer du folklore (FR) Le Devoir: Du spirituel dans la danse folklorique (FR Category People & Blogs; Song Dance Me To The End Of Love; Artist Leonard Cohen; Album Live In London (Alben für die Ewigkeit) Writer Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics - Duration: 9:35. The Late Late Show with James Corden Recommended for yo In Solo with Guests we get anything except a solo. We enter the always impressive Odeon space where a ten box tall wall divides the two halves of the stage right down the middle. At the back of the massive space we glimpse an impatient Gervasi himself in a scruffy winter coat moving from one end of the couch to another

Following the stage version of the piece that featured at ImPulsTanz in summer 2019, Doris Uhlich and Boris Kopeinig are developing a site-specific version for the Natural History Museum in Vienna. For three days the tank will be set up in the Department of Anthropology, where Doris Uhlich will be moving in the midst of human history ES: ImPulsTanz is the biggest dance workshop festival in the world. How did it start and evolve? Now the workshops are open to pros and amateurs alike. How do you mix these two groups? RR: Impulstanz started as only workshops 34 years ago, three weeks of 15 workshops taught by five teachers. It has now grown to 250 workshops taught by 150 teachers

ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival Dance / Performance / Workshops / Research / Soçial. Vienna, Austri ; To apply, please send your CV, photo and letter of motivation to auditionciewdorner@gmail.com with the subject MAZY 2019 The preselected dancers will be invited to audition on April 6. The audition is on invitation only Sirikit Amann . Andreas Barth . Sandra Berkson . Thomas Bernhart . Brigitte Bierlein . Peter Coeln . Roland Ebhart . Petra Egger . Otto Farny . Hilde Hawlicek . Elke Hesse . Dietmar Hoscher . Ingrid Kapsch . Martina & Hans Malus . Christoph Mandl . Sigi Menz . Werner Muhm . Birgit Noggler . Josef Ostermayer . Jean-Michel Quinot . Diego Rainer . Karl Regensburger . Martin Ritzmaier . Rio Rutzinger . Sigi Schlager . Gabriel Schmidinger . Walter Schneeberger . Peter Sengl . Andrea Sperger . Hannes Stangl . Wolfgang Steirer . Mandana Taban . Michael Tojner . Michael Walla . Peter Weibel . Lothar Wenzl . Hans-Peter Wipplinger . Alexander Wrabetz . Erwin Wurm

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65 Produktionen in 21 Spielstätten vom Burgtheater über das Odeon, Mumok und Leopold-Museum bis zur Zacherlfabrik stehen bei der 36. Ausgabe des Wiener Festivals ImPulsTanz auf dem Programm. Von 11 Theater ODEON, Bécs, Wien, Austria. 1,596 likes · 48 talking about this · 5,128 were here. Das Serapions Ensemble im Odeon Theater verbindet auf ganz besondere Weise Literatur, Tanz, Schauspiel,.. In Mayer's group performance Sons of Sissy the focus is on that universe of traditions, folk dances and folk music from which the Upper Austrian country lad Simon Mayer originates. In an experimental manner, four performers and musicians make use of traditional alpine live music, various group dances and ritualised practices

65 Produktionen in 21 Spielstätten vom Burgtheater über Odeon, mumok und Leopold Museum bis zur Zacherlfabrik stehen bei der 36. Ausgabe des Wiener Festivals ImPulsTanz auf dem Programm. Start ist am 11. Juli mit Macbeth Theater ODEON, Bécs, Wien, Austria. 1,592 likes · 37 talking about this · 5,115 were here. Das Serapions Ensemble im Odeon Theater verbindet auf ganz besondere Weise Literatur, Tanz, Schauspiel,.. ImPulsTanz: The whole world in one city. Hardly any other art form is as diverse as contemporary dance. In the works, the body stands in the center, but also language, music and architecture are examined. Actually, one festival is not enough to reflect this diversity, and yet ImPulsTanz has been doing just that for over 35 years now Philipp Harnoncourt works at the theatre in various areas: He directs plays and opera productions, designs set and light concepts, as technical director he organised the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna, he was production manager at the Vienna Schauspielhaus, and he also writes plays. At Odeon Vienna he very successfully directed Alcione.

Le Printemps IDA / Mark Tompkins @ ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival Austrian premiere Odeon, Vienna July 27th @ 9:30 PM & 29th 10:00 Colourfulness can be terribly beautiful when it.. Letošnji ImPulsTanz bo potekal do 16. avgusta na preverjenih lokacijah in odrih gledališč Odeon, Schauspielhaus, Arsenal, MuseumsQuartir, skrajšano MQ ali pogovorno mukwa in skupno enaindvajsetih poslopjih, ki nudijo prostor za predstave, razstave ter delavnice, in seveda vse v bližini mestnega jedra ali v samem središču Dunaja Available for sale from Ostlicht. Gallery for Photography, Karolina Miernik, Ismael Ivo & Grupo Biblioteca do Corpo // BLACK/OUT // @ ODEON. IMPULSTANZ 20 Look up the English to German translation of sich erinnern in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function Insekten mit Autotune und Spitzenschuhen: »Insect Train« beim ImPulsTanz Festival. German Review Performance ImPulsTanz Florentina Holzinger Cecilia Bengolea. August 11, 2018. Als das Publikum den Saal im Odeon betritt, sind auf der Bühne bereits zwei dunkle Schatten zu sehen. Was da bewegungslos lauernd auf uns wartet, ist kaum zu erkennen

Die 36. Ausgabe des ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival präsentiert noch bis 11. August unzählige Produktionen in 21 Spielstätten - vom Burgtheater über das Odeon bis hin zur Zacherlfabrik ImPulsTanz: Start mit Fistelstimme und düsteren Visionen. 13.07.2018 um 18:28 Drucken; Dave St. Pierre amüsierte und berührte mit Néant/Void im Odeon A seismic encounter. The Secession and the ImPulsTanz Festival will get everyone moving. After having let her two successful pieces Universal Dancer and Ravemachine vibrate into each other in her Seismic Night in Odeon, choreographer and this year's danceWEB mentor Doris Uhlich develops - together with DJ Boris Kopeinig - a Seismic Session: a visual, acoustic and fleshy setting for the. Cie. Ismael Ivo & Grupo Biblioteca do Corpo / ImPulsTanz, Odeon, Vienna, 2015 MAYBE THE WAY YOU MADE LOVE TWENTY YEARS AGO IS THE ANSWER? in den Warenkorb Item number 048-00382/000. Available as Edition. Limited editon of 5 in size 60 x 90 cm or 110 x 160 cm. Kurt Hentschläger & Ulf Langheinrich / Granular Synthesis: Modell 5. Die Installation Modell 5 wurde bereits vor 25 Jahren präsentiert, nun ist der Medienkunst-Klassiker auf der Bühne des Odeon zu sehen. In den 90ern interessierte Granular Synthesis vor allem die Beziehung des Menschen zum elektronischen Bild, die sich seitdem rasant entwickelt hat und heute unter neuen Vorzeichen gelesen.

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Europe's biggest dance festival - ImPulsTanz - turns Vienna into a dance hotstpot from July 12: with international highlights, innovations from the young scene and notable new productions on numerous Viennese stages. Meg Stuart and her company Damaged Goods are also taking a look back at their own creative works at the Odeon 17 July - ImPulsTanz dyimpulstanz the Rk ps! — y l u 17 J August 17 2014 7. - 14.08.11 First Steps WORKSHOPS Alle Workshops für Anfänger_innen, Kinder und Jugendliche Facebook f Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook f Logo www.impulstanz.com +43.1.523 55 58 CMYK / .eps Collage: Olaf Osten + Katharina Gattermann Wiener Tanzwochen 2/2014 / Österreichische Post AG / Sponsoring.Post. Ivo Dimchev Clara Furey Dimos Goudaroulis Ismael Ivo Koffi Kôkô & Achille Acakpo Erwin Piplits Akemi Takeya Laurent Ziegler Gabriella Cimino Pilates teacher Romana's Pilates Vienna. Performances in Raimundtheater, Festwochen Theater an der Wien, Theater Akzent, Theater des Augenblicks and Odeon theatre (Opus Nigrum dance Company Guillermo Horta), Künstlerhaus. Impulstanz 2007 Pilates Class Gabriella Cimino Impulstanz 2007 Pilates Class Gabriella Cimino. Medzinárodný festival tanečného a pohybového divadla ImPulsTanz, ktorý sa koná od polovice júla do polovice augusta vo viacerých viedenských divadlách aj v netradičných priestoroch, ponúka dostatok kreatívneho materiálu pre všetky tri kategórie divákov. Odeon, Akademietheater, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Leopolds Museu

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Impulstanz: Ivo Dimchev - The Selfie Concert » Things are about to get intimate in an unusual way, because in this piece Dana Michel wants to know what sex education actually is. So far, the artist from Montreal has caused a stir with performances such as Yellow Towel and Mercurial George, won the ImPulsTanz Award in 2014 and received the. جشنواره رقص وین (ImPulsTanz) از ۱۹ تیر الی ۱۹ مرداد ۱۳۹۹ در شهر وین کشور اتریش برگزار می گردد.جشنواره رقص وین (ImPulsTanz) ازبرجسته ترین و متمایزترین رویدادهای جهانی رقص معاصر به شمار می آید. هزاران رقصنده، طراح رقص، مربی و هنر. Sneak previews of our current performances or sweet memories of our workshops and past festival events can be watched HERE. Odeon/ImPulsTanz, Vienna/Austria: 28 July 2004: superposition corps Odeon/ImPulsTanz, Vienna/Austria: 26 June 2004: exposition corps XX Festival de Jóvenes Coreógrafos, Caracas/Venezuela: 09 June 2004: other feature Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre/Jerusalem Festival, Tel Aviv/Israel: 07 June 2004: other featur Ulrike Kaufmann did not simply create costumes and set designs but rather dreams shaped in fabric, texts transformed into material. The artist conjured up visions of timeless magic, co-creating a theatre of images that has a place in its own right beside Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil and the Cirque du Soleil. Ulrike Kaufmann (1953-2014) designed the stunning sceneries

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Doris Uhlich beim ImPulsTanz mit technoidem KörperkarussellNackttanz mit Narbe « DiePresseImPulsTanz Archiv
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